Hattie Lillis Dimple (Dix) Hall, Family History  
Hattie Lillis "Dimple" (Dix) Hall 
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Hattie Lillis "Dimple" (Dix) Hall 
Born:   April 18, 1867 
Married:   James Hall 10/20/1892, Pine Grove AL 
Died:   June 10, 1949, Montgomery AL 
Buried:  Baptist Church Cemetery,  Midway, AL 

The story of Dimple's life is best expressed in her own words from her journal  There is also an annotated version of this with clarifications, comments, and questions.

Good information about the Midway Halls at: <http://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=REG&db=rompina&id=I17013>

These are the earliest photographs we have of Dimple.


Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Dimple and Dollie at Cox College, LaGrange GA

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Back Left - Dimple; front middle - Aunt Dollie
Cox College, LaGrange GA

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon
Hattie Lillis "Dimple" Dix

Alabama Baptist, OCT 13,1892 pg 2 co14: We have received an invitation from Rev. A.F. Dix, to be present at the marriage of their daughter, Dimple, to James Madison Hall, Thursday afternoon, October 20th, at their home, Pine Grove, Ala. 

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon
Chester and Lillis with J.M. Hall and Dimple

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Lillis, born 09/19/1893; Elhannon Winchester, born 12/05/1894; Helen, born 02/12/1896; James born. 05/12/1897

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

They moved down to Aunt Mary's house after Grandpa Hall died, and that was when Nina was a baby. She was the baby for three years.

Mr. Jim said we'd live down there long enough to tear the old log house down and build a new one. We were down there five long, miserable years and until the beginning of the fifth year no move had been made to build a new house. The big house had been moved to Oxlevel and rebuilt for tenant houses, those logs were cut before the Civil War, and those houses are still standing.
Two babies were born in Mary's house. 'Cile (Lucile), and Dick. 
Lucile  12/13/1905 - 09/14/1952 [September 14, 1952 from Dimple's journal preface]
Richard  09/13/1907 - 01/12/1992


Ox Level

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

Penny Post Cards

(This is a Washington Head: One Cent Stamps Series of 1912 - 1921)

Mrs. A. S. Dix
Montgomery Ala.
12 Marshall St.

JAMES (across the top - the previous name of Midway)
October 20 PM [Only the digits "19" of the year are unreadable, and we already know that]

Have you gotten rested 
yet?  I didn't know I was 
tired till I got home & there 
was nowhere to go.  Wini-
fred and Mary Lou spent last 
night with us.All well


See how many nice 
fish we had for dinner 
when we camped at Ox
Level this summer 3 strings


There's no reason to believe that this was written and mailed the same day, but if it was, October 20 is on a Tuesday in 1885, 1891, 1896, 1903, 1908, 1914,1925, and 1931. Granny Dix didn't move to Montgomery until 1911, so the 1914, 1925, and 1931 dates fit.

If we assume it was mailed the day after it was written, October 19 is on a Tuesday in 1915, 1920, and 1926. There's no information on who the people in the photo are.

If "Winifred ... spent the night with us" it's implied that had moved away from home and had come back to visit perhaps in the early 1920's. 

This is purely circumstantial, but in the post card above, Dimple mentions camping at Ox Level.  The photos below seem to depict people camping in the woods.  The photo immediately below seems to have a camp fire in the center and the reflection of a pond through the trees, about halfway over to the left. 

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Pine Grove

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

This shot gives a wide-angle view of the old home place where Alexander Franklin and "Nellie" (beach) Dix lived when they returned to Bullock County in the mid-1880's following  their stint in Tennessee and north Alabama.  James and Dimple were married at this house on October 20, 1892 and made it their own when Alexander and family moved to Montgomery in  1897.

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Children of James M and Hattie Lillis "Dimple" (Dix) Hall 

Lillis  09/19/1893 - 04/??/1958 
Elhannon Winchester - 12/05/1894 - 01/18/1967
Helen 02/12/1896 - ??/??/???? 
Sarah 02/13/1896 - 12/24/1896 
James M. 05/12/1897  - 09/??/1970 
Winifred Hall   02/13/1899 - ??/??/1996 ?
William A.  09/30/1900- 10/20/1975
Dorothy    01/01/1902 - ??/??/1995 
Nina  03/10/1903 - 10/11/1990 
Lucile  12/13/1905 - 09/14/1952 [September 14, 1952 from Dimple's journal preface]
Richard  09/13/1907 - 01/12/1992

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

Back row:  William (with hat), Lillis, Elhannon Winchester "Chester", Helen, Dorothy (hands at face) 
Front row: Nina, Winifred, Richard, Lucile, and James Jr. (lying on his side) 

(These are my best guesses based on ages.  Corrections are requested. RDW)

There are six girls and four boys.  Richard, the youngest, was born in 1907 and looks to be about 3-years old in this photo, so let's assume that the photo was made about 1910. 

