Alexander Franklin Dix, Jr., Allie  
Alexander Franklin "Allie" Dix Jr.

Born:   August 20, 1874, Winchester TN
Died:   September 20, 1899.
Burried:   East Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery AL


Back row: Philo Castle Dix, Thomas Murrell Dix
Front row: Paul F Dix, L. Daniel Dix, Alexander Franklin Dix Jr.

Photo submitted by Ed Sproles Jr.




Was sealing a Car on the Louisville
& Nashville Freight House Track
When a switch Engine Bumped
Against It-He Was Knocked 
Down and Badly Mangled-Taken
At Once to Plant Hospital.

A deplorable accident happened in the Water Street yards of the Louisville and Nashville about 7:30 o’clock last night.

Mr. Alexander F. Dix, Jr., night car sealer at the Louisville and Nashville freight office, was standing between two cars on the freight house track, when suddenly a switch engine bumped against the string of cars.  The young man was just reaching up to seal one of the end windows in the car when the accident happened.  He was knocked down, one of the trucks of the car passing over his body and mangling it fearfully, and but for the fact that a negro switchman saw him fall and jerked the body out before the other truck struck it he would have been instantly killed.  The Louisville and Nashville surgeon was summoned at once, but the unfortunate young man was so covered with blood that there we no opportunity of ascertaining his injuries there.  He was sent at once to the Plant Hospital. 

There it was found that the wheels passed over both his hips, mangling them to a jelly, the flesh was torn from the bone in large pieces.  His hands were also badly mashed.  Notwithstanding all this suffering, the young man was perfectly conscious and talked hopefully.  He begged his mother and father not to grieve for him, as it made him suffer more.  Once he told the doctor he would be so happy if he could stop the pain for one minute.

Mr. Dix is the son of Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Dix of this city, and a brother of Mr. L. D. Dix, General Secretary of the Y. M. C. A.  He has been living here several years and during that time made many warm, staunch friends, who poured in a continual stream at the hospital last night anxiously inquiring about him.

Mr. Dix is a magnificent specimen of a man physically and this together with his cheerful spirit is the only ground the physicians have for hope of his recovery. 

Young Mr. Dix died at five minutes to 11 last night; he was conscious to within five minutes before he died.

(The above was copied from a clipping in Nellie Dix’s scrapbook, undated, unattributed.  Based on another clipping, this one probably was published in Mongomery Advertiser on a Thursday, September 21, 1899.  ESS)


Columbus Daily Enquirer 
Published as The Columbus Enquirer-Sun
September 14,1899

A. F. Dix, Jr. Killed

       Montgomery Ala. Sept. 13 -- A. F. Dix Jr. was killed in the Louisville and Nashville yards tonight.  He was on top of the car sealing a window, when an engine struck the car, throwing him under the wheels. 
Submitted by Eugenia B. Hobday


Tribute of Respect
Whereas the Sunday School
Of the First Baptist Church of
Montgomery has sustained an irrep-
able loss in the death of one of 
its most valuable members, Mr. A. F.
Dix, Jr and
 Whereas Mr. Dix was a consistent
member of our church, an earnest, ardent
laborer in our Master’s vineyard, a
young man of sterling moral qualities, a
shining example of noble Christian
integrity pinning his faith to the banner
of the cross and ever loyal and zealous
in discharge of duty therefore be it
 Resolved that while we bow in humble
submission to the heavenly decrees of our
loving Heavenly Father and unfalteringly
submit our lives to his loving care, firmly
believing in the divine justice of His guiding
Providence and knowing that He doeth all things
well we will mourn the loss of his presence 
among us, we shall miss the good influence of
his helpful counsel and the inspiration of 
his Godly life and be it further
 Resolved that we extend to his grief-
stricken family our heartfelt sympathy in this 
hour of their bereavement and tender them a
copy of these memorial and spread a copy 
upon the minutes of our Sunday School
as a lasting tribute of respect to his memory.
Sept 24, 1899   Respectfully Submitted
  F. Gerald Salter
  A. Joshua Jones
  J. ?. ?vest?
  R. Ivey
  Ada? ??

The above was copied from a handwritten letter on lined white paper on a page in Nellie Dix’s
scrapbook, that page titled “In Memoriam A. F. Dix., Jr.”.  Transcribed by Ed Sproles Jr.

