a-alabap Research notes on Alexander Franklin Dix & Family from Alabama Baptist newspaper on record at Samford University Special Collection at Davis Library.  Researched  And Transscribed By Martha Whigham Picardy, September 26, 2001

JULY 26, 1883 pg.2 col 3 :

" Rev. A.F. Dix of Stevenson, Ala. has been unanimously elected Principal of the Union Springs Institute and has bee accepted. A most fortunate selection"

SEPT 4, 1884 pg 1 col 5:

"From Midway we began a series of meetings at Midway on the first inst. Which closed on the third Sunday inst.  The church was very generally revived and six were added to our number –one by letter and five by experience and baptism. Bro. S.M. Provence, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Columbus, Georgia, did most of the preaching during the first week and Bro. A. F. Dix, of Union Springs, did all the preaching during the second week, excepting one sermon. Bro. Provence completely won our hearts to himself and we believe he drew us nearer the Savior by his able preaching of the blessed truth of God. Bro. Dix had once lived here and began to preach whilst teaching at this place some 13 years ago and had the heart of the people- to himself to start with. All his sermons were carefully squared by the doctrines of grace and were very strengthening and convincing. No one can feel more grateful to these beloved brethren than the pastor W.S. Rogers,  August 22, 1884"

MARCH 19, 1885 pg.3 co13:

ORDINATION On last Sabbath night, 8th inst., by order of the Baptist Church of Union Springs, Ala., young brother W. B. Dix [MWP note: AFD's son William Beach] was regularly ordained to the office of Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The following brethren were chosen as the presbytery, viz: Elders James H Wright, M.N. Eley , A.F. Dix and J.O. Hixon. Bro. James H. Wright, the pastor of our church here, preached the ordination sermon: and well did he perform his part of the work.  His sermon was concise, terse, pointed and emphatically scriptural. It was delivered and impressive manner, indicating the influence of its truth upon the heart of the speaker and deeply affecting his hearers.  The examination of the candidate was conducted by the writer and though brother Dix is but a boy, only nineteen years of age and though he has been preaching only a few months, yet, his answers to all the questions asked him were given with a promptness, clearness and fullness which showed unusual thought and investigation for one of his age. The ordination prayer was given by Elder M.N. Eley, whose advanced age and ripe piety fitted him especially for so solemn and sacred occasion. With great unction and fatherly tenderness, he invoked the divine blessings upon our young brother in the future labors and trials of his chosen office. The charge was delivered by Elder A. F. Dix. The father of the candidate: and as he briefly alluded to the precious scenes connected with the Christian life of his loved boy, the satisfaction with which he received him into the church and baptized him with his own hands, the pleasure with which he had witnessed his discharge of duty and his pious life until the present, and the joy and gladness with which his soul was thrilled as he witnessed his present advance to meet the demands of a more consecrated life in a higher office and as he so earnestly told the son of the duties and obligations of the sacred office of the Christian minister, tendering him the Bible as his only safe guide and inviting him to look hopefully to God as his help and defense, all felt that it was an occasion that did us good. The presbytery then gave to the candidate the right of fellowship, in which service the church was united. While singing "Nearer God To Thee"; after which the candidate pronounced the benediction. Thus closed a Sabbath night's service which we hope mat greatly improve the peace and prosperity of Zion, and advance the glory of our Master in this world and in the world to come. Yours fraternally, J.O. Hixon, Chairman Presbytery Union Springs March 10, 1885."
[MWP note:  WB Dix died 17 months later on 8/27/1886]

JUNE 10,1886 pg 3 co14:

"CENTENNIAL ASSOCIATION The general meeting of the Centennial Association convened with Greenwood Church on Saturday, May 29, 1886 at 11 o'clock a.m. the introductory sermon was preached by Elder A.F. Dix. After which Elder A.F. Dix was elected moderator... Committee on Programme reported and report adopted as follows: QUERY-What shall be done to restore the temporal and spiritual prosperity of country churches? Discussion to be opened by Elder A.F. Dix, in a speech of twenty minutes followed by general discussion. Adjourned at 4 o'clock, after which Mrs. A.F. Dix, Secretary for the Women's Work in the Centennial Association, under which the Baptist State Convention, will address the ladies……

