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Clachan Duich

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Kilduich or Clachan Duich Ancient Church and burial Ground of Kintail Dedicated to St. Dubhthach c. 1050, Though probably in use three centuaries earlier. The present church built in 1856 to replace this ruin is situated one mile W. on Loch Duich shore.

Whilst made with great care, please bear in mind that, as with any transcription, errors may be present.

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2. 225668 Private K. MacMillan Cameron Highlanders and Lovat Scouts 14th April 1920 Aged 27 years (at base) Son of Duncan MacMillan, Dornie, Kintail

3. In loving memory of our dear father Alexander Mackenzie, Butcher, Old King's Inn, Fort Augustus Died 1st May 1953 and our dear mother Catherine Gillies Died 29th February 1944

4. Erected by Ann MacQueen in memory of her husband John MacQueen who died 2nd October 1912 and of the above Ann MacQueen died 31st January 1931

5. Alex Maclennan died at Inverinate 22nd November 1903 aged 84 years

6.In memory of Catherine Macrae died Dornie 7th July 1943 aged 91 years R.I.P.

7.In memory of Mary Macrae wife of Duncan Macrae, Road Contractor of Ardelve died 22nd March 1897 aged 82 years also the above Duncan Macrae died 29th March 1903 aged 86 years their daughter Ann died 10th December 1918 aged 70.

8.Christina Macrae daughter of Farquhar Macrae who died at Camuslongart 17th May 1908 aged 55 years (on base), erected by her brothers and sisters.

9. Erected by Farquhar and Alexander Matheson in memory of their beloved brothers Duncan died at Plockton 30th November 1902, 26 years, Daniel Duff died at Plockton August 1896 age 13 years, Beloved sons of Kenneth and Ann Matheson Bank Street, Plockton, Ross-shire

10.Flora Macrae died Aultachruine 12th January 1898 aged 5

11. Donald Macrae died Aultachrine November 1926 aged 81 his wife Mary Ann Macrae died June 1925 aged 68 Their daughter Flora died January 1898 age 5 years Their sons Duncan died August 1906 aged 23 Donald died September 1957 aged 66 John died June 1986 aged 85

12. Duncan Macrae 15th August 1906 from his beloved workmen Mulngavie

13. In memory of Alex Macrae LetterFearn died October 1899

14. Andrew Cattanach Gamekeeper Cluanie died at Glenlichd 18th June 1900

15. Alexander Colin Mackenzie for 37 years Head Master of the Public School Maryburgh Ross-shire President Elect of the Educational Institute of Scotland for 1900. Major 1st VB Seaforth Highlanders, born at Dornie, Kintail 12th March 1842 died there 11th September 1900 a zealous and successful teacher a true friend, and patriotic highlander, devoted to the welfare of his fellow countrymen, and a staunch upholder of the language, literature and traditions of the Gael.

16. John McRae died August 12th 1920 aged 9 years

17. (lying fallen) Donald MacIntyre Morness Rogart died at Glenelg 28th November 1903 aged 43 years

18.Rev John Macrae Free Church Minister of Duirinish Isle of Skye died Letterfearn his native place 9th January 1900 in the 31st year of his ministry. A Godly man an able preacher a diligent pastor a consistant Free Churchman. The memory of the just is blessed.

19.In loving memory of my parents Duncan Macrae Invershiel died 1st December 1936 Peggy Maclennan died 11th March 1927 Their son John Macrae died 4th June 1971

20 In loving memory of Farquhar Mclennan Farmer Saraig who died on the 17 Dec 1905 Much esteemed and deeply mourned by all. And also of Ann Mackenzie his widow who died at Lochcarron 5th March 1913.

21 In memory of William Urqhuart Invergarry who died October 1st 1909 and sisters Rebecca Urquhart died there on the 19 April 1918, Christina Embling also died there 30th June 1925

22 In loving memory of our parents Margaret Aitcheson beloved wife of Duncan Macrae died at Ardochy Invergarry on 31st July 1935 and Duncan Macrae at Iron Lodge Killilan on 9th April 1956.

23 In loving memory of Alexander Macrae who died at Corran Arnisdale 14th September 1901 aged 74 years also his wife Christina Macrae died at Ardochy Glengarry 5th July 1925 aged 94 years.

24 In loving memory of our dear parents John Macrae who died at Bundaloch 20th December 1918 aged 81years, Mary Maclean who also died there 12th Dec 1920 aged 72 years. Their son Alexander Donald who also died at Bundaloch 24th October 1901 aged 22 Erected by the family

25 In memory of our dear son Norman Macaskill who died 27th June 1926 aged 4 years.

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26 Erected by Christina Mclennan in loving memory of her brother Donald Mclennan of Napier New Zealand who died at Lochlong Head 13th June 1914 aged 72 years

27 Fond memory of Annie Macrae dear sister and Auntie died 15th July 1991

28 In memory of Donald Macrae who died at Letterfearn 21 November 1906 and his widow Christina Macrae who also died there 11 July 1950 aged 89, erected by his widow and family

29 Erected in memory of Colin Macrae died at Glen Kilgie, Lochaber 15th June 1904 aged 73 years also his wife Sophia Campbell died at Glenloy Lochaber 6th March 1926 aged 83 years

30 In loving memory of Margaret Finlayson wife of Colin Macrae died at Balgy Bendamph 24th November 1917 aged 35 and the above Colin Macrae died 4th November 1964 and their daughter Jessie Mary died in Italy 15th March 1944 Aged 30 years entered Naples War Cemetery. Their daughter Catherine died 8th January 1982

31 In loving memory of Alexander Campbell who died at Kyleakin Skye 22nd August 1890 his wife Margaret McDougall who died 6th December 1906 and their sons Edward Ellice Campbell MBCM who died at Knock Skye 26th December 1876 Major Alex George Campbell MBCM who died in London 7th May 1924

32 Erected in remembrance of the Reverend Duncan Macrae formerly minister of Skipness, for 26 years minister of the parish of Glenshiel, who died at the manse Glenshiel on 15th August 1926 in his 79th year

33 In loving memory of William Halliday died 4th October 1918 also his wife Jessie A Macrae died 22nd January 1948 and their sons Angus George 1st July 1939 William died 14th November 1958 Entered in the new cemetery

34 In loving memory of our dear mother Helen Macrae who died on 3rd January 1930 also our dear father George John Stoddart who died 12th May 1945

35 In loving memory of John Alexander Fraser who died at Aultachruine Glenshiel 22nd August 1948 aged 70 years also his beloved wife Mary Mackay who died 4th June 1956 aged 68 years Erected by his wife and daughter. Gus bris an la

36 In loving memory of our dear mother Flora Alice Fraser widow of the late John Macintosh who died at Aultnacoire Errogie on 12th August 1946 aged 70 years erected by their sorrowing sons.