East Oakwood Cemetery
Columbus Street
Montgomery AL

Alexander Franklin Dix
Helen "Nellie" Beach Dix
Alexander Franklin Dix Jr., "Allie"
Mary Belle Dix, "Dollie"

Dix Family Plot

Lot 5, Square 59, Survey 3

GPS coordinates:
N32 degrees 23.040 minutes
W86 degrees 17.615 minutes

 Directions:  The oldest part of Oakwood Cemetery  spreads out north and east from the intersection of Columbus and Ripley Streets in downtown Montgomery.  The newer addition is called East Oakwood Cemetery and is accessed by heading  east on the Upper Wetumpka Road which begins at the confluence of Columbus and Jefferson Streets.  Turn left into East Oakwood Cemetery.  This is somewhat confusing, in that, the Saint Margaret's Cemetery shares the same entrance.  Graves to the right of the main road are in the Saint Margaret's Cemetery, while the graves to the left are considered East Oakwood Cemetery.  Once in the cemetery, turn immediately to the left, then back to the right at the first opportunity.  This goes up toward the top of the hill and passes between 2 cedar trees.  The Dix plot is near the cedar tree on the left (west) between the road and the "Miller" marker.

 On the left, a double grave that marks the remains of both of Albert Sidney Dix's parents.  At the head of the granite gravestone is a marble pillow marker with his Confederate Veteran's information.  It is inscribed:

Alexander Franklin Dix
Serg Maj Co A 23 Batt
Ala Sharp Shooters
Confederate States Army
Jan 27 1831 October 25 1921

Nellie Beach
Wife Of
Rev A F Dix
Born Williamsville NY
Dec 15 1838
Died  Montgomery Ala
April 14, 1909

The heart of her husband
Trusteth in her
Her children rise up and call
Her blessed

Rev A F Dix
Born  Wilson NY
July 27 1831
Died  Decatur Ala
October 25 1921

The birth months for AFD on the Confederate Veteran's pillow marker and the main gravestone are different.  The July date seems to be correct.

To the right (north) is the broken marble gravestone of their son, Alexander Franklin Dix Jr., and  their daughter, Mary Belle "Dollie Dix".


Alexander Franklin Dix Jr.
Son Of
Rev A F & Nellie Beach Dix
Aug 20 1874 - Sept.13, 1899

Faithful unto death

Mary Belle Dix
"Our Dollie"
Daughter of
A.F. & N.B. Dix

June 14 1871
Dec 20 1901
Thy Will Be Done


 The missing letters [shown in red] in the inscription are due to a broken and missing piece of the marble gravestone. 

I was curious about the names Dollie and Allie [see resolution below]engraved in the corners of the cement border around the marble marker.  I have used two sources that were in with Dad's (Francis Dix Whigham) family history items.  One is a schematic Dix family tree that goes back to when the Dix's came from England.  The other is a book that Mom (Mavis Vickery Whigham) had made.  Mom mentions a Dollie and a Will Allie as two of Albert Sidney Dix's siblings that are not included on the schematic (done in 1934 or 1935 per a hand written note on it).  I though Mom had "gotten off" a generation until I saw these inscriptions.  Now I thinking that Albert Sidney Dix's son Will Allie (Uncle Billy), was named for Albert's (younger) brother. 

Update  09/28/2001:  Martha found a book at the Samford University Library titled "The First 150 Years of the First Baptist Church of Montgomery".  In it was a reference  to "Mary Belle Dix (Dollie), daughter of Alexander Franklin Dix Sr."  I had incorrectly assumed that the "Mary" buried with Alexander Franklin Dix Jr., was his wife (we never found anything on AFD Jr.'s wife).  Martha also found in the Alabama State Archives microfilm, under "Dix" and "Clippings", the inscription from the gravestone above with the missing segments.  The letters in red are from the archive records and fills in the missing information from the broken gravestone.

OK, that takes care of the "Who's Dollie?" problem.  Now, this leaves the other name on the border of the gravestone is "Allie".  Since we now know that this grave contains the remains of two of AFD Sr.'s children, and that "Dollie" was the nickname for one buried there, it seems logical to assume that "Allie" was the nickname of the other -- Alexander Franklin Dix Jr. i.e., Allie, short for Alexander Jr.  It seems the "Will" half of "Will Allie" was an incorrect assumption on my mother's part when making the notes.

Case closed!

Thanks to Martha for making this connection!  RDW