Conn family of Worcestershire

The Conn families of Worcestershire

Research by David Conn

These families have only been researched using the IGI and the census returns.

There appears to be two main branches of the family. The first is centerd on the adjacent towns of Pershore and Pirton to the south of Worcester City, and the second at Claines to the north of Worcester City. How these two branches are interlinked is unresolved. Only those names that can be placed into a family have been included, but even these must be viewed with great caution. I have been unable to find anyone who has specialist knowledge of this family.

The parish of Pirton

Charles Conn (b. 1795) and his wife Sarah (b. 1793).

They had 6 children:-

  1. 1826 Samuel . He married Mary Hunt (b. 1825) on 14 Nov 1848 at Pirton and had three children Henry H . (b. 1844), Wilson (Bap 29 Jul 1849, died 1 Aug 1849) and Ann (bap 14 Jul 1850, died 18 May 1851).
  2. 1826 Charles, He married Sarah Harris (b. 1830), on 30/10/1848 at Claines. They had five children Herbert (b. 1856),Emma (b. 1861), Samuel (b. 1863), George (b. 1865) and Frederick (b. 1870).
  3. 16 Aug 1826 Joseph. He was still unmarried in the 1881 census.
  4. 27 Sep 1829 Thomas. He married Elizabeth Darrington (b. 1832, Worcester) and they lived in Birmingham. They had three children Susannah (1861), Robert (1868) and Samuel (1872).
  5. 27 Apr 1833 James.(born 23 Jan 1832 ). He married Ellen (b. 1837).
  6. 1836 Robert. He married Sarah (b. 1835).

The parish of Pershore

Including Longdon and Queenhill

1736 Bap William the son of William & Elizabeth Conn (IGI).

William Conn (b. 1781) and his wife Ann (b. 1776)
These dates have been taken from the 1841 census and may be approximations.

The 1841 census shows that a William Conn (60) and his wife Ann (65) were living at Broad Street, Pershore. William is said to be a woolsorter journeyman. Were these the parents of Richard and William Conn of Pershore? Also living as a female servant with William and Ann was Mary Conn (age 20), who was not born in the county. William and Ann do not appear in the 1851 census, so it must be assumed that they had died in the previous decade. Is William related to the William born in 1736?

Richard Conn ( 1813-1889) and his first wife.
Richard was born in Pershore. In the 1851 census he is a baker living with his children at 19 Broad St., Pershore. This is the same street as the above William and Ann Conn, lending support to the idea that they were related. The name of his wife is not known, but by the 1851 census Richard is a widow, so she must have died between 1847 and 1851.

They had the following children:-

  1. 1835 Alfred. He was married to Emma Chandler in 1861 at Worcester St Martin. They had three children called Annie (b. 1865), Edward (b. 1866) and Alfred (b. 1871).
  2. 1837 William
  3. 1837 Robert
  4. 1841 Christopher. He married Jane (b.1833, Temple Guiting, Gloustershire: bu. 1893, Winchcomb) and they moved to Winchcomb in Gloucestershire. Their children were:-
    1. 1862 James, Birmingham. He married Elizabeth and moved to Ludlow. They had six children Christopher (1886), William (1888), Arthur (1890), Annie.(1891), Florence (1893) and Alfred (1900).
    2. 1865 William, Winchcomb.
    3. 1867 Susan E, Winchcomb
    4. 1868 Mary J, Winchcomb
    5. 1869 Charles E, Winchcomb
    6. 1874 Albert E, Winchconb
    7. 1875 Alfred, Winchcomb
  5. 1843 Charles
  6. 1847 Maria

Richard Conn (1813-1889) and his second wife, Ellen (b.1834, Pershore).
In the 1861 census Richard is said to have been born in Burton, Worcestershire in 1816, and is a baker. Only Charles (by his first wife), Margaret and Edith are living with Richard and Ellen at 7 Broad St., Pershore.

Their children were:-

  1. 1853 Margaret
  2. 1858 Edith
  3. 1862 Richard
  4. 1866 Martin
  5. 1871 Minnie

In the 1881 census Richard is once again said to be a widow, so his second wife must have died between 1871 and 1881..

William Conn (b. 1814, Pershore; bur 1877, Pershore).
William is a woolsorter, printer and bookseller living at 125 High Street, Pershore in the 1851 census. This job description is further evidence that he was related to the above William and Ann Conn.

First marriage:- to Jemima Collins 4th Qr. 1840, Worcester.
Jemima was born 1814 in Pershore, and was buried 3rd Qr. 1851 in Pershore.

