The Alexander Franklin Dix & Helen Beach Dix family Bble birth, death and marriage records  

Alexander Franklin and Nellie Beach Dix's 
Family Bible
Birth, Marriage, and Death Records
As transcribed and submitted by Edward Sproles Jr.

Dix Family Bible notes, contained in a Bible given to Edward Sproles by Frances Dix, widow of Frank Dix.  Frank was interested in family history and is a grandson of Alexander Franklin Dix.

The book was apparently rebound sometime in its history with the inclusion of extra paper in center with family record pages.  Also, the margin at the binding in small probably from the rebinding, making any copying from the book difficult.

Inside front cover, in pencil:

A. F. & Nellie B. Dix

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Frank and Nellie Dix
Presented by their Mother.
Christmas 1860. 

(Note: It looks like it may have been changed between 1860 and 1861?)

First family record page: 


Daniel Dix was married to Dyanthia Butterfield at Johnsons Creek Niagara Co. N. Y. July 4th 1822.

William Beach was married to Susanna Roop at Amhurst Erie Co. N. Y. June 10th 1828.

Alex. F. Dix was married to Nellie L. Beach at Cheektowaga Erie Co. N. Y. January 2nd 1861

Albert S. Dix was married to Isidore J. Nicoles at Decatur Ala. June 18 1888

Hattie L. (Dimple) Dix was married to James M Hall at Pine Grove Bullock Co. Ala (illigible) 3P.M. Oct 20 –1892 
(2 blurred, could be a 3)

L. D. Daniel Dix Married to Annie Stakely at Union Springs Ala July 16? 1901 (or 1902?)

Paul F. Dix was married to M. Vernon Nix at Montgomery, Ala June 19 1902.

T. Murrell Dix was married to Francis E. Gray at Decatur, Ala Nov 12 1902.

Second Family Record page 


Daniel Dix was born at Wilmington Vermont Feby 16th 1796.  Died Jan 1st in Iowa 1892

Dyanthia Butterfield was born at Fairfield N. Y. Apr. 26th 1795

William Beach was born at Cario Greene Co. N. Y. Aug. 27th 1804.

Susanna Roop was born at Buffalo Erie Co. N. Y. May 29th 1877 1811.*

Alex. F. Dix was born at Wilson Niagara Co. N. Y. July 27th 1831.  Son of Daniel and Dyanthia Dix.

Nellie L. , 4th daughter of William & Susanna Beach was born at Amhurst Erie Co. N. Y. Dec 15th 1838.



Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 11:16 PM
Subject: Dix-Beach Bible: Follow-up

Dear Ed:

Thanks for the reply re: Roop/Reep.  By the way, I also meant to call your attention to an "error" in your transcription of the Bible.  You give Susannah Roop's year of birth as "1877" when in fact it should read "1811" (for example, she's 39 on the 1850 Census).  The mistake is understandable since whoever wrote the entry used longer than normal "serifs" at the top of the 1's so that to modern eyes they look like 7's.  You may, however, wish to correct this at some point.  Folks have a way of relying on the transcription rather than taking the time to look at the original record, even when also provided! (as you should be complimented on doing).

Regards, Eugene 


Third Family record page 


Dyanthia Dix Died at Wilson Niagara Co. N. Y. Nov 7th 1833.

Nellie Butterfield Dix Died at Midway Ala. Aug 22nd 1871.

William Beach died at Williamsville N. Y. July 3rd 1873.
Rev. William B. Dix died at Union Springs Ala Aug. 27th 1886.

Susanna R. Beach died at Williamsville Erie Co Dec 28 – 1889.

Alexander Franklin Dix Jr. died at Montgomery Ala Sept 13. 1899

Mary Belle (Dollie) Dix died at Montgomery Ala Dec 20- 1901

Nellie L. Dix died at Montgomery Ala April 18th 1909 age 70 years

Albert Sidney Dix died at Macon Ga Dec 27th 1910 age 47 years


Fourth Family Record page 


Albert Sidney, son of Alex. F. and Nellie L. Dix, was born at Midway, Barbour Co. Alabama at 7 A. M. Tuesday, Sept. 1st 1863.

