Chudacoff Manifest

Ship manifest for (line 17) "Rwke Czudakow" or likely Reva (Rebecca Eva) Chudacoff who eventually marries Sam Diamondstein. In the manifest she is listed as being 21 and single. The town she lists as coming from is "Woronka" or Voronok where she left behind her father "Israel Czudakow". She is going to Youngstown, OH to her brother, "Harry Czudekow" (Harry Chudacoff).

Lillian Krupp's father was Israel's brother Michael (or Mitchell). In an interview with her grandaughter, Lillian mentions that there were people in LA with the name "Citron" that were related to Michael's (and therefore Israel's) mother Zesia. She may have been a Citron. Looking at lines 18 & 19 in this manifest we find that Rwke is traveling with 2 Citrons. I can't make out the town they are from, but I would bet it is very close to Voronok. The Citrons were going to cousins in NYC.

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