37 In memory of Mary Fraser died 17th November 1919 aged 84 years. Christina Macrae died 2nd June aged 1942 aged 87 years

38 In memory of Alex Macaulay died at Letterfearn 4th April 1917 and his wife Ann Macrae died at Saraig 10th July 1938 (white plaque)

39 2969 Private Donald Macrae Seaforth Highlanders 16th December 1915 aged 19 years

40 Erected by widow Donald Macrae Park Bundaloch in memory of her husband Donald Macrae died 22nd April 1911 also her son John Macrae died 15th December 1916

41 (steel) In memory of Donald Macaulay aged 69 years

42 In loving memory of Alexander Macrae Ardelve died 1934 aged 78 years and his wife Zeller Katherine died 1924 aged 63 their family Farquhar who died 1907, Frederick died 1911 Margaret died 1913, Duncan Dip Agric. died 1932, Murdo NZEF died 1935 Donald died 1966

43 In loving memory of son in law Donald MacDougall Ryslip Middlesex died 19th December 1960 aged 67 his beloved wife Christine Macrae MB CHB died 26th December 1986 aged 86.

44 Erected in loving memory of Robert Campbell who died at Falcon Cliff Dornie on 6th November 1922 aged 75 years and of his wife Jessie Macrae who died on 4th April 1941 aged 77 years also their daughter Mary Macrae Hamilton died 11th August 1953 aged 64 years

45 In loving memory of Donald Macdonald who died at Malagan Glenshiel 26th July 1918 aged 79 years also his wife Catherine Macrae who died also there 25th May 1917 and their daughter Mary Ann Macdonald died 24th Nov 1951 aged 78 years also their son Duncan Macdonald died 22ndMay 1956 aged 85 years

46 In memory of Donald Macrae who passed to rest 21st November 1921 at Aultachrine, And his wife Christina Macrae 23rd September 1937, Their son Alex died at Inverness 13th Febrary 1966, Also their daughter Bella 11th April 1977 aged 88 years

47 In memory of Farquhar Macrae who died at Achmore Lochalsh 9th October 1909 age 80 years erected by his nephews Donald and John Macrae

48 Large rock RMR

49 In loving memory of Ewen McRae died at Kinlochorn Jan 1918 Janet McRae his wife died May 1920 Peter their son died June 1910 Ellen their daughter died at Arisaig August 1892

50 Mar Bhuan Chuimhreachan air Iain Paterson a chaochail 29 la de'n Lunasdal 1914, 77 blaidhna dh'aois agus air a mhnaoi Mairi Shiosal a chaochail 25 la de'n fhaoilleach 1901, 52 bliadhna a dh'aois Agus air an nighinn Fionnaghal Paterson a chaochail 1 la de'n Ghiblean 1902, 22 bliadhna a dh'aois

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51 In loving memory of Hugh Macrae died at Morvich on 26th July 1898 aged 30 years. Also his wife Ann Mackenzie died at Altachroin on 29th March 1950 aged 86 years

52 In memory of Alex Macleod accidentally drowned Portree Bay 14th November 1939 aged 41 years for twenty years assistant stalker on Kintail Forest Served with the 51st Division during the Great War erected by Glenshiel Shinty Club and friends

53 Treasured memories of Mary Ann Macleod Shiel Bridge a dear sister and aunt

54 In loving memory of our parents Duncan Macleod died at Dorrusduan 16th March 1942 age 86 years and Janet Cameron died 11 January 1911 aged 36 years also their family Mary died 3 November 1897 aged 8 months and Alick died 14 November 1939 aged 41 years and Mary Ann died 4 February 1984

55 In loving memory of Roderick Diarmid Maclennan, MA, DD, died 18th February 1977 aged 78 years, Professor of Philosophy McGill University, for eight years Minister of Kintail. And his wife Mary Pierce Colby died 18th November 1951 aged 42 years. Ashes buried

56 In grateful and loving memory of Isabella Margaret Maclennan of Kintail Manse who entered into rest 18th March 1927 aged 63 years. Duncan Macrae Maclennan, MA, died 1st October 1941 aged 83 years, for 17 years Minister of Kintail.

57 Sgurr Uran In loving memory of Dr Christopher Macrae CBE. Beloved husband of Mary, thinker and piper who loved his family and this land and devoted his life to them. Born January 6th 1910, died March 28th 1990. He rests beneath his beloved hills. Toc arm mo phiob s'theid mi dhathaidh. 57a In loving memory of Mary Macrae devoted wife of Christopher beloved mother of Fiona, Anna, John and Christopher, born Arbroath August 20, 1912 died at Edinburgh July 20, 2006. An inspiration to us all.