Birth Date Age in 1910 Girls Boys
09/19/1893  17 Lillis 
12/03/1894  16
Elhannon Winchester "Chester"
02/12/1896 14 Helen* 
05/12/1897 13
James M. 
02/13/1899 11 Winifred Hall 
09/30/1900 10
William A. 
01/01/1902  8 Dorothy 
03/10/1903 7 Nina 
12/13/1905 5 Lucile 
09/13/1907 3

* Sarah, twin of Helen, died at birth  02/13/1896 - 12/24/1896 

The images below appear to be of Dimple and James Hall's children at Pine Grove. 
I'll need some help putting names and faces together.

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

Only six children in this photo.  Lillis, Helen, James and William are not included here.  We think that's Chester squatting on the ground, and Richard at the rear of the horse, Winifred, Dorothy, Lucile, and Nina at the reins.  Really guessing now.

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

Here we have all ten Hall children together.  We're guessing that's Chester and Lillis at either end of the horse.  An infant Richard is being cradled by an older sister (Helen?) under the horses neck.  We believe the boys on the horse are James Jr. and William.  I think I recognize Winifred, who usually has her hair in braids across the back of her head. behind James Jr., and perhaps Dorothy at the lower right standing.   That leaves Nina in front on the horse and Lucile (behind Winifred). The year must be about 1908.

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

It looks like the Hall children are paired with the siblings closest in age, so let's try again:  In the foreground:  Richard and Lucile; directly behind them must be Nina and Dorothy; to the right of them, William and Winifred; and across the back from L-R, Chester with Lillis and to the right of them, James and Helen.  I thought at first that this must be their Easter picture, but the garden seems to be well into the summer.

From the photo collection of Ruth Dix Whigham

This photo must have made on the same day.  See if you can pick out who's who.

Photo submitted by Lyn Smith Simonton

 "3 pairs of rounders" 

Is this at Pine Grove?  Who are they?  I thought that the boy with the straw hat was Dix Whigham, but with a pretty high uncertianity factor.  If it is, the year must be about 1927.

 1910 census list AFD as part of James & Dimple Hall's household 

Descendants of Hattie Lillis "Dimple" (Dix) Hall and James Hall 

Lillis  09/19/1893 - 04/??/1958 Lillis (Hall) Corcoran 

Elhanon Winchester "Chester" Hall Sr. married Amanda Whitby Emerson.  They had six children

James "Jimmy" Emerson (Jimmy) m. Gracie

Elhanon Winchester Jr. "Dub", married Elinor Dolores Gaines

Dolores Gaines  (B:1948, D:2003)
Chester Leo (B:1951)
Jennifer Lynn (B:1971) m. Frank Emanuel 2002
Chancellor Thompson (B: 2003)
Michael Chester (B:1975) m. Susanne Jester 2004
Olivia Ryan (B: 2004)
Elhanon Winchester III (B:1957)
Elhanon IV "Ches"
Elizabeth Jo "Libby" 
Abigail Claire "Abby"
Nancy Elinor Hall (B:1961)
Richard "Richard Dix" 

Albert Franklin "Bert"  m. Barbara (?)

Jennifer m. ? Holland
Shannon (?)
Shawn (?)

Lerah Lillis m. Ollie Johnson

Virginia Anne "Jennie Ann" or "Ginny Anne"Virginia  m. Clyde Owings
Kendrick H
John T
Helen 02/12/1896 - ??/??/???? Helen Hall Cousins 
Charles Cousins
Sarah 02/13/1896 - 12/24/1896 

James M. 05/12/1897  - 09/??/1970 

Mary "Winifred" Hall 02/13/1899 (never married) 

William A.  09/30/1900 - 10/20/1975

Dorothy    01/01/1902 - ??/??/1995 married  Earl Cruthis.  They had three sons (two were twins): 

John Cruthis
David Cruthis
James Hall Cruthis "Jim" and Roselyn Brown Cruthis
Jennifer Cooklin
Nina       02/10/1903 - 10/11/1990 

Lucile  12/13/1905 - 09/??/1953 Lucile Hall Smith. 

