Amans Family--Background & Introduction
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Written by Darlene Senter Benson (1997-1998)
(index of Amans family names at bottom)
   When starting research on the Amans family I searched for the spelling of Emmons, for that is the way the name sounds. Nothing was located despite my diligent efforts. Then one day quite by chance, or by the quiet inspiration of the spirit, I thought to search for delayed birth records in Wisconsin. Much to my delight I came across the delayed birth records of four grandchildren of Francois' born to his son, Antoine, with the spelling of Amans. From that time things began to fall into place, and records came forth one by one--here a little and there a little--like pieces of a puzzle.

   My next piece of information came from the inspiration that I should see if there were any Amans still living in the Rice Lake, Wisconsin area. The telephone operator gave me the name and phone number of several Amans. Taking all the courage I had, I hesitatingly and shakily dialed the number for Myron Amans. After answering his phone and listening to my inquiries, Myron informed me that some of the names I mentioned did indeed sound familiar and that he had some sheets he would copy and send me, which he did.

   Oh joyful day when those sheets arrived!! For upon those sheets were the names, Francois Xavier Amans and Angele Morin, and 4 sons: Charles, Andrew, Henry and Antoine, plus a daughter Isabelle, of whom I had never heard. Now at last, I could really start looking for records of this family.

   And start I did! First with marriage records for the Province of Quebec where I not only found a marriage record for Charles, at St. Eusebe Parish, Princeville, Arthabaska, Quebec, Canada, but also a christening record for Antoine and for another daughter Mary and for George Amans of whom I also had not heard. The marriage records for Isabelle and another previously unknown daughter, Marie Delima, were at St. Patrice Parish, Tingwick, Arthabaska, Quebec, Canada. Upon checking records in that parish and town I found death records for Francois Xavier Amans and Angele Morin. I also found a death record for a Henrietta Amans and a granddaughter, Celina Martin. But who was Henrietta Amans?

   Many of the records I searched had a Henrietta Amans listed as the godmother or a witness to family events. I thought she might be the mother of Francois Xavier Amans, but I could not find records confirming this. However, I finally found a death record and discovered that Henrietta was a daughter of Francois Xavier Amans and Angele Morin. I had found another child in this family.

   So far, I had established a family which included Francois and Angele as parents; Charles, Marie Delima, Isabelle, Andrew, Henrietta, George, Henry, Antoine and Mary as their children and Celina Martin as a grandchild. But where were my great grandmother Ida and her sister Emma who belong to this family too? Every time I searched records I looked hopefully for information on them. And every time I ended up finding information on a child about whom I did not know. I finally came to the conclusion that until I found all the members of this family I would not find Ida. For, if I had found Ida first I would have stopped looking and would have never found the other sons and daughters.

   In the process of searching the Amans family line, I have found the following spellings: Amans, Emmons, Amond, Amont, Amone, Aminous, and Hamann. I also found two important name variations: L Allemand or L Allemans and Daigle.

   I have been doing research on the Amans family for a number of years and have come to feel a kinship for these hardy, French Canadian, frontier settlers of Quebec, Canada. Their language, written and spoken, was French; their family faith Roman Catholic. From my research they appear to be God fearing, hard working, family oriented folks. As I searched newspapers from Wisconsin I often came across short news items that mentioned them visiting family and friends on Sundays and holidays.

   It appears that they all eventually emigrated to the United States and settled in Wisconsin except for one sister, Isabelle, who appears to have stayed in Canada. I also do not know what happened to George. The family settled in country that was much like Canada, where the winters were cold and harsh and the summers hot. They must have worked hard to clear land and make homes in the wilderness of Wisconsin.

   I have much admiration for these French speaking folks, who left their homes and, with much courage and fortitude, came to an English speaking country hoping to make their lives better. I'm proud to have them as my ancestors and am thankful to be able to research their lives and learn to love them.

   When I started to research the Amans line it was my intent to find the parents, brothers and sisters of my great- grandmother, Ida Amans Rousseau Green. In the process I have also collected information on some of the children of her brothers and sisters. Some of this research is not complete, but it was not my original intent to search those lines. Thus I have not made an effort to continue searching these families. However, I do have considerable information in my files on some of these families.

   I finally did find Great-grandmother Ida! Her christening record is also in the St. Patrice parish with the name Marie Adelaide Almanne. She was born 11 March 1857, to Francois Xavier Amans and Angele Morin.

   I will attempt to write a short story on each member of the Francois Xavier Amans family based on the facts and records I have found while researching. There are still questions left unanswered and important information lacking. I hope at some point during my lifetime I can find the further information needed to complete their histories. I'm still searching for a marriage record for Francois Amans and Angele Morin, and a christening record for Charles, Marie Delima, Isabelle, Henry and Andrew. And most of all I need to find Aunt Emma! Where could she be?

Parents: Francois Xavier Amans and Angele Morin

Children: Charles - Marie Delima - Isabelle - Andrew - Henrietta - Emma - George - Henry - Antoine - Mary - Marie Adelaide (Ida)