58 MACRAE In grateful memory of Mary A Mackenzie beloved wife of John Tait Macrae Tigh-an-Achaid died 26th Dec 1937 aged 60 years and of George Hood their son died 16th May 1921 age 15 years. The above John Tait Macrae died 16th Jan 1945 age 78 years also their eldest son Rev. Murdo M Macrae BD Minister of Bellie Parish Church, Fochabers, died 4 April 1954 age 50 years, entered Bellie Church, Fochabers. Murdo Macrae, Torchuilin, died 17th Sep 1912 and his wife Catherine Macrae died 20 Oct 1904 age 76 years also Christina their daughter died 10th Jan 1876 age 11 years and their daughter Annabella widow of George Hood died 14 July 1952 age 90 years. Also Katie Tait Macrae of Tigh-an-Achaid, Headmistress of Dornie School, 7-3-1902, 10-7-1988 Laidir mar am bas a ta'n gradh

59 In loving memory of Maggie Macrae beloved wife of Duncan Maclennan, Plockton, who died 12th Oct 1920

60 In loving memory of Jemima McLennan beloved wife of James S Young, died 18th July 1961 Gone but not forgott

61 In loving memory of Murdoch Macrae Letterfearn, died 27th September 1924 and his daughter Mary, school mistress Attadale for 12 years, died 10th December 1942, and his widow Annie Macrae, Postmistress Letterfearn died 19th Nov 1968 in her 89th year

62 Erected in affectionate memory of Christopher Macrae Shiel House, Glen Shiel 21 Oct 1922 age 73 and his wife Mary Mackenzie died at Sallachy Lochalsh 20th March 1934 age 82 and their eldest son Se.t Donald Macrae DCM 1st Seaforth Highlanders, killed in action at Richbourcle Abonn France on 9th May 1915 aged 28 years

63 Two small stones side by side, both, J McMillan

64 Here lies my Shepherd MACRAE Donald Macrae late farmer Erracht, who died at Kenmore Villa Oban on 20th April 1923

65 In loving memory of John Corbett who died at Ault Sasaig Glenelg 28th March 1921, 52 years Erected by the family in affectionate remembrance.

66 In loving memory of Farquhar Macrae who died at Sallachy, Lochalsh, on 9th May 1915 and his wife Jessie Mackay who also died there 22nd Dec 1926 also their daughters Catherine Macrae who died at Sallachy 18th Jan 1966 Annie Macrae died at Sallachy 18th June 1972 Donald Macrae who died 11th June 1986 aged 96

67 Alexander Matheson Glebe of Kintail in memory of his son Alexander who died 26th December 1875 aged 27 years

68 Erected by Colin Macrae Glenkingie in loving remembrance of his eldest daughter Catherine Macrae who died at Glenkingie 31st May 1888 aged 22 years

69 In memory of Catherine Mackay Sallachy born 1834 died 1919 ( at base) Years may pass dear mother but your memory will ever fade for we love you still as dearly though your silent in the grave.

70 Pray for the souls of Alexander Chisholm died at Glenelg 29 Aug 1883 his beloved wife Margaret Macrae who died at Fort Augustus 25th Dec 1912. Their sons died at Glenelg, Alexander 1870, Donald 1880, Donald 1881, their daughters Bella died at Ayr 16 Feb 1892, Barbara died at Langside 10 Sep 1923. Erected by their son Archibald.

71 RIP In memory of Duncan Macrae who died at Ratagan 16 Dec 1904 aged 87 years also his wife Ellen Macrae who died 6th March 1870 aged 35 years and of their son Christopher, died 12 Nov 1900 aged 43 years

72 (North face) In loving memory of John Farquhar Macrae who died at Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America 11th July 1926 aged 64 years, Greatly Beloved, Daniel X - 19, Also of his dear wife Helen Macrae died 4th March 1957 age 83 years Gus am bris an la

73 (west face) In loving memory of Donald Macrae who died 18th August 1885 aged 59 years also of his wife Margaret Macrae who died 27th April 1911 aged 80 years, erected by their son John Farquhar Macrae

74 Pray god have mercy on the souls of Alexander Macrae, Patt, Monar who died 27th March 1887 aged 92 years and of his beloved spouse Ellen Fraser who died 16th June 1887 aged 86 years and their son James Macrae born at Patt, Monar on the 18th day of October died at Agas 12th day of February 1915 and their daughter Mary Macrae who died 6th March 1929 aged 74

75 John Macdonald who died at Inverinate 11th March 1881 aged 68 years, his wife Janet Macrae died 30th May 1903 aged 70 years their sons Colin died 18th March 1895 aged 22 years Christopher died 20th Feb 1939 aged 75 years Donald died 16th January 1956 aged 83 years

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76 In memory of Farquhar Macdonald, Farmer, Camusluinie who died 9th March 1880 aged 86 years and of his two sons Alexander and Alexander the former died 26th July 1873 aged 30 years and the latter 29th December 1873 aged 40 years also of his brother Finlay died at the same place 26th July 1876 aged 76 years. The memory of the just is blest. Erected by his sons

77 In memory of Duncan Macdonald, Ardelve who died 4th March 1902 and his wife Catherine Macrae died 22nd July 1884 and their children Annabella died 26th May 1874, Lilly died 10 September 1874, Christina died 17 October 1882, Finlay died 15 Feb 1921, Lilly 29 Jan 1928, Donald 29 November 1935.

78 In loving memory of Donald Macrae died 27th Aug 1922 aged 56 years and of his wife Catherine Macrae who died 11th Feb 1953 aged 83 years (and in front of above) In memory of Finlay John Macrae son of Donald and Catherine. Husband, Father and grandfather

79 Erected by Donald Macrae, Shepherd, Fadoch in loving memory of his wife Catherine Macrae who died 22nd December 1884 aged 38 years

80 In loving memory of Christopher McRae who died at Bundaloch in May 1872 aged 91, also his wife Mary Finlayson who died in August 1892 aged 92 years their son Duncan, beloved husband of Catherine Finlayson who died at Largs 13th April 1932 aged 80 years

81 In memory of Farquhar Macrae died August 1903 aged 86 years his wife Ann Macgregor died August 1865 aged 36 years his father Donald Macrae died at Inverinate aged 99 years

82 Sacred to the memory of Farquhar McRae who died at Ashbeg, Isle of Skye on the 12th December 1840 aged 78 years also his beloved spouse Christina McRae who died on the 13th June 1876 aged 77 years

83 (Prostrate) D Matheson in memory of his uncle Captain Alexander McRae late pensioner of the Greenwich Sixpenny Fund who died at Dornie 1st March 1871 aged 74 years

84 Erected to the memory of Donald Macrae, Attadale, Lochcarron, died 4th April 1884. His wife Hannah Macrae died 27th January 1934 their daughter Proby Mary died 25th July 1895 also their dearly loved son and brother John Alexander who died at Johannesburg 17th Sept 1940 and their beloved daughter and sister Lillie, who died in Glasgow, 9th April 1961.