Their children were:-

  1. 1842 Margaret, Pershore
  2. 1843 Thomas Vincent, Pershore
  3. 1845 Ann, Pershore
  4. 1849 William Burritt, Pershore
  5. 1851 Ernest Frederick, Pershore. He married Mary (b. 1858, Hereford). They had three children Maud (b. 1879, Hereford), Lilian B. (b. 1880, Hereford) and Ernest William (b. 1883, Hereford). The family then moved to Hull, where they can be found in "The Conn family of York".

Second marriage:- to Lydia Clements at Pershore, 1st. quarter 1854.
Lydia was born in Pershore in 1833.

Their children were:-

  1. 1855 Charles Harry, Pershore. Married Susannah (b. 1858, Newport, Monmouth) and in 1881 is living in Poplar, London, near his mother.
  2. 1857 Elizabeth, Pershore
  3. 1859 Jesse G., Pershore
  4. 1861 Ann Jane, Pershore
  5. 1865 Kate E., Pershore
  6. 1868 Rose E., Pershore
  7. 1870 Frank A., Pershore
  8. 1873 Alfred P., Pershore

After the death of her husband in 1877, Lydia and some of her children moved to 56 Manchester Road in Poplar, Middlesex. London. In the 1881 census she is living in Poplar with five of her children, Jesse, Kate, Rose, Frank and Alfred.. In the 1891 census Lydia is still living in Poplar at 1 Spring Garden Place with the two youngest sons, Frank and Alfred.


About 5 miles to the south west of Pershore are the villages of Longdon and Queenhill. How the following family is related to the Pershore family is not known.

William Conn (b.1822, Longdon) married Mary (b.1825, Queenhill)

Their children were:-

  1. 1862 Mary P., Queenhill
  2. 1863 Elizabeth, Queenhill
  3. 1865 Fred, Queenhill
  4. 1866 Samuel, Queenhill. He became a gardener at Sandown, Isle of Wight.
  5. 1868 Maurice, Queenhill
  6. 1869 John, Queenhill. Moved to Swansea, Glamorgan, and married Mary J. (b.1864, Moniston,). Their children were:-
  7. 1871 Arthur, Queenhill. Moved to Sugffolk and married Mary (b.1870). They had William (b.1898, Malvern)
  8. 1873 Catherine, Queenhill


The parish of Claines

with Shrawley

Edward Conn (1811-1866) and his wife Jane

They had the following children:-

  1. 1836 Eliza
  2. 1838 George
  3. 17 May 1840. Bap of Ann at Claines.
  4. 7 Nov 1841. Bap of Charles at Claines. He married Ann (b.1846) and had the following children:-
    1. Edward (bap 25 Nov 1867)
    2. Harriet (b.1872)
    3. George (b.1874)
    4. William (b.1877)
    5. Alice (b. 1880).
  5. 29 Oct 1843. Bap of William at Claines. He married Elizabeth (b.1846, Woburn). About 1873 the family moved to the Sunderland area, possibly with his brother Thomas. By the 1901 census they had moved to Ashington, Northumberland. Their children were:-
    1. Herbert J (b.1872,Stoulton, Worcester). Married Jane (b. 1873, Scremerson, Northumberland). Their son William was born in 1897 in Ashington.
    2. William (b.1874, Sunderland)
    3. Alfred (b. 1876, Evenwood)
    4. Jane (b.1879, Durham)
    5. Hannah E. (b. 1880, Wolsingham)
  6. 1 Feb 1846. bap of Harriet at Claines
  7. 30 Jan 1848. Bap of Thomas at Claines. He married Catherine (b. 1852, Dunsley, Worcester) and moved to Sunderland. They had the following children:-
    1. Agnes (b. 1871)
    2. Edward (b. 1874, Sunderland)
    3. Henry (b. 1880, Sunderland).
    4. Thomas (b. 1881, Sunderland)
  8. 28 Jul 1850. Bap of Rose Ann at Claines
  9. 20 Apr 1853. Bap of Alice at Claines
  10. 14 Oct 1855. Bap of Elizabeth at Claines

About 5 miles to the east of Claines is the village of Shrawley, and two brothers Samuel Conn and Christopher Conn were born there. How they connect with the other families is not known.

Samuel Conn (b. 1828, Shrawley) married Elizabeth (b. 1824, Grington, Hereford)

Their children were:-

  1. 1863 Herbert, Sedgley, Staffordshire
  2. 1865 Alfred, Sedgley, Staffordshire

Christopher Conn (b. 1831, Shrawley) married Ann (b. 1834, Kingswinford, Staffs.)

Their children were:-

  1. 1856 Lavinia, Kingswinford, Staffordshire
  2. 1862 Christopher, Kingswinford
  3. 1867 Isiah, Kingswinford
  4. 1871 John, Kingswinford
  5. 1876 Samuel, Kingswinford