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  The Nancy Thompson Family Photo Album, c.1850-1860  Malvern, Ohio~ Includes the contents of a brown, leather- bound album belonging to the Thompson Family, most pictures are circa the mid 1800's.

The James D. Thompson Family Photo Album, c. 1850-1860  Malvern, OH~ 

Children of Sarah Downing and Robert Thompson c. late 1800's -All children except for Margery.  

                    1907 Thompson Train Trip to California  

  Thompson Reunion, 1888, Malvern, Ohio  - At the old Thompson homestead, Malvern,Ohio-

 Downing-Yant Reunion c. 1898, Cairo, Ohio

            Spratt Photos- Malvern, Ohio- not yet available

            Raley Photos- Hanoverton, Ohio- not yet available

            Kimball Photos, South Dakota- not yet available