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An interesting family that came from Russia and mostly arrived in Marinette, WI and Youngstown, OH, before many migrated further west to California. SO interesting that there are at least (that I know of so far) 4-6 other family members who have tried to piece the family together with genealogical work to varying degrees. So interesting that I am only married to a Chudacoff descendent and I have been trying to trace their origins as much as my own family..

Chudacoffs are from the Starodub region of Chernigov, Russia. There are a few branches of Chudacoffs in the US and they are all either familially connected or likely knew each other in the Old World. How Chudacoff was spelled in Russia is not clear yet. In ship manifests it has appeared as "Zudekow", "Zudekowa", "Zudekoff", "Czudakow", etc.

Where are they from? Why did they leave?
Who was the first? Why Marinette, WI ???? Who immigrated and when?
Where did they go? Where are they buried? Is there such thing as a "Chudacoff chin"?
US Census Records Many names associated with Chudacoffs

Pictures needing identification
Descendents of Jacob David Chudacoff & Zisza (Citron?)
Descendents of Eli Chudacoff & Zeva Katlicoff
Descendents of Maisha Mortichai Chudakoff & Myrna (?)

Overall Relationships:
Jacob David Chudacoff and Eli Chudacoff were either first cousins or second cousins (two different accounts).
All Chudacoffs with this spelling should be related, although, some distantly. All Chudacoffs came from the same area of what was then the Chernigov region of Russia. Here in the 21st Century the region can mostly be found in the Bryansk Oblast of Russia.
I believe we can talk about 3 major branches of Chudacoffs in the United States. Two branches are closely related and the third branch must be related, although a direct connection has not been established. There are also a smattering of Chudacoffs who came to the US with spelling variants that are likely to also be related, although direct connections have not been made yet.

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