All Family Headstones

All Family Headstones

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Mildred married Joseph Dibble and had (?) children

  Located in the Locust Hill Cemetery, Hobart, NY, the southwest corner, along the road.

Joseph Dibble (no dates) & Mildred C. (All) Dibble 1900 - 1986


Carrie All - Located somewhere in the Prattsville, NY, Fairlawn Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Carrie All 4/2/1901 - 4/23/1919

Leana married Julian Alton and had (?) children.

Robert E. married Alice Peck and had (?) children.

Irving B. married Alice Tiffany and had (?) children.

Elsa married Maxwell C. Peck and had (5) children.

(This space reserved for Elsa & Maxwell C. Peck's headstone)


Agnes married Clarence A. Dibble and had (3) children.

(This space reserved for Agnes & Clarence A. Dibble's headstone)