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               ~Letters from Mayme (Wall) Spratt to Catherine Spratt~

(postmark Jan 12 1932)

(letterhead) The Stern and Mann CO. Cleveland Ave, Tuscarawas, Second St Canton OH

Catherine if you get a chance to see Dr. O. B. and ask him what he thinks of me, he asked me if you were working. He would tell ou, when he would not tell me anything (see).


The med he give me cost $4.00


(Envelope-Miss Catherine Spratt 51 High Ave NW, Canton OHIO)

March 27 1934 (postmark)

Tuesday 2 pm

Catherine I washed this am got through all OK

I want to tell you they took the Newcomer (little) Bo Bo to the Hospital (Mercy) about an hour ago. Poor little fellow was suffering awful. Stines said he has Pneumonia and Taylor said he has a mastoid, and awful pain in the bowels. He would scream when they touched his abdomen. Go and see him and find our what his trouble is- they called me over twice this morn. Bill Keffler baby had a convulsion Yes, I have not heard how he is today. Hope you like your hat by this time. Hopw you can read this. Best Wishes,




Hello Catherine,

Just finished my dinner soft boiled eggs. Your father has the Gippie had Dr. Stures comes over this am and left him some catlene? And tablets, is feeling some better. They called you from Canton to go on a case this mrn. I told them you were on a home case at Paris. I thought you took your name off the register, why did you not do it. Well I did not no what to say, it maybe the wrong thing but it ws all I knew to say ( Be sure to call Sr. Edith and xplain)

Nick Louy died yes. That is all the news. Mrs. Reed has the Gippo I suppose it is awful lonesome not any more then here. Jennie Lou the colored girl back of us has got in trouble with that com. Used to go with her. They sent her home from school. Hope Mosm is very low donítí expaect her to live through the wk.

I will say goodbye

Best of luck

With love,


(Postmark-) April 6 1937

(Letter headó) Kneipp Sanitarium, conducted by Sisters of the Precious Blood, Rome City Indiana

Dear Rob & Robt.   (difficult to read)

Will write you a few lines to know how you are all. I am stwilk 1 more wk. I feel much better than when you were at leasting I think so it will Turs "a tk if I stop at Lima, there is no crowd here coming lovely.

I cant write very much at a time, as you so you send Catherine he letter if you call it a letter. I am up in my room. There are playing cards down stairs and I cant stand the noise. The (Nolipos) are still alove. There very proue, Thanks for them I will have to say Good By

MM to all Mother

(below from Robt. W. Spratt)

I send you this letter as mother request. Trust this will find you OK. Mrs. Frank Leyda died last night.

No word from Keller this wk.

See you Saturday