85 Erected to the memory of Alexr Mcrae who died at Ruarach, Kintail 11th Jany 1859 aged 17 years

86 In loving memory of our dear parents John Munro died 23rd June 1911 and Mary Macleod died 16th April 1973.

87 In loving memory of Charles Mackenzie, Lone Dornie, died 19th August 1868 aged 63 years and his wife Christina Macdonald died 7th January 1888 aged 72 years their daughter Mary died 10th May 1894 aged 45 years

88 Erected to the memory of John Macrae who died at Capoch Kintail 11.1.1819 aged 20 years

89 Erected by Alex McRae, Merch, Dornie to perpetuate the memory & affection of his amiable & beloved spouse Katharine Chisholm who departed this life 4th Oct 1824 aged 27 years

90 To the memory of Christr McDonald, Lone who died 23rd Oct 1831 aged 70 years. Also in memory of his son Duncan McDonald died 2nd January 1831 aged 20 years

91 In memory of William Munro for 26 years teacher at Inverinate in this parish who died 16th July 1885 aged 57 years. Erected by the inhabitants of the district by all of whom he was warmly esteemed and is deeply lamented for his useful and exemplary life, his wise councel and his amiable and obliging disposition. And Helen Fraser his wife died 29th Sept 1910 Bithidh cuirmhne an fhirein beannaichte.

92 big plaque inside church, Ian MacRath Conchra In Memory of John McRa of Conchra One of the four Johns of Scotland, and one of the principal Officers of William 5th Earl of Seaforth who, with most of his Clan, fell at the Battle of Sheriffmuir 13.11.1715 Defending the cause of the Royal House of Stuart Chiefship In 1907 Sir Colin MacRae Edinburgh, petitioned The Lord Lyon King of Arms for official recognition as Chief of the Clan MacRae, and as much for a Matriculation of arms. After an exhaustive trial his Lordship on 22.4.1909 refused the petition. The lineal Representative of and 21st in succession from, Finlay Dubb MacGillerchriosd is Stuart MacRae of Conchra MacRae of Conchra To the memory of the MacRaes of Conchra who lie buried in this, the old church of Kintail, and in the surrounding Churchyard of Clachan Duich. Also of those who have been laid to rest in other lands, and those who on land and sea have died for their sovereign and country. This tablet erected by Stuart MacRae of Conchra

93 In loving memory of Mary Ann Macrae who died at Dornie 18th Jan 1922 aged 65 years

94 In memory of Donald Macrae who died at Carnoch on the 21st March 1891 aged 23 years, John Macrae died 21st May 1919 and his wife Anne died 25th Mar 1948

95 Erected by his widow and children in memory of Duncan Macrae who died at Glenose House Isle of Skye on the 19th August 1877 aged 72 years

96 In loving memory of Kenneth Macrae died at Carndue, Kintail August 15, 1873 and his loving wife Isabella Macrae died 1905. Their sons Alick and Duncan died 1865 and 1896, their daughters Annie died June 24, 1910 and Kate Macrae died at Melbourne, Australia.

97 (front of stone) Donald Macrae who died at Killilan 23rd Oct 1876, 76 years Also his daughter Christina Macrae died Inverinate 17th Jun 1885 aged 26 years Bella Macrae also died there 19th May 1901 aged 40 years. And his wife Catherine Macrae died Inverinate 12th Jun 1908 aged 86 years. John 4.11.1913 60 years. Mary Ann 1918 63 years. Flora 25.8.1920 56 years. Donald 31.1.1928 60 years John Fraser 26.9.1915. Catherine 25.8.1938

98 (rear of 97, same stone) Alice died 4th Jan 1950 aged 89 yrs also Yuan grandson of John Macrae died Oct 1953. Christina Cameron 4.4.1968 wife of Donald Danie Macrae and their children Alastair - Islay 27.11.1981. Catherine I 24.11.1982. Donald I - Strone 13.9.1990. Mary Corbett - Herts 18.8.1990. Joan C Thomson 3.4.1990. John S Macrae 24.10.2001.

