The sampler below was stitched in 1857 by Mary (Stallo) Brown. Below the alphabet it reads, "Mary Lousia Stallo, 11 years old, St. Mary's, Dayton Ohio"


The sampler below was made in 1836 by Mary (Stallo) Brown's mother, Mary J. (Fulweiler) Stallo. It reads as follows:

 " All Nations of the erth who distant lie, To Jesus's heart with wings of lovers fly, Fly boldly let no Pondrous weight excuse, This fire of love no fuel does refuse, See how it spreads how well it suits the name, of glowing furnace of  __uring  flame, Ah let me waste with languishing desire, Of this dear heart in its flame expire. ~ M. J. F. 1836"

If the above poem was well-know and someone can fill in the blank for me, or provide any info. on this type of sampler, including how to preserve it, please let me know.


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