Civil War Letters

Submitted by Bill Walkup, email WWalkup376

Office of the Provost Marshall General,

Department of Missouri

St. Louis, Mo. Jan 15 1863

Wm Walkup 17:

Monroe County:

I was arrested by Capt. Johnson on the 18 of Sept. 62 in Monroe County. I was on my way to the camp. I belonged to Capt. McDonalds company of Col. Porters regiment 2 chel. I have been in prison since my arrest.

I have never taken the oath of allegiance to the U. S., but am willing to take it now.

I was in the Kirksville fight. I joined the company because I thought I must take sides, and I thought I would take my chances with the rebels. I don’t know which side is right & don’t care. I know it was wrong for me to join.

William H Walkup

Sworn to before me

this 15 day Jan 63


Wm Walkup

Was a member of Capt. Porters reg. arrested 18 Sept. Has been in prison since - never took the oath, but will take it now.

He was at the Kirksville fight, but says he did no fighting.

He is boyish in his appearances & active and appears to be cordial & truthful

Signed: A J Howe Capt. 4 Vol

The signature of the Capt. is very difficult to interpet, there room for errors.

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