Manor of Weeley 1710

Manor of Weeley, Essex 1710
Extract from the will of Robert Alefounder

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Original document: Manor of Weeley court rolls, Essex Record Office reference D/DU6/1 p23. Court held on 2 Jan 1710. In margin: Adm Math Alefounder.

Ad hanc cur~ comptm~ Necnon pesent est p Homagm~ qd. citra vlt Cur~ & ante hanc Cur~ Rob~tus Alefounder nup Tenens Customar~ huj Man~ij qui tenuit dum vixit sibi & hered suis de Dn~o p virgam ad volunt Dni~ scdm~ cons hujus Man~ij Vnum messuag~ & trigint acr~ terr~ cum ptijs customar & Herriot de hoc Man~io tent p copiam Rotlor cur~ obijt se~it & sup obijt sum~ herriot accrevit Dn~o Man~ij ped sc~dm Cons Man~ij & vu~ Vaccam ad pcni~ trium libr~ accidit Dn~o ped que se~it p herriot ped & ante obit sum~ ad Cur~ hic tent p Man~io ped Nono die Martij Anno D~ni Mill~imo Septingentimo octavo in plena Nec non appta Cur~ dc~us Robtus Alefounder surr~red~d Oia~ & singula pemissa ped cum ptijs Ad opus et vsam Testi & vlt volunt sui in scriptis declarat sive declarand Et p~tea condidit testament & vlt volunt sua geren dat decimo septimo die Octobr~ Anno Regine Anne Nono Annoque D~ni Mill~imo septingentimo decimo Tenor cujo. quidm Testi quoad pemissa sequit in hec verba Imprimis And also at this court of good authority it is presented by the Homage that after the last Court [21 Sep 1710] and before this Court Robert Alefounder late a Customary Tenant of this Manor, who held while he lived for himself and his heirs from the Lord by the rod and will of the Lord according to the custom of this Manor One messuage and 30 acres land with appurtenances by custom and Heriot held of this Manor by copy of court Roll, died seised and after his death a heriot accrued to the said Lord of the Manor according to the Custom of the Manor and one Cow of value three pounds fell to the said Lord who took it as said heriot and before his death at this Court held for the Manor aforesaid on the Ninth day of March AD 1708 in full and open Court the said Robert Alefounder surrendered All and singular the said premises with the appurtenances To the use and behoof of his Testament and last will in writing declared or to be declared And afterwards he made his testament and last will bearing date 17th day of October in the Ninth year of the Reign of Queen Anne and AD 1710 indeed the content of which Testament as to the premises follows in these words Firstly
I give and bequeath unto my brother Mathew Alefounder all my lands and House or Houses in Weeleigh both free and cop^py with all and singular the appurten~ces thervnto belonging for the terme of his naturall life And if it should please God my brother Mathew should have a male Child then to him and his heirs for ever And for want of a Male Heir I do give and bequeath the abovesaid Lands and Tenemt with all and singular the appurten~as therevnto belonging to my Brother John Alefounder and his Heirs for Ever yeilding and paying to the Daughters of the said Mathew Alefounder if any be the sume of one hundred pounds when she or they shall attain to the age of one and twenty years or day of marriage which shall first happen and for non payment the Daughter or Daughters shall have full power to enter vpon the said lands or any part thereof while the said legacy be paid and fully discharged And make my Brother Mathew Alefounder my Exece
put p idm~ Testam~ relac~oe inde hai~tu pleni apparet Sup quo dc~us Matheus Alefounder reu~ hic pemissa ped cum ptijs Cui Dn~us Man~ij ped p senll~um su~m ped concessit & p virgam delibavit ei inde seiam~ Hendum & Tenedum Oia~ & singula pemissa ped cum ptijs sibi pefat Mathio Alefounder p termino vite sue nral~ remain~ inde sc~dm limitacon~ in Tes~to ped Rob~ti Alefounder de Dno~ p virgam ad volunt D~ni scdm Cons man~ij ped re~dd & servic inde prius debit de jure consuet~ et dat Dn~o de Fin~ put patet in margin fec fidet Et admissus est inde tenens &c Et sedente Cur~ ven~ hic in Cur~ dc~us Matheus Alefounder et in plen~ Necnon appta Cur~ coram Homagio & sen~llo ped p virgam surr~re~dd in manus D~ni p manus Sen~lli sui ped~ Oia~ & singula pemissa ped cum ptijs Ad opus & usum in test & vlt volunt sui in script declarat sive declarand as by the same Testament, from that recital, the dwelling is fully apparent Moreover therefore the said Mathew Alefounder succedes to these said premises with the appurtenances Which the Lord of the said Manor by his said steward granted and by the rod delivered seisin thenceforth to Have and to Hold All and singular the said premises with the appurtenances for the aforementioned Mathew Alefounder for the term of his natural life the remainder thence according to the limitation in the said Testament of Robert Alefounder, of the Lord by the rod at the will of the Lord according to the Custom of the said manor by the rent customs and services thenceforth firstly owed by customary right, and giving the Lord faithfully as the Fine appearing in the margin orders [the margin is blank at this point] And he has been admitted tenant &c And the Court sitting comes here the said Mathew Alefounder and in full and open Court before the Homage and said steward by the rod surrenders into the hands of the Lord by the hands of his Steward All and singular the said premises with the appurtenances To the use and behoof as his testament and last will in writing declares or is about to declare

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Transcribed 1999 and translated 2003 by Peter Alefounder

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