APRIL 7,1887 pg 1 co14:

Further, we have secured the services of Bro. A.F. Dix for one-fourth of his time, and we think we have one of the best pastors in the State, for he has a mind to work, and knows how to work in the Master's vineyard. He preaches five sermons for us every time he comes to us , and we are told he does the same for the other three churches, viz: Fairview, Aberfoil and Liberty, in all about 20 sermons a month and they are gospel truths and not anecdotes or fancy imaginations. Also, we desire to thank the Ladies Aid Society of Union Springs and the Executive of the Centennial Association, for their assistance towards his support... ...(Signatures)

JUNE 27, 1889 pg 2 col 6:

From a private letter to the senior [Alexander Franklin Dix] from sister Dix [Nellie?], of Pine Grove, he extracts the following:  Our eldest son, Professor A.S. Dix, and his wife [Isadora Nicoles] have come home for the summer after a year at Anderson, Tennessee.  On last conference day they united with our church – the former by letter, and the latter by experience, and Mr. [A.F. ?] Dix had the pleasure of baptizing her, and also Mrs. Ann Huffman on the first Sunday.  Truly, God is good to us .  We are rejoicing that he has put it into the hearts of some of the sisters of the First Church of Montgomery to give us money enough to sell our church over head.  May they realize, that the blessing of giving is as great as that of receiving.

SEPT 29,1992 pg 2 co12:

 And now comes the information that $4000 has been subscribed for a racing course in this city in November. A sad commentary upon a city that couldn't, or wouldn't, subscribe a few thousand for a public library and yet will give thousands for the purpose of training men in betting and gambling. This means, not an uplifting but a decline in the moral condition. Surely no Christian will sell his influence for such a demoralizing schemes to make money. If any there be whose names are on our church rolls, let the work be done quickly. The churches must not be held responsible for gambling. Rev. A.F. Dix remembers that some time preceding the civil war the churches of New York, and other northern states, were little more than recruiting stations for the army. The portrait of Jefferson Davis hung in many churches as their patron saint.  After political sermons came the bloody war. There is great danger ahead when the preachers, who should be the leaders in every good word and work, turn political leaders and feed their flock on hatred for others. The servants of God should beware how they deport themselves during days of political strife and bitterness. Let the Word of God be faithfully preached; let the religion of Jesus be the influence to heal the differences between, brethren, and self-seeking demagogues will work too little purpose.

OCT 13,1892 pg 2 co14:

We have received an invitation from Rev. A.F. Dix, to be present at the marriage of their daughter, Dimple, to James Madison Hall, Thursday afternoon, October 20th, at their home, Pine Grove, Ala.

SEPT 20,1894 pg2 col4:

A few days since as Rev. A.F. Dix and Bro. W.C. Jordan, of Bullock county, were driving along the road, each in his buggy, the horse of the one in the rear took fright and ran against the buggy in front. The horse attached to that vehicle was frightened and also ran.  Both brethren were thrown out and were badly hurt, but not seriously. While our sympathies are extended, we also offer congratulations that the result was not more serious.

MAY 16, 1895 pg 3 col2:

MONTGOMERY CHURCHES -Bro. A.F. Dix preached for us last night. Among the other good things in his sermon, he pressed the thought that we should not forget to pray God to bless our missionary contributions.

NOVEMBER 25, 1897 pg 3, col 2:

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH -" Last Sunday, also in spite of the yellow fever scares and exodus, he preached Dr. Eager preached to fine audiences morning and evening. There were additions to the church on both Sundays, among whom, by letter, were Rev. A.F. Dix and wife from Mount Zion church, Eufaula association."

DECEMBER 16, 1897 pg 3 col:

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH -"Services at night were in the interest of young men. Addresses were made by Rev. A.F. Dix ……

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62.  News from First BC, Montgomery 1897/11/25 p003 c002
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