Conn family of Cumberland

The Conn family of Cumberland

Research by David Conn

The origins of this family are largely unknown, apart from the fact that they came from Ireland. Exactly when they first arrived in Cumberland is again unknown but the first record we have is the marriage in Whitehaven on 1 Nov 1806 of John Conn, born about 1786 and Mary Brown, born about 1784. The 1851 census has a John Conn, widower, aged 73, born in Ireland, who I think is the same person despite the conflicting ages. I suspect that he came over with his brother, William Conn, who married Catherine Keever in Whitehaven on 4 Jun 1814. The families of the two brothers are given here, but great caution must be taken for these records have only been taken from the IGI and the Census records.


John Conn (bap 1786) and Mary Brown (bap 1784)

Married in Whitehaven 1 Nov 1806.

Their children were:-

  1. Joseph, bap 25 Sep 1808, Harrington.

  2. James, bap 13 May 1810, Harrington. Buried 29 Apr 1832.

  3. Elizabeth, bap 26 Dec 1812, Harrington.

  4. Thomas, bap 26 Feb 1815, Harrington.

  5. Mary, bap 14 Apr 1817, Harrington. Buried 19 Apr 1817.

  6. Jane, bap 14 Aug 1818, Harrington.

  7. John, bap 23 Nov 1823, Harrington.

  8. Jacob, bap 27 May 1831, Harrington.

Joseph Conn (bap 1808, Harrington) married Ann (bap 1810, Cockermouth)

Joseph was a sailor in the 1841 census. Their children were:-

  1. Jacob, bap 21 Jun 1840. Not in 1841 census, so presumably died.

  2. Mary Ann, bap 16 Apr 1843.

  3. John, bap 20 Jul 1845.

  4. Joseph, bap 27 Aug 1848.

William Conn married Catherine Keever (dates unknown).

Married Whitehaven, 4 Jun 1814.

It is thought that William and Catherine went back to Ireland where their son William was born. William must have come back to Cumberland, for he married in Harrington. This family is speculative and must be viewed with great caution.

William Conn (Ireland) married Margaret Johnstone at Harrington, 28 May 1835.

In the 1841 census William is said to be a mariner aged 30. Their children were:-

  1. Sarah, bap 12 Aug 1838, Harrington.

  2. James, bap 11 Dec 1842, Harrington. Living with Mary McQuillan in 1851 census. Said to be a nephew

  3. Catherine, bap 1844, Harrington. This relationship is speculative