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Westovers All Over

A few years ago, I started down a forested path from whence I will never return.  Here is a compilation of that journey, and all the people I have met along the way.  Peace to them all.
~Angela Westover~

The Family Tree

(Cheryl Jones)

There's a tree that grows within my house,
a tree with many lives;
It holds within it's great branches
a tale that makes it thrive.

Among it's leaves are many faces
of those from whom I came;
It's bark is the strength of family
it's roots became my name.

This tree is very precious
it has lived untold years;
It will live on in life and memory,
and bring both joy and tears.

My family tree is a treasure
that I'll pass on to mine;
They'll nurture it and make it grow
until the end of time.

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