99 Our Paretnt Donald Macrae 31.1.1928 aged 59 yrs, Christina Cameron 4.4. 1968 aged 91 yrs.

100 Erected to the memory of the following chiefs of the Clan MacRae who with Their wifes are interred in this burying ground. Christopher MacRae and his wife Isabella Murchison daughter of John Murchison, Episcopal priest of Kintail and Constable of Islandonan lived between 1550 & 1600. Mr Farquhar MacRae second son of Christopher MacRae married Christina MacCulloch daughter of Mr MacCulloch of Park 1.12.1611, succeeded his uncle the Rev Murdoch Murchison as minister of Kintail and Constable of Islandonan, 1618, died 1662 in his 82nd year of age and 54th year of ministry, having been 10 years minister of Gairloch and 44 years minister of Kintail. Alexander MacRae of Inverinate eldest son of Farquhar married 1st Margaret MacKenzie daughter of Murdoch MacKenzie of Redcastle and grand daughter Of Colin, Lord Kintail and 2nd Mary daughter of Alexander MacKenzie Dachmaluaig b----d 1711. Duncan MacRae of Inverinate eldest son of the preceding married Janet MacLeod heiress of Raasay drowned in fording the river near his own house on the way home from the low country. Farquhar MacRae of Inverinate eldest son of preceding married Ann daughter of Simon MacKenzie of Torridon. Duncan MacRae of Inverinate married Florence daughter of Charles MacKenzie of Cullen of the family of Kilroy died 1726. Farquhar MacRae married Mary MacKenzie daughter of Alexander MacKenzie Of Dachmaluaig died 1789. From his son Colin born 1776 died 1854 are descended John Anthony MacRae WS, LLD, born 1812 died 1866 and his son Sir Colin George MacRae, Edinburgh born 1844 the present acknowledged Chief of the Clan MacRae by whom this memorial has been erected.
Farquhar MacRae married Mary MacKenzie daughter of Alexander MacKenzie of Dachmaluaig died 1789. From his son Colin born 1776 died 1854 are descended John Anthony MacRae WS, LLD, born 1812 died 1866 and his son Sir Colin George MacRae, Edinburgh born 1844 the present acknowledged Chief of the Clan MacRae by whom this memorial has been erected.
In proud and loving remembrance of Alexander William Urquhart Macrae M.A. (Oxon) L.D.B. (Edin) Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh. Only son of Horatio Ross Macrae, of Clunes, Captain 51st Royal Scots Queens Edinburgh Rifles. He landed and served with the 28th Division at Cape Helles Gallipoli Peninsula being twice wounded. Thereafter he served in France where he was again twice wounded. He fell in action at Parvillers, France on 11th August 1918. A good soldier of Jesus Christ. Bi-sa Firinneach gu bas, agus bheir mise ghuit grun-na-beatha.

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101 This memorial is placed here by Clansmen & Clanswomen from home & overseas in loving memory of their chief Sir Colin George Macrae 1868 - 1925, Writer to the Signet who was born 30th November 1844 and died at Colinton 9th December 1925 laid to rest in the Dean Cemetery Edinburgh. Rev. John Anthony Macrae M.A. (Oxon) died 24th May 1967 his only son laid to rest Kilspindle Churchyard Rait. His grandsons Colin George Macrae 1917 - 1970 laid to rest Dean Cemetery Edinburgh. Kenneth Alastair Macrae of Inverinate 1920 - 1972 laid to rest Petty West by Inverness and his only son Ewen Anthony Macrae 1949 - 1982 ashes laid to rest in Longforgan Churchyard Tayside. Unveiled by Colonel Horatio R Macrae of Clunes 30th July 1927.

102 MAR Bhuan chuimhne air Iain Siosal a chaochail air an dara la deug do dhara mios a gheamhraidh 1874 ann an Gleannlic aig aois naoi bliadhnadeug

103 In loving memory Donald Cunningham who died at Bundaloch 15 November 1905 aged 21 years

104 (Photo taken inside the ruined church)

105 Erected by Revd Angus Macrae Free Church Minister of Glen Urquhart as a token of affection to the memory of his father John Macrae who died at Park , Bundaloch, and his two brothers Donald and Finlay who died young also of his mother Christina Mackay who died at Oisaig of Gairloch on the 7th day of October 1882 aged 83 years

106 To the memory of Mary McLeod, daughter to Rodk McLeod Kilichind who departed life on Monday 28 Feb 1813 aged 16 years erected by her father

107 Erected by Christina Scott in memory of her father Donald Macleod, died May -(broken stone).

108 Sacred to the memory of Murdoch Maclennan, Corydhoin who died at Killilan, Kintail, on the 20th January 1875 aged 21 years, much regretted,. Erected by his father Rodk McLennan Corydhoin

109 In memory of Alexander Maclennan, Shepherd, died at Kirkton January 1931 and his wife Margaret Maclennan died at Balmacara Square March 1919

110 To the memory of Donald McAulay who died at Invershiel May 1841 aged 35 years and his spouse Margt McRae who died at Invershiel 5th Oct 1875 aged 73 years

111 Died on 22nd January 1810 justly truly regretted Christopher Macrae who died at Inverinate aged 28

112 Sacred to the memory of Alexander Macrae tacksman of Morvich he departed this life on 27th of January 1852 aged 92 years and of Jessie Cameron who departed this life on 12th of March 1858 aged 82 years

113 In memory of John McLennan late tacksman of Rurach who died 2nd August 1871 aged 69 years and of his beloved wife Catherine McRae who died in February 1842. Ewen Maclennan, Planter Jamaica, born at Killilan 1802, died at Sliggichan, Skye 1850 also his wife Helen Macrae born at Morvich 1818 and died there 1880.

114 (small and very worn) In memory of Roderick Mclennan for 62 years........hool.M............Kintail (I can make out no more)

115 In loving memory of Duncan Maclennan who died 10th Dec. 1900, aged 72 years, at Sallachy. His wife J. Finlayson, died 8th Jan. 1932, aged 91. Son Allan Maclennan died at Plockton 26th January 1949 his wife Catherine M. Campbell died 6th April 1984

116 In Loving memory of our mother Jane McLennan who died 24th Jan 1905 aged 40yrs, and of our father Alexander McLennan, drowned at sea July 1899 aged 43yrs. Mo chuibhrionn is mo chrannachur thu o thicheairna is a ohe. (almost no profile so no shadow to photograph)

117 In memory of Farquhar Maclennan who died at Camusluinie 19th April 1886 aged 85 years His wife Isabella Macrae died 25th June 1886 aged 60 years Their son Murdoch died 9th Febry 1889 aged 28 years

118 In loving memory of Alexander Mclennan who died at Camusluinie 25th January 1929 also his wife Ann Mclennan who died at Kepoch, Kintail, 26th September 1937 erected by their family.

119 Sacred to the memory of Roderick Mclennan, who was ordained Minister of Kintail 1st September 1771 who died on the 12th day of July 1780

120 Erected by Catherine Maclaren, Tomdown, in memory of her father Donald Macrae, Bundaloch, who died 2nd May 1891 aged 85 and her mother Ellen Macrae who died 24th September 1893 aged 77 and her nephew Alexander Macrae who died 24th December 1893 age 24. (at base) Gus am bris an la.

