Descendants of "Old" Job Smith and Allied Families

Descendants of 'Old Job' Smith and Allied Families

Being a summary of information relating descendants of my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, "Old" Job Smith; his son David Smith who married Rebecca Lindley; and my ancestors Capt. James Lindley, Frederick Thompson, James Monroe Cooper, Benjamin Osburn, Absalom Hobson, Henry Packard, Alexander Blair, Joseph Wheldon, and others. I would be delighted to hear from persons interested in these family lines. Please email me at:

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Alex Smith

Some of the information you seek may be posted on my blog.

Pictures from the above slideshow may be seen in:

Harmon and Eliza Packard Osburn.

Absalom Hobson.

Martha Jane Foster Hobson.

Photo Gallery - Edward Walker Osburn.

"Sister Mattie" Osburn.

Photo Gallery - Fannie Florence Hobson.

Photo Gallery - Esther Florence Osburn. Pictures from her photograph album.

Photo Gallery - Mabel Meredith Osburn.

Photo Gallery - Edward Foss Osburn.

Photo Gallery - Foss Smith.

David Smith and His Descendants, research by Elmer Joe Hardegree, Winder, Georgia, based upon local and family records.

Charles Alfred Smith and His Descendants, research by Elmer Joe Hardegree, Cynthia Smith Miller, Benjamin Dunn Smith, and Joann Smith Hammond, Winder, Georgia, based upon local and family records.

"Old" Job Smith

Job Smith's Sons:

Job Smith, Jr.

Benjamin Smith

David Smith and his descendants, excluding eldest child James

James Smith, David Smith's eldest child, and his descendants, excluding Arnold Smith

Arnold Smith, James Smith's third child, and his descendants, excluding Joseph Parks Smith

Joseph Parks Smith, Arnold Smith's fifth child, and his descendants

John Lindley and His Descendants

Simon Hadley and His Descendants

Alexander Thompson, Frederick Thompson and Their Descendants

Thomas Cooper and His Descendants

Benjamin Osburn (d. 1804) and His Descendants

Benjamin Osburn's Descendants:

Benjamin Osburn's great-granddaughter Hannah Packard Osburn m. Isaac Reed, and Their Descendants

Benjamin Osburn's great-granddaughter Mary Almira Osburn m. Rev. Lewis Gould Adkinson.

Benjamin Osburn's great-grandson Rev. Edward Walker Osburn.

Benjamin Osburn's great-grandson William Henry Osburn. William Henry and Edward Walker Osburn's participation in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889.

Francis Hobson I and His Descendants

Henry Packard and His Descendants

Alexander Blair and His Descendants

Joseph Wheldon and His Descendants

Ruth Adkinson's genealogical research on Joseph Adkinson and His Descendants.

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