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  Helpful Family History Sites on the Internet
Build your family tree by joining, the world's most popular genealogy site. Access 1 billion records and thousands of online images of genealogical records. Free trial membership.
Traces American, Irish and Scots-Irish ancestors and has records available from Cemetery, Census, Land, Military, Newspapers, Passenger Lists, Religion (Catholic, Protestant, and Irish Quakers), and in the United States and Canada.
  Ancestral Findings:
Genealogy Look-Ups. Free research of birth, census, death, land, marriage, military and state records indexes.
Gives you the tools and resources you need to discover your family story. Enjoy our variety of free services and choose from the best software and data products available
  Ancestors Search
Begin your ancestor search here! An interactive directory of the top 400 genealogy search engines, including Ellis Island and the Mormon library, that can be searched from this Web site.
  Genealogy Web
Catalog of the newest genealogy databases, CD-ROMs, books and Web sites.
  Cinnamon Toast Genealogy
Learn the history of your surname, variences in spelling, where it first appeared and more.
  My Family Tales
Creative children's books for your family heritage. Top-quality, color, 32-page book with scanned family photos and/or illustrations. Create your story for any family occasion.
  Cyndi's List.Com
Cyndi List is a free, categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical resources on the World Wide Web. Essentially, Cyndi List is a list of links that point you to genealogical research sites.
  OneGreatFamily Genealogy Web Site
Connect with other people who have already found your ancestors! OneGreatFamily is an online genealogical service that allows everyone to combine their knowledge to build a shared database.
  Family History.Com
Online genealogy community that provides a message board and access to the Ancestry World Tree, the largest free database of lineage-linked genealogies online
  ProGenealogist - Family History Research group
Copies of birth, census, death, marriage, military and state records available. Family history research by skilled professionals. Tools, data and access to pros all in one place.
       Kindred Konnections.Com
Houses the World's Largest Pedigree-Linked Database allowing you to find family names fast. You can search over 1 billion names with every query
  Family Search
Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this site not only contains a wealth of information about genealogy, it also allows you to search for your ancestors for free.