121 Christopher Macrae (ic Ruairidh 'ic Alasdair chalum) died at Park 29th August 1898 aged 81 his wife Isabella Macrae (nic Ian Saor) also died here 7th February 1902 aged 80 and Marion their daughter died at Inverness 24th March 1940 aged 77. (at base) MACRAE

122 Erected by Kenneth and Finlay in memory of their father Duncan Fraser who died at Inverinate 15th March 1891 aged 75 years their mother Jessie Melville died 11th December 1901 aged 70 also their son Finlay died 16th Feb 1946 and his beloved wife Rachel Renwick who died 26th May 1922

123 In memory of Murdo Macrae died at Achnagart 17th December 1846 aged 86 his wife Annabella Mackintosh died 15th April 1861 aged 78 their son Christopher died 15th Jany 1856 aged 35 Lexy died 31st Jany 1860 aged 42 erected by their son Donald Macrae of Kirksheaf

124 reverse of stones outside church, inscriptions in rosebush, to close for photo. 1st closest to church In memory of Maggie Finlayson who died at Inverinate 16th January 1886 aged 20 years
2nd to left Erected to the memory of Donald Macdonald who died 10th July 1847 aged 76 years also of his beloved wife Ann Macdonald who died 10th Octr. 1865 aged 92 years both in Inverinate, and their daughter Isabell who died at Drynoch, Isle of Skye on the 8th August 1874 aged 54 years

125 In loving memory of our dear parents Murdo Macrae who died at Cairngorm 5th November 1903 aged 78 years. Margaret Finlayson who died 11th November 1921 aged 78 years.

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126 (south side) In memory of Farquhar Macrae, Tacksman, Camusunary Isle of Skye who died there 30th Sept 1862 aged 77 years, and of his wife Catherine Macrae who also died there 30th July 1864 age 71 years both native of Kintail and entered here with their forefathers. (east side) Erected by their sons Ewen and John F. Macrae, Fernaig, Lochalsh.

127 In loving memory of John Macrae Tacksman of Braintra, Lochalsh who died there 1st May 1874 aged 73 years and of his wife Flora Finlayson who died there 6th May 1867 aged 45 years. Their sons Ewen, of Letterfearn died in Inverness 28th Jan 1912 aged 59 years, Donald-John died in Assam 25th Oct 1911 aged 57 years, John Farquhar MBCM died in London April 1899 aged 43 years. Erected by their family.

128 (Prostrate, left stone & middle) Farquhar Macrae Esq Tacksman Camusunary died in his 77th year (right stone) Donald Macrae Tacksman Fernaig Lochalsh who departed this life on 17th December 1858 aged 79 years

129 Strathglass stone, no inscription but believed to be the stone carried back from Strathglass for Maurice, Muirach Fail Macrae born 1586.

130 In loving memory of Malcolm Macrae, Letterfearn died 22nd July 1838 aged 87 years Also his wife Christina Fraser died 16th October 1817 aged 52 Too dearly loved to be forgotten

131 Erected by Duncan Mcrae, shoemaker Dornie in memory of his children, Mary Ann died 19th March 1870 aged 2 years, Margaret died 15th February 1879 aged 1 year, Christopher died 24th February 1887 aged 4 years, James died 4th May 1893 aged 19 years, Christina died 19th November 1893 aged 24 years. His wife Isabella Mackenzie died 26th Dec 1909 aged 71 years. The above Duncan Mcrae died 12th Nov 1919 aged 89 years.

132 To the memory of Helen M REA (?McRae) died April 18, 1817 aged 56

133 Erected by Jessie Macrae in loving memory of her father Christopher Macrae who died at Carndue 23rd Sep 1890, also her mother Ann McMillan who died 8th June 1885. John died at Staffin, Skye 23rd Dec 1891, Christina died at Carndue 30th April 1892, Mary died at Glasgow 5th May 1918 and the above Jessie Macrae who died 3rd March 1936. (at base) Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. Also a small stone at the foot with no inscription.

134 In loving memory of Kenneth MacMillan, Crofter, Carndue who died 7th May 1855 aged 80 years and Mary Macrae 1st December 1881 aged 80 years

135 In loving memory of Kate Mcrae beloved wife of Donald McIntyre who died 4th September 1896 aged 68 years and of said Donald McIntyre died 2nd June 1898 aged 70 years. (at base) Thy will be done.

136 In memory of Farquhar McRae who died at Dornie 1st Feby 1865 aged 78 years. Erected by his son Farquhar.

137 To the memory of Farquhar Macrae who died at Crochael, Strathglass 1st May 1838 aged 47 years. Also of his beloved wife Elizabeth Macrae who died 29th July 1875 aged 80 years. Also of their daughter Isabella who died at Inverness 14th June 1868 aged 47 years. Their daughter Martha died 21st Ap - 1880 aged 54 years.

138 Erected by M & D McRae, New Zealand in memory of their grandfather John McRae aged 89 years, his wife Isabella. Their father Donald died 1870 aged 40 years. Their sister Bella, their uncle Farquhar McRae. All died at Glenelg.

139 Erected by Catherine Macdonald and Flora Macrae now residing in Australia to the memory of their mother Catherine Maclennan who died in July 1814 aged 36 years and of their father Duncan Macdonald 23rd Feby 1859 aged 89 years. And of their stepmother Margaret Macrae who died on 11th July 1864 aged 80 years All died at Letterfearn.

140 In memory of Angus Macdonald died at Altnasubh Lochalsh in 1854 aged 32 years and his beloved wife Jessie Maclennan died there in 1906 aged 75 and their daughter Catherine died 26th August 1949.

141 Between the two above are these small stones, no inscriptions

142 Erected by J & D Macdonell to the memory of their father John Macdonell Late 79th Reg. who died at Dornie on the 29th June 1863 aged 81 years.

