Helen Hall Cousins, Midway Alabama  
Helen Hall

 Helen 02/12/1896 - ??/??/????
Sarah 02/13/1896 - 12/24/1896 twin

Helen at 

Winnie, Helen, and Lillis

Lillis, ?, Helen, ?, Winnie

Helen, July 1920


Helen (R)

Helen with children: 

Winnie, Helen, & 


Helen's daughter Mary Helen Cousins


Charles Cousins 

Is this Helen & Sam Cousins?

Charles Cousins and ?

Charles Cousins 

James Hall Cousins, July 1920

James Hall Cousins, July 1920 and ???



Mary Helen is Mary Helen Cousins, Helen's daughter.

"Unknown 33" and "unknown 34" are both the same child.
"Unknown 49" is indicated to be Jane
Unknown 54, 56, and 57 are Charles Cousins -- move them to the "Helen" folder
Unknown 83 is Jane