AThompson Family Album c. 1850-1860

~Thompson Family Album~     

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The sepia-colored photos on the following pages are from the Thompson photo album. In the interest of keeping family groups together, I have included additional photos from the collection of R.B. Kitzmiller, which are shown in black and white. Any other photos that were not originally in the album will be noted.

 This album was owned by my g-g-grandmother Nancy (Thompson) Spratt, and probably first belonged to her mother, Sarah (Downing) Thompson.

Nancy (Thompson) Spratt, my great-great grandmother, saved many Civil War letters and other letters, that were written to her and her mother. She hand crafted beautiful quilts which are fine examples of typical quilts from the Ohio area during the Civil War era.
1832- 1930

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Photo corners from Light Impressions