Walkup Family Recipes

Bread pudding
1 1/2 cups bread crumbs
3 cups hot milk (note this would have been whole milk pre taking off the cream)
2 beaten eggs
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 tb fat (lard)
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup of nuts
Combine crumbs through fat and mix well. add last two. Into a greased baking tin and cook in moderate over (about 350) 35 to 40 minutes - until firm. Served with whipped cream.
You can add raisins or other dried fruit instead of the nuts.
Instead of vanilla - use ground cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. about 1/2 tsp of each.
Note: When your bread start getting old, tear loaf into small pieces and place in a bowl - set bowl up high were it is warm (waste not - want not)

Meat Pie - best in cast iron dish or skillet.
grease pan
Layer of left over mashed potatoes
Layer of sliced thin meat or diced meats and left over veggies drained of any liquid
A slice or two of onion or clove of garlic
Pour any gravy over mixture and add salt and pepper
Add rest of mashed potatoes to cover and seal. top can be brushed with a beaten egg yolk
Bake in hot oven (425) for about 20 minutes - until top is brown

I have no idea how old these are ... but both my great grandmothers made dishes like this.  Joy Alexander

Yummy Yams
For a small cake pan you buy two large sweet potatoes for a bigger cake pan buy 4.
Bake on cookie sheet untill the peeling starts to bubble all up, basically to where you can peel the skins off easily
Usually 350 on the top rack. Then let them cool as they will certainly burn your hands
After they cool cut them thickness doesn't count as they are already cooked
Place them in a cake dish put large chunks of butter randomly and sprinkle heavily with brown sugar then toss a bag of minature marshmallows over all of it stick it back in the oven but you might want to reduce the heat. They are done when you see the marshmallows melted I let mine brown a little bit.
And the end of the story is YOU HAVE YAMS!!

Makes me miss my mom!  WendyGayle@aol.com

Hi Wendy : Here is a recipe you never hear of but maybe you have since you are a Walkup. I was brought up on it.

Chocolate Gravy

3 cups of milk 1 cup of white sugar

1/2 cup of flour 1/2 cup cocoa

Dash of salt 1 tsp vanilla

Heat milk, Mix all dry ingredients together, Make a paste and pour into hot milk.

It is almost like a pudding : you just don't put eggs in it, you would make it about

as thick as you would make a white chicken gravy. You put it over hot biscuits and butter. Good Eating. TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT:

I was raised on this. Millie