~Mayme's unidentified pictures~

If you can provide any information on any aspect of the following photos, such as the uniform in the first photo, please email me. Click on the pictures to view enlargements.

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The two pictures above are a matched pair, I believe. On front: "Courtney, McKinley Block, Canton, Ohio"
"Baker, Columbus, Ohio" "Geo. Butt, 18 East Main St. Opp. Gardner Block, Norwalk, Ohio"
"Smith, St. Mary's, Ohio" "Little Martha Hitze, Roberts, 10th & Peach Sts., Erie, PA"
"E. B. Snell, Elite Gallery, Wellington, Kansas" "H. Holborn, St. Louis"
"Vignos & Hurford, Canton, Ohio" "Lytle, Canton, Ohio"
"Brisbois, Leadville, Colorado" "Elite, 62 Public Sq, Lima, Ohio"
"Cain, Springfield, Ohio" "Bidenhorn, Saxton Block, Canton, Ohio"
"Spiker & Murdock, Uhrichsville, Ohio" blank
blank "Loar & Co.,"  On back: "C.R. Spick, Coshocton, Ohio, H. I Lyman, Cleveland"

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