Dix Relatives buried in Midway Baptist Church Cemetery, Midway Alabama  
Midway Baptist Church
Midway, (Bullock County) Alabama 

The community of Midway, Alabama, is located on US highway 82, between Union Springs and Eufaula. This is the beautifully maintained Midway Baptist Church that is located (about what would be a couple of city blocks) north of US 82 and is visible from the highway.  The cemetery is located directly behind the church.  This photograph was made facing west. 


Text Version of the Historic Marker

Midway Baptist Church 
    Organized July 28, 1852 

     Midway, a part of Barbour County in the mid-19th century, was also known as Five Points, a small community of a handful of dwellings, two stores, and a  Methodist church of logs. In this Methodist church, Joel Willis, J.M. Thornton, Robert G. Hall, M.B. Johnston, W.J. Coleman, and Lorenzo Faulk met in the summer of 1852 to organize the Baptist Church of Five Points. Articles of Faith and Decorum were approved August 31 and Joel Sims was called as the first pastor. By April 1855, the Five Points church was being referred to in its own records as the Baptist Church of Midway. 
     The southwest corner of Feaginís field was selected as a building site in December 1852 and, in February 1853, a frame structure with glass windows, but no steeple, was dedicated. A steeple and bell were added to the building in 1859 and gas lamps replaced candles in 1869. In 1872 the Church was rebuilt with the original materials at hand. Renovations in 1902 and 1930 added stained glass windows, Sunday School rooms, restrooms, and a kitchen but the structure has retained some of its original building materials and rests upon its original site. 
     The Church has been actively associated with other congregations since its beginnings in the Salem Association of Barbour County to the Bullock Centennial Association of the present. It has been associated with the Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention since early in its history. 


Midway, Alabama, was Alexander Franklin Dix's destination when he left New York and headed south.  He joined his cousin, Milton Butterfield, who was already teaching school there.  Alexander and his wife, Nellie, had their first stint in Midway was from 1860 when he arrived, through 1871, at which time they had their first five children. On August 22, 1871, their fourth child, Nellie Butterfield Dix, affectionately known as "Daisy" died at the tender age of two years.  Her modest gravestone is pictured below.  The tiny marble marker has had a brick and mortar "enhancement" added in what seems to be an effort to make the marble stone more visible. 



A.F. & N.B. DIX


OCT.10, 1869


AUG.22, 1871

Perhaps, because of the unbearable grief, the family moved to Winchester Tennessee, the following October, where their remaining five children were born.  In 1883, the family returned to Midway.

Hattie Lillis Dix, "Dimple", married James Hall of Midway on October 20, 1892 at the Dix home in Pine Grove, located just south of Midway. They lived in the same home and raised their eleven children and lived their entire lives there.  When they died, they were buried in the Midway cemetery.  Their graves are on the opposite side of the cemetery from Daisy's grave.

Hattie Lillis (Dix) Hall, "Dimple"
April 18, 1867 - 

The the only grave of any of Dimple and James' children that I could find here is that of Elhannon Winchester Hall & wife, Amanda.


Elhannon W.
Dec 5 1894
Jan 18,1967
Amanda E.
Oct 28, 1896
Apr 26, 1952


F. C. Hall
Jan. 30, 1844
Nov. 4, 1930


Emma T. Johnson
Wife of
F. C. Hall,
Nov. 7, 1848
Oct. 17, 1914