Descendants of Erik Erikslund
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Descendants of Erik Erikslund

Welcome to the Erickson Genealogy page. This is the family history of my maternal grandfather. If you have any information about this family please e-mail me at

First Generation


     Erik married (1) May Kathrine. 

 They had the following children: 
2M  i. John William ERICKSON  born 28 Oct 1865 and died 19 Jan 1934 

Second Generation

2. John William ERICKSON was born 28 Oct 1865. He died 19 Jan 1934. 

     John married (1) Edla Sophia RODAS. Edla was born 13 Jun 1864 in Tolby, Finland. 

They had the following children: 
3 M   i. William Amelias (Bill) ERICKSON  born 6 Jun 1864 in Tolby, Finland 
4 M   ii. Arvid Charles ERICKSON  born 3 Aug 1895 
5 M   iii. Everet John ERICKSON  born 3 Sep 1896. (Married Edna. Marriage ended in divorce. 
6 F   iv. Edna Irene (Adina) ERICKSON  born 3 Apr 1898 
7 F   v. Anna Amelia ERICKSON  born 12 Jul 1900 

Third Generation

4. Arvid Charles ERICKSON was born 3 Aug 1895 in Erikslund Malaks, Wasa, Finland. 

     Arvid married (1) Lavina SENECAL. The marriage ended in divorce. Lavina was born 13 Aug. 

They had the following children: 
8 M   ii. Charles Arvid (Chuck) ERICKSON 
9 M   i. Kenneth Walter ERICKSON  born 21 Jul 1917 
    Arvid also married (2) UNKNOWN. The marriage ended in divorce. 
    Arvid also married (3) Winnifred MALONEY. 

6. Edna Irene (Adina) ERICKSON was born 3 Apr 1898. 

     Edna married (1) RITCHIE. The marriage ended in divorce. 

They had the following children: 
10 M   i. Joe RITCHIE 
11 M   ii. Jack RITCHIE 

 Edna also married (2) UNKNOWN 

They had the following children: 
12 M   iii. Floyd UNKNOWN 
13 F   iv. Darlene UNKNOWN 

 7. Anna Amelia ERICKSON was born 12 Jul 1900. 

     Anna married (1) Tuffy BRYANT. The marriage ended in divorce. 

 They had the following children: 
14 M   i. BRYANT 


Fourth Generation 

8. Charles Arvid (Chuck) ERICKSON

    Charles married (1) Helen MALONEY, daughter of MALONEY and Winnifred MALONEY. 

They had the following children: 
17 M   i. Jim ERICKSON 
18 M   ii. Ron ERICKSON 

     Charles also married (2) Melpa. 

9. Kenneth Walter ERICKSON was born 21 Jul 1917 in Bonners Ferry, ID. 

    Kenneth married (1) Phoebe June CARLSON, daughter of Clyde Carl CARLSON and Lottie CUFFLING on 29 Dec 1941 in Tacoma, WA. Phoebe was born 26 Jul 1920 in Marshfield, OR. 

They had the following children: 
15 M   i. Kenneth Walter ERICKSON Junior 
16 F   ii. Kay Elaine ERICKSON  born 23 Feb 1948 


 Fifth Generation 

16. Kay Elaine ERICKSON was born 23 Feb 1948 in Fort Benning, GA. 

    Kay married (1) Ronald Ritchey HURD, son of Jarvis Chandler HURD and Ruth RITCHEY on 21 Jul 1972 in Los Altos, CA. Ronald was born 16 Mar 1948 in Portland, OR. 

They had the following children: 
19 F   i. Allison June HURD  born 12 Feb 1977 in Aurora, CO 
20 F   ii. Alaina Erin HURD  born 13 Aug in Midland, MI