Family of Albert Samuel Walkup

Wendy here is a picture of all my grand children. starting with the little with the red dress on in the front row is Jaime Noël Russell her father is Allen Wayne Russell, Mark Christopher Hernando, son of Vickie Alice Russell, Dale Albert Levee son of Lorene (Rene) Alma Russell, Setting my lap is Troy Albert Russell , son of Kenneth Darrell Russell brother of Tanya Marie Russell , Millie the grand mother, Aaron Christen Deform son of Esther Machelle (Shelley) Russell, Darrell Wayne Levee A brother to Dale, and Danny Levee, Angel Christine DeFord a sister of Aaron, behind Angel is Tanya Marie Russell behind her is Stacy Lynna Abel ,daughter of Elva Julia Russell Abel, behind Stacy is Tammie Lynn Russell daughter of Gary Dale Russell , sister to Travis Lee Russell who is on the other side behind Jaime

Back row is Susan Rae Abel ,daughter of Elva a sister to Stacy and Gary Paul Abel , Danny Charles Levee brother of Dale Darrell Levee. I hope this makes cents to you. Angel Got married to day. July 4 2001.

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