Feige Hankin & Itzke Wichnovitz Manifest

Ship manifest for "Feige Chenkin" (Hankin), her 3 children "Israel" (Harry), "Rossa" (Lillian), & "Rochel" (Rose), her mother-in-law Beile Hankin, her sister "Hene" (Anna) Wichnovitz, Hene's husband "Itzke" (Esau) Wichnovitz, and their children "Pinchas" (Peter), "Israel" (Isadore), "Leyser" (Louis), and a servent, "Frume". They arrived June 18, 1905, a short time after Husband Sam Hankin came over (Feb 3, 1905). It's hard to read (the Ellis Island transcribers left it blank) but the town they list they came from is "Nowosypov" (now Novozybkov). Both families are going to Marinette, WI. Feige is going to her husband Sam, the Wichnovitzs to Feige & Hene's brother "Joseph" (George) Chudacoff. Note that only the Chenkins have the "Admitted" stamp. This means that they were detained and then released. Most likely due to the mother-in-law being checked for "senility" and "weak abdominal walls".

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