143 Erected to the memory of Andrew Tait late Tacksman of Kepoch who died 18 September (missing year) aged 73 years and his children. This stone is placed here by his son John. (Stone very badly flaked)

144 Flat in ground, no visible inscription

145 In fond memory of Dr Charles Florance Young MC died 19th November 1967 He lived his life for others.

146 John Ormiston

147 (Now barley readable) Capt John ................ the sloop Hawke.....Rosh..................

Previously recorded for a publication of pre 1855 monuments - Capt. John Stewart of the Sloop Hawke of Roch... aged 48 years who was unfortunately drowned Saturday 11 Oct 1805 by wid(ow) Christian Clark

Following three in a small low walled enclosure.
148 In loving memory of Farquhar Macrae, Invershiel, Captain 78th died 1858 and Christina Macrae his wife died 1887

149 Erected in fond remembrance of Donald John Macrae son of Captain Farquhar Macrae of Torloishoych who died at Invershiel on the 14 June 1877 aged 47 years Duine laidir, cuir te il, coir, se gud gho gu'n mheang.

150 In loving memory of William Donald John Macrae of Invershiel 1909-1976 Husband of Dorothy and father of Pauline and Christopher

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151 In memory of Catherine McDonald died at Dornie 27th Feb 1888 aged 78 years and her husband John Murdoch also died at Dornie 29th May 1899 aged 84 years Their daughter Mary Ann died there 12th Jan 1914 aged 67 years.

152 In memory of Christopher Murdoch [Son] died at Dornie 18th August 1918 aged 88 years.

153 In memory of Alexander Morrison beloved husband of Mary Anne Boa died at Clunie, Glenshiel 3rd April 1898 aged 43 years

154 In memory of Alexander Macrae, shepherd at Stromemore 28th Aug 1895 aged 80 years is wife Ann Macrae who died at Lentran 15th Feb 1913 aged 84 years their children Duncan who died at Lentan 17th Nov 1914 aged 60 years Catherine who died at Lentran 31st July 1929 aged 78 years Ewen who died in Erie, USA 11th May 1912 aged 40 years and their grandson David who died at Stromemore 2nd April 1894 aged 19 years. Gus am bris an la

155 Erected by Kenneth Mclennan in affectionate remembrance of his beloved wife Betsy Rutherford daughter of William Rutherford late of Ceaigbeg, Lochaber, who died at Clunie on the 19th of July 1888 aged 47 years. Blessed are they who die in the Lord.

156 Erected by Duncan Macrae in memory of his beloved wife Mary Mackenzie who died at Braeintra 29th January 1914 aged 39 years also his daughter Dolina who died 5th Jan 1915 aged 2 years and his son Christopher who died at Windsor 27th May 1920 aged 20 years and the said Duncan Macrae who died at Drudaig 25th January 1943 aged 80 years also their son John who died 8th May 1966 aged 64 years.

157 19302 Piper C. Macrae Scots Guards 27th May 1920 aged 20

158 Erected by his Nephew Kenneth Macrae in loving memory of Farquhar Macrae who died at Ardintoul 8th March 1893. R.I.P.

159 In memory of Donald Macrae late Manager of Invershiel who died at Achnagart 22nd November 1886 aged 64 years.

160 Erected by Catherine Kennedy in memory of her cousin Duncan Macrae died at Dornie 19 Aug 1898

161 Prostrate, no inscription.

162 In memory of Alexander Macrae died at Scalpa, Skye, 23rd Nov 1924 aged 95 and his wife Kate Macrae died 20th June 1922 aged 74. Also their sons Serg. J. A. Macrae A. & S. Hrs. Died 13th April 1916 aged 42 yrs. Pte. P. M. Macrae Canadians died of wounds 26th June 1917 aged 26.

163 In memory of Ann McRae died 1884 A. 64 Alx Macrae age 80 Duncan McRae aged 56 died at Altchruin 1886.

164 In memory of Donald Macrae died at Cairngorm ? 19 March 1881

165 In memory of Murdoch Campbell who died at Dornie 14th June 1866 aged 90.

166 & 167 Duncan McRae (Brother Francis) died at Ardaloe 28th Jan 1883 aged 32 years. Requiscant in peace Erected by his sister Kate.

168 In memory of Alexander Macrae died 3rd February 1887 and his wife Catherine Macrae died 6th January 1916 also of Peter their son died 26th February 1942 and their grandson John died 10th January 1916.

169 In memory of Farquhar Mcaulay devoted husband of Margaret Kellie who died 12th March 1927 aged 74 also his brother Alexander who died 11th Nov 1918 aged 52

170 In loving memory of our dear parents John Macaulay who died June 22, 1899 aged 78 years and his beloved wife Ann Macrae who died March 25, 1909 aged 80 years. Also their beloved children Alex. died March 31, 1864 aged 5 months Donald died January 13, 1869. aged 18 years Duncan died Sept 14, 1873 aged 15 years Donald died Oct 29, 1895 aged 24 years Annie died March 28, 1899 aged 43 years Isabella died Nov 28, 1904 aged 43 years Blessed are they that are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. Rev. XlX - 9 Erected by their sons Farq. and Alex. Macaulay

171 In memory of Donald Ban McRae Tacksman of Polnono(ua)n Glengarry who departed this life 1st May 1862 aged 68 years and his wife Catherine Mackenzie. Erected by their son.

