Monumental Inscriptions of Kintail & Lochalsh, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland and Genealogy

Family name links

Family name databases held at Rootsweb

(1) hobtom1906 Names included - Hobkirk, Roxburgh, Thomson, Hogg, Ballantyne, Martin, and others.
(2) mrcamlen-1908 Names included - Cameron, Macrae, Macdonald, Mackenzie, Matheson, and others.
(3) duncsr_j Names included - Craighead, Riddell, Jones, Hart, Morris, Spearing, Longman, Harder, Newman, and others.

Other links

Highland Family History Society
Ross & Cromarty Roots - Local information and other burial grounds covered.
Clan Macrae Society Scotland
Highland Archives
Highland Archive and Isle of Skye Archive each have Facebook pages
Isle of Skye Archive on Facebook
Am Baile - Digitised archives for language, culture & history of Highlands & Islands (including newspaper indexes)
Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Scotland
National Library of Scotland, maps to brouse and zoom into
Anglo-Scottish section at Manchester & Lancashire FHS. list Scotsborn people who marry in other countries.

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