Alefounder wills and admons

List of Alefounder wills and admons

Heres heredem alterius velut unda supervenit undam - Horace

This is a list of wills, administrations and other probate records concerning an Alefounder, mainly as the testator or intestate. There is an index to those named (legatees, witnesses etc.)

Name of testator or intestate
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Date of probate or grant Place Document type
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Date of will
Alefounder, Alice 18016 Apr 1801Colchester ESSWill15 Dec 1800
Alefounder, Alice 1818Feb 1818Colchester ESSAdm 
Alefounder, Amy 193614 Feb 1936Liverpool LANNIW 
Alefounder, Anne 16221 Jun 1622Dedham ESSAdmExt-Waters 
Alefounder, Arthur James 194729 Mar 1947LondonNIW 
Alefounder, Benjamine 16988 Jun 1698Debenham SFKWill6 Apr 1698
Alefounder, Bridget 1712 +18 Nov 1712Dedham ESSWill7 Sep 1709
Alefounder, Charles 186418 Jun 1864Lambeth SURWill27 Nov 1851
Alefounder, Edmund 17259 Sep 1725Colchester ESS, Southwark SURWill28 Aug 1725
Alefounder, Elizabeth 166210 Jly 1662Ipswich, SFKWTr4 Oct 1652
Alefounder, Elizabeth 1701 +22 Nov 1701Great Clacton ESSWill16 Aug 1701
Alefounder, Elizabeth 187615 Jan 1876Lambeth SURWill18 Dec 1873
Alefounder, Ellen Martha 191028 May 1910Brighton SSXWill27 Feb 1907, codicil 23 Feb 1910
Alefounder, Frederick Charles 194623 Aug 1946Liverpool LANNIW Adm 
Alefounder, George 1818Feb 1818Piccadilly MDXAdm 
Alefounder otherwise Barnell or Barnard, George 1823Sep 1823East India Merchant Ship Marchioness of ElyAdm 
Alefounder, George Swale the younger 19154 Sep 1915Margate KENWill11 Nov 1908
Alefounder, George Swale 192617 Mar 1926Charmouth DORWill1 Mar 1910, codicil 15 Jun 1924
Alefounder, George William 194024 Jun 1940Haverhill SFKNIW 
Alefounder, Grace 172020 May 1720Winston SFKWill14 Oct 1712
Alefounder, Henry 1654 *9 Feb 1654Great Dunmore ESSAdm 
Alefownder als Tyler, James 157628 Sep 1576Long Melford SFKWill23 Aug 1576
Alefounder, James 1774Jun 1774St Botolph, Aldgate LDNAdm 
Alefounder, James George Swale 193720 Dec 1937Tobago WINIW 
Alefounder, John 1627 *9 Nov 1627East Bergholt SFKWill3 Jly 1627
Alefounder, John 16472 Aug 1647 Finchingfield ESSWExt-Waters5 Feb 1642
Alfounder, John 167310 Apr 1673Dedham ESSWill18 Mar 1672
Alefounder, John 170830 Oct 1708Winston SFKWill31 May 1707
Alefounder, John 176321 Jly 1763Colchester ESSWill13 Jun 1763
Alefounder, John 1785 *6 Jun 1785late of Colchester ESSWill26 Mar 1781
Alefounder, John 1795 *10 Oct 1795Covent Garden MIDWill11 Jan 1785
Alefounder, John 17985 Apr 1798Luddenham KENAdm 
Alefounder, John 180415 Aug 1804Luddenham KENAdm 
Alefounder, John 1807? 24 Jun 1807HMS MonarchWill17 May 1807
Alefounder, John 186810 Nov 1868Faversham KENWill6 Oct 1868
Alefounder, John 192431 Jly 1924Faversham KENWill12 May 1920
