Where is George burried?



                    From Pickering Pitchforks and updated in 1999.

                         Written by Alice Pickering Palladini 

There is a huge boulder, in the Old Cemetery in Mendon, Ma. (photo following) and many throughout the years have written George-1 is buried under this boulder.. The reasoning being that George's land abutted the Old Cemetery and it was the probable location to inter his remains.

In the George Aldrich Genealogy Vol. 1 , Mr. A.J. Aldrich writes "there is a plaque on this boulder". There never was a plaque there before 1998. Mr. A.J. Aldrich probably confused the Quaker Cemetery Plaque on George St. with the boulder at Old Cemetery, in Mendon. The Quaker Cemetery does have a plaque in memory of the Quaker preacher Moses Aldrich. 

In 1998 the National Aldrich Association voted to put a plaque on this boulder in the Old Cemetery in Mendon, Ma.  Shortly after, a bronze plaque was placed on the Boulder. 

It Reads " In Memory of": NOT that George Aldrich is buried here. 

"In Memory of "

George Aldrich -1683 

One of Mendonís Founding Fathers 

Donated by the National Aldrich Association:" 


However, in Uxbridge, Ma., (once part of Mendon, ) on the corner of Glendale Rd. & Aldrich St. is an old Historic Cemetery, known as the Aldrich/Cook Cemetery. . At the entrance of this cemetery stands a Memorial stone & large plaque that was erected- by the descendants of the first George and Jacob-2, and this plaque reads George and his son Jacob are buried here. (photo & writing following) 

The question is: did the family of George drive 10 miles in 1682/1683 to bury George in the month of March , in Uxbridge, ( Uxbridge at that time was still part of Mendon) or did they go less than a half mile and inter his remains in the Old Cemetery, that abutted his land????

I believe the Uxbridge Memorial plaque to be just that; a Memorial Plaque erected- by some of his descendants and his remains are probably near the now marked boulder in the Old Cemetery in Mendon..

"Where is George buried?" 

I believe this question will never be answered.

Is George here???

BOULDER IN OLD CEMETERY , with the new Memorial Plague: 


( photo)

Or is this where he is buried??