William Beach, second son of Alex. F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Midway, Barbour Co. Alabama at 11 A. M. Sunday, March 19th 1865.

Hattie Lillis, daughter of Alex. F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Midway Bullock Co. Alabama at 11 P. M. Thursday April 18th 1867.

Nellie Butterfield, second daughter of Alex. F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Midway Bullock Co. Alabama at 2 A. M. Sunday Oct. 10th 1869.

Mary Bell, third daughter of Alex F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Midway Bullock Co. Ala. at 2 A. M. Wednesday June 14th 1871

Daniel, third son of Alex F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Winchester Franklin Co. Tenn. At 2 A. M. Wednesday Feb. 12th 1873.

Alexander Franklin fourth son of Alex. F. and Nellie L. Dix was born at Winchester Franklin Co. Tenn at 3 A. M. Thursday Aug 20th 1874.

Extra page bound into Bible titled:

Family Record  Births

Paul Finch Dix, fifth son of Alex and Nellie B. Dix was born at Winchester Tenn. At 8 A. M. Monday Nov 1st 1875.

Philo Castle Dix. sixth son of Alex. F. and Nellie B. Dix was born at Winchester Franklin Co. Tenn at 11 P. M. Tuesday      ___24th 1878.

Thomas Murrell Dix seventh son of Alex F. and Nellie ____ was born at Winchester  ______Co Tenn at 11P.M.____day June 16th 1880. 


(blanks indicate parts of words obscured by binding of book)

One typewritten page bound in the book starts:

Died April 6th 1904 at the home of her brother Mr. A. P. Joyner, Whitney, Fla., Mrs. Uzzie P. Rucker aged 62years, 3 months, 2 days.
. . .
(there follows a page about her life)
typewritten signature:
Nellie B. Dix

At each place where Dyanthia Dix or Dyanthia Butterfield’s name appears it has the middle initial H and at each place the H is crossed out.

In the earlier places the name Nellie L. Dix appears, later she uses Nellie B. Dix.

Loose papers in bible:

Nelle Sept 29th 1889

Ruth June 3rd 1892
Francis Oct 22 1894
Issale March 24 1898
Billy  May 29 1901
Dorothy March 20 1904
Eleanor  March 13 1909

(reverse side of same paper)

Ruth Dix married Ralph Fleming Whigham June 15, 1914.
Ralph Fleming Whigham Jr. Born Aug 17, 1915.



(on Hall Farms paper)

Madeline Gray Dix. born in Montgomery Ala March 4, 1904

Arthur Franklin Dix born in Decatur Ala August 23, 1906


I got a new digital camera, so I tried some photos of the bible since I don't dare try to flatten it on the platen to scan it.  one of these pages includes the puzzling note that ASD and IN were married in Decatur.  photos are not professional quality, but hopefully useful and interesting.  you can see the beautiful calligraphy, and some of the labored writing of an older hand.  Ed Sproles

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 16:46:45 EST 
Subject: Dix-Beach Bible Records 

Dear Sir:

I recently came across your site in the course of searching for data on various Beach/Beech families.  As you may know, I edit and publish the BEACH FAMILY JOURNAL; a genealogical newsletter.  For more about me and my publication, feel free to visit my own site at

I wonder if I might have permission to publish some of the entries from the Dix-Beach Bible as posted to your site by Ed Sproles.  It seems to me I may have corresponded with Ed some time ago, but with the number of emails I send/receive I can't now recall.  I would, of course, give both you and Ed appropriate credit as the source and include you site's URL in case any of my readers wished further information.

