Frederick Alford

    Frederick Alford arrived in the USA from England about 1868, preceded by his brother Henry Alford. Henry arrived on Sept 9 1864 worked on a farm for Henry Benedict, When he had saved enough money he sent for his brother Frederick, unfortunately Henry died shortly after. He was the 114th Regiment Band Leader and later went into the music business in Middletown NY. He married Eliza Griswold, daughter of Noyes and Lucy Griswold, lived on Hall Rd in the Nina Hall house. Fred died Apr 24 1937. His son Albert B. settled on the Edgar Pearsall Farm on Bulkely Hill Rd and had eight children with Anna May Sornberger daughter of John and Ellen Sornberger. He died Apr 11 1940. Ernest Reynolds who married Mildred Alford took over the farm until his death in 1974. Ernest was the son of Bentley Reynolds. Click on Alford Family for more information.



    Israel Reynolds 1757 is as far back as I have verified information. I belive Enos Reynolds was his father, but can not verify that. The Reynolds family, under "More Reynolds", is a large one, dating back to the 1500's in England. I have tried to piece together as much data as I could, along with all the other inter-related families. John Reynolds born 1590 in England, a twin with Thomas,was the first of my suspected direct ancestors to come to America, son of George and Thomasyn. He brought his wife Sarah Chesterfield. They settled in Watertown MA. and then moved to Stamford CT. about 1737, to raise a family. He was a respectable farmer in Stamford. His descendants resided there until late 1700's, when they moved west to Westchester County, New York. Some of the younger members of the family moved on into Susquehanna and Wyoming counties in Pennsylvania, and into the frontier in Indiana and Illinois. Click on "More Reynolds" for more information.

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