Richard  "Dick" 09/13/1907 - 01/12/1992 

Photo submitted by Nancy Hall

Front row:  Richard Dix Hall, Virginia Ann, Albert 
Middle Row:  EW Jr, Lerah Lillis, Jimmy 
Back row:  Amanda (grandmother), EW Sr (granddaddy) 

This was taken on the front steps of the Pine Grove home.  Between fall of ’52 and Spring of ’53 is Nancy's estimate 

Photo submitted by Nancy Hall

Back row:  Steve, Linda, Barbara, Jenny, Susie (Bert’s) 
Middle  row:  Jimmy, Sonnia, Sylvia (Jimmy’s) 
Front row:  Dolly, Chester (EW Jr’s), and Dale (Lerah’s)
I date the picture at 1952 because Chester was born October 1951.

Based on the collar on her dress, I believe Jenny was the child ‘sneaking’ into the picture of the adults above.

Photo submitted by Nancy Hall

Front row (L-R):  Richard (holding Steve), Jenny, Virginia Anne, Linda, Albert (holding Susie), Barbara 
2nd Row (L-R):  Dolly, EW Jr (holding Chester), Lerah (holding Dale), Jimmy (holding Sylvia) 
3rd Row (L-R):  Amanda, Sonia (standing), EW Sr (holding Steve)

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon


Walnut Street



Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon

Photo submitted by Mike and Caroline Lyon


Dec. 27, 1993 letter from Dorothy Hall Cruthis to Mary Vernon Dix Sproles. 
Ed Sproles Jr. has the original letter. 

Dec. 27, 1993 

Dear Cousins, 

You can see my intentions were good – my hands are so shaky, writing is difficult. After all, I’ve just had my 92nd birthday, January 1st and am thankful my mind is holding up as well as it is. Names escape me.  I do hope your husband is in good health after his heart surgery.  The doctors do marvelous things these days. 

John, one of my twin sons, has heart problems along with other things.  At age 59 he is finally taking his doctors orders seriously, and improving his health generally.  All three of my sons are now grandfathers.  David is retired from YMCA and Planned Parenthood in Rochester N.Y.  John, involuntarily  from Sears in Chicago, and Jim, who is a partner in an architectural firm in Detroit and is going full speed ahead.  His firm has the contract to draw plans for The National Lawn Tennis next home in Flushing Meadows N.Y. It is to rival Wimbledon.  Plans are drawn and they are now lining contractors. – Jim is  in N.Y. one or two days a week, so he doesn’t get up to Lansing very often. 

Had a delightful long letter from Jean months and months ago.  She has me confused with  Dorothy Dix.  I never wrote poetry, and I never wrote book.  She is next on my list. 

Love to your family and Nell 

Dorothy H. C. 


 From: JenJo@aol.com 
Thu, 1 May 1997 08:29:50 -0700 
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 11:26:25 -0400 (EDT) 
To: ROOTS-L@rootsweb.com 
Subject: HALLs in Alabama 
Sender: roots-in@rootsweb.com 

Boy I've been trying to find anything on my family and it is tough.  I would 
welcome suggestions.  This is what I have. 

Me: Jennifer Cooklin.....I was adopted so don't know who my birthfamily is. 
 All I know about me is that I had 5 brothers and sisters and my name was 
originally Victoria.  don't know the surname. 

father and mother:  James Hall Cruthis and Roselyn Brown 

Paternal Grand Parents:  Dorothy Hall (died 1995) and Earl Cruthis (Died 
around 1987) 

Maternal Grand Parents:  Raymond Brown (Died in the 1980's I don't remember I 
was young) and Myrtle Fern Carter III (Died before I was born of Cancer) 

Paternal Great Aunt:  Winifred Hall died 1996 in Montgomery Alabama. 

Others:  I know that I have a Cousin Charles Cousins, Richard Hall (believe 
an Uncle) he died a few years back in Alabama, There is  a Cousin James Hall 
that I know is still living somewhere in Alabama 

Dorothy and Winifred were two of I believe 9 children (could be 8) 

That's about it. Any suggestions would be welcome.




This is a photograph of one of Dimple's pastel works of art .  Dixie W. McIntyre has the original.  Martha W. Picardy had reproductions made and shared one with me and one with Nancy Hall.

Union Springs Herald, 22 Dec 1869, Wed, Page 2 Dec 1869 Harvey-Hall Marriage and Einney-Hall Marriage ? Performed by Rev. AF Dix

We don't think this is OUR branch of Hall's