~Mayme (Wall) Brown's Address Book-early 1890's~  

  Inside cover: Mayme Brown, #149, Scott St., City (Springfield, OH)

(I believe that all entries marked "City" are Springfield Ohio)


Chas. Alexander, So. Limestone St., City (Springfield)

Miss Nora Austin, Springfield O, Lincoln Ave.


Mamie Brown, #149 South Scott St.

Oliver D. Boker, New York City

Mrs. Mary Brown, 33 Castello St., Dayton, Ohio

R.J.Brown, #? Maine Street, Lima, Ohio

Mr. George Blessing, #225 Clifton St., Springfield, O

Miss Katie Burns, # High St., Springfield, O

Mr. Dal Bollinger, #37 S. Market St., Springfield, O

Eddie Butt, College Ave., City (Springfield)

Miss Louise Brunin?, S. Spring St., City (Springfield)

Andrew Burke, Madison Ave, City (Springfield)

Rose Burke, Springfield, O

Miss Nellie Brown, S. Center St., City (Springfield)

Mike Bakin (Bahim?), Fisher St., Springfield, O

Mr. Jas. A. Bolen, #57 Mound St., or Metallic Casket Co., Springfield, Ohio



Nettie Cavanaugh, 44 Harrison St., City (Springfield)

Charlie Coury, Lagonda Ave., Springfield, O

Mr. James Copnell, #127 E. North St., City (Springfield)

William Cody, Bolen Alley, City (Springfield)

Johnie Cody, Bolan Alley, City (Springfield)

Mr. Sam Clark, South Center St., City (Springfield)

Mr. Johnie Conklon, S. Market St., City

Henry Collins, Lagonda Ave., City

Marcella Coudron, 112 E. Main St., City

Miss Jessey Casey, Maine St., Lima, O

Mrs. Connors, #311 So. Taylor St., Springfield

Mr. Jer. Connell, 127 E. North St., Springfield

J.F. Connell, "the kid", Springfield Ohio, c/o Daily Democrat (autograph)



Mr. Joseph Day, 149 So. Fountain, Springfield O

Marty Donahue, Columbus, Ohio

Mrs. Wm. Duffrey, #1412 Germania St., Toledo, Ohio

Marty Donahue, Chittenden Hotel, Columbus, Ohio



Mrs. Eagle, 150 Scott St., Springfield O


Mr. Johnnie Foley, Columbia St., City

Mr. Frank Ford, 307 N. Limestone St., Springfield, Ohio

Geo. Ford, N. Limestone St., Springfield, O

Harry Falcover, Thomas Mfg. Co., City-----This entry was crossed out---

Walter Falckner, Thomas Mfg. Co., Springfield, O

Ella Fogarty, Warden St., Springfield, O

Will Fitzgerald, Yellow Springs

Mr. Hendricks-Manager, Yellow Springs, House



Mr. John Gore, 62 N. Spring St., City

Mamie Gore, 62 N. Spring St., City

Blanche Gallagher, # cor Clifton and ?, City

Mr. John Gallagher, Gallagher St., City

Mr. M. Gallagher, Harrison St., City

Miss Alice Gallagher, E. Harrison St., City



Mr. Fred Harwood, South Market St., Springfield, Ohio

William Hackett, Columbia St., City

Maggie Hannigan, 81 Mound St., City

Minnie Hubar, Columbia St. City

Mr. Bert House, E. High St., Springfield

Bert House with Banderoft the Hatter, E. Main St.

Mr. Sam McGrew, N. Limestone, Springfield, Ohio

Sam McGrew, White Stai? Laundry

Mr. Chas. Dickensheets, South Fountain Ave.

Mr Chas. L. Dickensheets, Republic Times, Adv. Manager



Misses J.& A. Kaliher, Grand Ave., City

Chas. Kennedy, Pleasant St., City

Emma King, 136 Price Ave., Columbus, O



Bernard Leonard, Columbia St., Springfield, O



Mrs. Ellen Mahrt, #222 Henry St., Dayton, Ohio

Mr. E. Malone, Harrison St., City

Maggie McCarthy, #82 Chestnut Ave., City

Agnes McQuirk, #10 W. North St.

Nellie McQuirk, #10 W. North

Miss Anna Meagher, 237 Missouri St., Toledo, OH

Maggie Mitchell, 249 Herman Ave., Dayton, O

E.O. McQuirk, c/o Thomas Mfg. Co., Springfield, Ohio

Joseph Mulligan, Chestnut Ave., City

Geo. Murphy, Spring St., City

Dan McCarthy, 82 Chestnut Ave., City

Rose McCormick, E. Maine St., Springfield, O

Anna McCann, Cedar Grove, Cincinnati, O

Nora Mullahy, E. Maine St., Springfield, O

Mary Flannery, North St., Springfield, O

Nellie McQuirk, 82 Fountain Ave, Springfield, O

Lawyer Moran, J.E., Squire Bolan, Jas, A

Mr. Marty Murry, Shoe Store, Main St.



Miss Maggie O'Brien, #75 E. Columbia St., Springfield, Ohio

Lizzie O'Brien, #75 Columbia St., City

Michael O'Neill, Lagonda Ave., Springfield, O



Mr. Harry Pursell, West High St., City

Nellie Peterson, #1715 Chicago St., Omaha, Neb.

Jay Ed Porter, #768 West High, City

Mr. Bert House, Springfield, Ohio



Miss Kate Riley, c/o Thompson and Richards



Mrs. Dora Thompson, #833 South Main

Mrs. John Turney, 234 N. Union St.



George Woods, Front St., City

Alphonse Wren, N. Limestone St., City-- (became a physician in NY City)

Mr. Henry Woble, 125 N. Limstone St., Springfield, O

William Wall, #10 North Jefferson St., Chicago Ill

William Wall, 193 N. Congress St., West side-Btw. Peoria and Sangamon

Mr. William wall 580 W. Lake St.

Ida Walsh, Springfield, O

Mr. Jas, Wren, Dry Goods, S. Limestone St.

Mr. Howard Wentz, Phillips House, Dayton, Ohio


Poems written inside of book:

"Old love is faithful Young love is true, But the dearest thing on earth is first love renewed. --Nellie"

"Remember this and bear in mind, a true kind friend is hard to find, and when you've found one kind and true, trade not the old one for the new."

"When sailing down life's stream, in a little bark canoe, May there be in it, just room enough for 2."

"Compliments of Nellie McQuirk, Poor Nell, We have parted from each other."

"Feb. 9th, 1896 In your chimney of memory, count me as a "brick". JF Connell "kid" "

"When rocks and hills divide us, and you no more I see, Remember is was Nellie who wrote these lines for thee. --Poor Nell McQ"

"Remember me long, Remember me ever, Remember the fun we had together, When leaving dear old Springfield in the merry month of Nov., the birds were sweetly singing, All of us were viewing you at the depot.-- Nov. 1, 92 Farewell, Agnes McQuirk"

Edward McQuirk (his signature written, and then below it:) Hence bashful cunning and prompt me plain and holy innocence, I am your wife if you will marry me. - Mamie Brown, Lima OH, 10/28/93"



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