Westvaco Alleghany Highlands


A Tradition of Excellence:1899-1999

The land on which Westvaco Corporation's Covington Mill stands today, bordering the Jackson River with sections in Alleghany County and the City of Covington, is the site of a former wheatfield where the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company began construction on its new paper mill in 1899. When it was constructed, the mill was one of many thriving industries located in Covington and the Alleghany Highlands. This facility, virtually alone now among all those industries, has progressed and prospered for 100 years.

A Promising New Industry

One Man's Dream

Covington 'Judged' Worthy

Historic Groundbreaking

Rapid Expansion

Carrying on the Dream

The Roaring Twenties

Depression Era

The War Years


Wartime Production

Post-War Recovery

Renewed Growth (1945-1950)

Energized Expansion (1950-1959)

New Ventures(1960-1969)

Steady Growth (1970-1979)

Major Renovations (1980-1985)

More Major Expansions (1985-1990)

Reaping The Harvest (1990-1999)

The Future


Text and photographs are from a booklet published by Westvaco's Covington Mill to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Westvaco in the Alleghany Highlands.

Additional Photographs of Westvaco from the Historical Society