Alefounder, Mary 16275 Sep 1627Dedham ESSWill27 Jun 1627
Alefounder, Mary 169714 Aug 1697Winson SFKWill1696
Alefounder, Mary 180428 Jly 1804Luddenham KENAdm 
Alefounder, Mathew 16295 Jun 1629Dedham ESSWill20 Dec 1628
Alefounder, Matthew 17457 Jly 1745Weeley ESSWill7 Nov 1718
Tyler als Aleyfounder, Rychard 158722 Apr 1587Sudbury SFKWill31 Jan 1586
Tyler als Alfvnder, Robart 157422 Jan 1574Long Melford SFKWill1574
Alefounder, Robert 1630 *6 May 1630Dedham ESSWill16 Mar 1629
Alefounder, Robert 1630 *19 Jun 1630Dedham ESSSent 
Alefounder, Robert 1639 *18 Jun 1639East Bergholt SFKWill10 Feb 1635
Alefounder, Robert 1639 *18 Jun 1639East Bergholt SFKSent 
Allfounder, Robert 168813 Feb 1688Frinton ESSAdm Tr 
Alfounder, Robert 170131 Mar 1701Thurcaston LEIWill13 Dec 1699
Alefounder, Robert 1710unprovenWeeley, ESSWExt17 Oct 1710
Allfounder, Robert 17151715Debenham SFKWill11 Dec 1713
Alfounder, Robert, Rev., 1755 *25 Jun 1755Cambridge CAM, North Luffenham RUTWill22 Feb 1721, codicils 12 Sep 1735, 16 Apr 1745 and 25 Oct 1754
Alefounder, Robert 1784 *24 Sep 1784Woolwich KENWill22 Jun 1784
Alefounder, Robert 184028 Oct 1840Ipswich SFKAdm 
Alefounder, Robert Swale 18669 Feb 1866Ipswich SFKWill19 Nov 1864
Alefounder, Robert Swale 187122 Jly 1871Ipswich SFKNIW Adm 
Alefounder, Sarah 178728 Aug 1787 Affid. & Decl. 
Alefounder, Sarah Emily 191618 Nov 1916Plumstead KENNIW Adm 
Alefounder, Thomas 174529 Jun 1745Weeley ESSWill6 Feb 1721
Alefounder, Thomas 1807 Monarch (ship)Will17 May 1807
Alefounder, Thomas 182916 Oct 1829Nayland SFKAdm 
Alefounder, Upcher 17855 Jan 1785Colchester ESSWill22 Jun 1784
Alefounder, William 1684 *17 Sep 1684The Josia East IndiesAdm 
Alefounder, William 182314 Sep 1823Norwich NFKWill14 Oct 1821
Bidmer, Rose 16242 Mar 1624East Bergholt SFKWExt-Allen2 Jan 1624
Brauston, Thomas 164129 Jly 1641Flowton SFKWExt-Waters3 Sep 1638
Bull, James 172011 Feb 1720Takeley ESS, Bishop's Stortford ESSWExt-EWBI8 Nov 1719
Crane, Robert 165818 Mar 1658Great Coggeshall ESSWExt-Muskett 
Goodwin, John 160016 Jun 1600East Bergholt SFKWExt-Waters10 May 1600
Hollaway, William 160824 Mar 1608East Bergholt SFKWExt-Waters1608
Miller, William 172719 Mar 1727Stanway ESSWExt-EWBI28 Nov 1726
Taylor, Thomas 169614 Jly 1696St Osyth ESSWExt-EWBI20 Jun 1696
Upcher, Edward 17763 Jun 1776Colchester ESSWExt-EWBI26 Oct 1773, cod 19 Feb 1774
Woodgate, Benjamin 160328 Feb 1603East Bergholt SFKWExt-Waters23 Jly 1603

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Will - copy (in my possession)
Adm - administration
NIW - National Index of Wills entry
WTr - will transcript
WExt - will extract
EWBI - Essex Wills Beneficiaries Index entry
sent - sentence

Transcripts of wills appear with the kind permission of the Record Offices holding the original documents.

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