172 In loving memory of Maggie Mcaulay wife of D McAllister who died 2nd February 1904 aged 30 years and of her mother Ann Macrae who died 17th April 1928 aged 80 years wife of Murdo Macaulay and her daughter Annie McAllister who died 2nd September 1953 aged 57 years (at base) Sleep on dear Maggie thy work is done thy willing hands will toil no more In earth theres strife in heaven theres rest They miss you most who loved you best

173 Erected in Memory of Donald McRae who died at Glebe, Glenelg on 22nd June 1871 aged 56 years also his wife Catherine Mclennan died 20th Dec 1880 aged 69 years

174 Janet Isabel Reyntiens (Macrae) born 19.5.1891 died 29.9.1975

175 In memory of Dorothy Genevieve Macrae born 14th Jan 1899 died 28th September 1986

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176 In loving memory of John Duncan Hervey Macrae of Conchra and Eilean Donan, born 11 January 1925 died 13th January 1988

177 In memory of John Duncan George Macrae of Conchra and Ballimore, born 21st March 1896 died 11th March 1966, Phyllis Macrae born 30th November 1899 died 24th February 1990

178 Elizabeth Barbara Catherine Macrae wife of Captain Henry Graham Lombarde Mayne K.O.S.B. born 3rd December 1893 died 21st June 1944

179 Isabella Mary Gilstrap beloved wife of Lieut. Colonel John Macrae-Gilstrap of Eilean Donan Castle and Ballimore born 13th March 1861 died 17th December 1949

180 In loving memory of John Macrae-Gilstrap of Eilean Donan beloved husband of Isabella Mary Gilstrap born Dec 1861 died 14th Jan 1937. Gods finger touched him and he slept. 'Bhuin corrag dhe' ris agus chaidil e.

181 Sacred to the memory of Duncan Macrae J.P. D.L. Inspector General of Hospitals H.E.I.C.S. who died at Kames Castle, Isle of Bute 14th Dec 1898 aged 82 Head of the Conchra family, son of Major Colin Macrae 75th Highlanders. Erected in loving memory by his widow and children. Lord in thy gracious keeping leave thee now our servant sleeping. O' thighearna dian trocair air annam R.I.P.

182 In loving memory of Grace Stewart (Garth family) Widow of Duncan Macrae J.P. D.L. Head of the Macraes of Conchra born 25th October 1829, died at Barnlongart, Otter Ferry. 30th April 1912 her children arise up and call her blessed her husband also and be praiseth here.

183 Stewart Macrae of Conchra, eldest son of Duncan MacRae and his wife Grace, born 1855 died 1927 Agus bithidh dia a'ghraidh agus na sithe maille ribh.

184 To the memory of Mary Morison beloved wife of Murdo Macrae Greive, Glebe of Kintail, died on the 19th day August 1866 respected in life and deeply lamented at death by all the acquaintances this stone is erected by her bereaved husband.

185, 186 & 187, three faces of one stone, a large pink obelisk

185 Hannah Macrae sister of Alexander Macrae, Merchant, Ardelve who died on the 26th December 1888 aged 77 also of his sister Margaret Macrae who died on 15th Feb 1895 aged 73 years

186 Erected by Alexander McRae, Merchant, Ardelve, to the memory of John McRae his Father died 14th Aug 1848 aged 70 years, Isabella McPherson his mother who died 6th March 1861 aged 74 years, Alexander his brother who died in infancy, Ann his sister died 18 July 1858 aged 41 years Kate his sister died 10th February 1883 aged 62 years Duncan his brother died 8th May 1886 aged 72 years

187 Here lie the remains Alexander McRae, Merchant Ardelve, and Strome Ferry, born on 12th November 1826 died on 25th June 1896

188 (at wall corner at rear of church) Erected in memory of Murdoch Macrae died Sept 1851 and his wife Flora McDonald Oct 1887, their son John Dec 1875, Christina Oct 1855 Ann McRae Oct 1879. Erected by Farquhar & Kate Mcdonald, Inverinate.

189 To the memory of Revd Roderick Morison born in the Manse of Kintail on 8th July 1839 ordained to Bracadale Skye Feb 1864 translated to Tarbert Loch-fyne Dec 1874 inducted Minister March 1878 died 11th June 1897
In memory of Jane Alexander wife of Revd Roderick Morison who died at Bridge of Allan 25th Dec1916 [also interred there] aged 62. at base In grateful remembrance of 20 years faithful service amongst them.

190 In memory Revd James Morison Minister of Kintail died 19th January 1882 in the 84th year of his age and 57th of his ministry in this parish. Johanna Mackinnon his wife died 23rd May 1878 aged 68 years also his brother and sisters, Roderick died who 6th May 1870, aged 66, Millicent who died 3rd March 1879 aged 87, and Grace who died 9th Jany 1887 aged 85.

191 Sacred to the memory of Revd Roderick Morison Minister of Kintail who died on 14th April 1826 in the 75th year of his age and 45th of his ministry and of his beloved spouse Jane Fraser daughter of Alexander Fraser of Culduthel who died on the 29th January 1830 in the 65th year of her age and of their children Alexander who died at Java on 20th July 1812 aged 25 years William who died at Demerara on the 15th May 1814 aged 22 years and Mary, Mrs Mackenzie of Keinesary who died on the 27th May 1847 aged 59 years

192 Erected to the memory of Ewen Mclennan late Taxman of Linassie who departed this life on the 25th day of March 1864. Much and justly regretted. Also of Annie Charlotte Maclennan beloved wife of Alexd Maclennan died at Linassie 15th Oct 1873 aged 27. The said Alexd Maclennan Tacksman of Lienassie from 1864 to 1901 Born at Lietry Strathglass 25th Decr 1846 died at Scallasaig, Glenelg 22nd March 1903.

193 &194(at base of needle) Erected in memory of Percy Cameron Mclennan born at Lienassie Kintail 16th January 1870 died at Achmore Lochalsh 7th October 1901.

195 Erected by the Revd James Morison in memory of his beloved child Alexander William who died 4th January 1851 aged six years

196 Shaped fallen stone, might have an inscription concealed

197 Erected by William Boyd, Innkeeper Cluanie. In memory of his beloved wife Margaret Morison who died 17th Nov 1907 aged 46 years. Also of her father Roderick Morison, Innkeeper Cluanie, who died 28th Oct 1905 aged 85 years and of her mother Barbra Robertson who died 10th Feb 1900 aged 78 years.

198 Kenneth MacRae late Taxman (Ardelve) Lochalsh died (Janetown, Lochcarron) 19 July 1819 aged 57 years.

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