In all events, I pass along the ancestry of the William Beach who was the father of Nellie L. (Beach) Dix.  Note that I have the name of her mother as Susannah "Reep," but am quite certain this is the same couple, based on their names, ages, locales, etc.  Feel free to include this info. on your site if you wish.

Regards, Eugene H. Beach, Jr. [Ancestry of William Beach follows]

1. William Beach born 1804, married Susannah Reep.


2. Joseph Beach born 1771, married 1801, Mercy Lyon, born 1771, died 1848, Erie County, New York, buried: Williamsville Cem., Amherst, N.Y.  Joseph died 1847, Erie County, New York, buried: Williamsville Cem., Amherst, N.Y.  The BEACH FAMILY MAGAZINE, Vol. II, No. 1, p. 119, says only that he had five sons.  Descendant Dale S. Beach of Latham, New York, notes that this Joseph Beach moved to Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York (just east of Buffalo) in 1818, giving its name to Beach Road in that town.

3. Mercy Lyon born 1771, died 1848, Erie County, New York, buried: Williamsville Cem., Amherst, N.Y.

Grand Parents

4. Ebenezer Beach married Tabitha Bennett, died 6-Jun-1824, Round Top, Greene County, New York, buried: Round Top Cemetery, Greene Co., New York.  Ebenezer died 17-Nov-1829, Round Top, Greene County, New York, buried: Round Top Cemetery, Greene Co., New York.  He settled in Round Top, Greene County, New York, c. 1787, and is the one on the 1790 Census for Catskill (then in Albany County), New York.  He is likewise the Ebenezer "Beaach" on the 1800 Census for Greene County, New York.

5. Tabitha Bennett died 6-Jun-1824, Round Top, Greene County, New York, buried: Round Top Cemetery, Greene Co., New York.  She died at age 77.

Great Grand Parents

8. Joseph Beach born 1717, married (1) Esther Mansfield, married (2) 6-Mar-1756, Deborah Jackson.  The children of this Joseph Beach by his first wife are sometimes credited to Joseph Beach(3) Joseph(2) John(1), but it is generally believed the line of Joseph(3) Joseph(2) died out before 1800.  Moreover, the "Mansfield" name appears among various descendants of his children; a clear reference to their mother's maiden name and, thus, the identity of this Joseph as their father.

9. Esther Mansfield.

Great Great Grand Parents

16. Ephriam Beach born 25-May-1687, Stratford, Connecticut, married 3-Jul-1712, Sarah Patterson.  Ephriam died 15-Mar-1717.  He reportedly died at age 30.

17. Sarah Patterson.

3rd Great Grand Parents

32. Nathaniel Beach born ---Mar-1662, married 29-Apr-1686, Sarah Porter, born SEP 1667, died 25-Mar-1738, Stratford, Connecticut.  Nathaniel died 24-Jul-1747.  He died at age 84.

33. Sarah Porter born SEP 1667, died 25-Mar-1738, Stratford, Connecticut.

4th Great Grand Parents

64. John Beach born 16--, married Mary _____.  John died 16-Jun-1677, Stratford, Connecticut.  He first appears in the records of New Haven, Connecticut, on 7-Jun-1643.  It is universally believed, based on a variety of circumstantial evidence, that John Beach was the brother of Richard and Thomas Beach, both of whom also settled in New Haven between 1639 and 1646.  John later moved to Stratford, Connecticut, c. 1660.  He owned land in Wallingford, but does not seem to have lived there himself.  Although many theories have been put forward, his ancestry has NOT yet been established by competent evidence.

65. Mary _____. She was NOT, as some claim, Mary Staples, daughter of Thomas Staples.  The early New England genealogists confused John Beach(1) with his son, John Beach, Jr.(2).  It was the latter who married Hannah, the daughter of Thomas Staples.  Mary, the wife of John Beach(1), is mentioned only once - at the birth of the youngest son Benjamin(2) - such that it is possible she was a second wife.  She is not named in the administration of her husband's estate, and so probably died before him.