William Jr. would have been about thirteen at the time Kate and Mary left Chicago, so I doubt he would have been on his own. There is one picture that was taken in Chicago, of a woman who may have been an aunt and definitely resembles Kate's family. William may have stayed with this woman (Below) .

Soon after moving to Ohio, Kate died, supposedly in St. Elizabeth's hospital, Dayton Ohio. Her body is said to have been returned to Chicago although I have yet to find her burial place. RJ and Mary , who was know to her friends as "Lou", adopted Mary, and she traveled to various cities as her uncle moved from job to job with the railroad. They lived in Springfield and Lima, Ohio. In Springfield Mary, who went by the name, Mayme, probably attended St. Joseph's School. According to her address book, her family lived in the Irish section of town and near the D, T,& I (Detroit, Toledo, Ironton) railroad, which I assume her uncle worked for. They left Springfield on November 1, 1892 and headed northwest to Lima.
(right) Kate (Brown) Wall
To the left is a picture of Mayme with her Springfield, Ohio, girlfriends. Left to right front: Mayme Wall (Brown), Nellie McQuirk, Lizzie O'Brien, Middle: Maggie O'Brien, Mayme Gore Back: Agnes  McQuirk. After being adopted by her aunt and uncle, Mayme took on their last name, Brown. 

    Mayme's address book had little poems and well wishes from some of the above friends. Check it out to find out if some of the addresses inside might belong to someone in your family.

    Above is a picture of Thomas Brown who may have been a brother of R.J. Brown and certainly may be Kate Brown's brother. The woman above is Mary "Lou" Brown, the aunt who adopted Mayme and who was also her Godmother. 

    When Mayme moved to Lima she probably attended St. John the Baptist school. "Lou" Brown's mother, Mary J. (Fulweiler) Stallo probably came to live with them during her old age, as she is buried at Gethsemane Cemetery. Mary Fulweiler created a cross-stitch sampler in 1836 that the family kept. Her daughter Mary "Lou" also made one in 1856, at St. Mary's school in Dayton. Mary Fulweiler died in 1899, a year after R.J. Brown died. Mayme was a young woman at this point and worked in a millinery store making fancy hats. Somehow she met Anna Spratt, who may have been visiting her brother R.T Spratt, who was in the hotel business in Lima with a Mr. Burns. Anna introduced Mayme to her brother and they were married, location unknown, in 1902. "Lou" Stallo then moved to Kitanning, PA to take care of a friend, Rose Seifert's, 5 children, after her death. 

    During her time in Ohio, Mayme kept in touch with her brother, William, jotting down his addresses in Chicago, in her address book. She lost track of him though and for the rest of her life, never found out what happened to him. I have found a death certificate that I think belongs to him. He died in November, 1899 in Chicago, at the age of 26, from broncho-pneumonia, and tuberculosis of the intestines at Cook County hospital. For some unknown reason, no one ever came to claim his body, maybe his relatives had all moved away by that time. His body was then sent to Rush Medical College, to be used for training. Below are a few more pictures of William Wall Jr.

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