York Family Genealogy


RICHARD YORKE, ancestor of this family, was at Dover, New

Hampshire, as early as 1635, and died April 23, 1672. He married

Elizabeth, who, after his death, married (second) William Graves of

Exeter, New Hampshire. In 1652, Richard Yorke deposed in court that he

was in Dover in 1635. He had a house lot on Dover Neck in 1642, and was

taxed in 1648 and 1672. In 1656 he had a grant of 100 acres of land from

the town of Dover, which he devised to his son, Benjamin.

He purchased, before August 7, 1661, fifty acres at Littlejohn's

Creek of William Hilton. This he sold to Joseph Austin--his wife,

Elizabeth, joining in the conveyance. In 1699 he signed the church

petition. In the court papers of Rockingham county, New Hampshire,

1659-1672, p. 457, is recorded the imperfect will (i. e. not signed)of

the first Richard Yorke. The will is dated April 23, 1672, and, as

Richard Yorke did not sign it, it is inferred that he died suddenly on

the day the will was written, the witnesses having signed their names.

The will was brought into court and was approved June 3, 1674. In this

he mentions "wife, Elizabeth; sons, John, Benjamin, and Samuel; and

daughters, Elizabeth, Grace, and Rachel Halle; two grandchildren,

Richard and Benjamin Yorke."

(Maine Hist. and Gene. Rec., Vol. II, p. 217, and Vol. III, pp. 17-25. Article on Yorke Family by Sargent. Stackpole and Meserve's History of Durham, New Hampshire, Vol. II, pp. 400-401.)

Richard Yorke and his descendants are found in Dover, New Hampshire;

North Falmouth and Falmouth, Maine, and Gloucester, Massachusetts. His

children were:

I--JOHN, b. abt. 1642. "Eldest son." (See following.)

II--Samuel, b. 1645; d. Mar. 18, 1718; m. Hannah (???).


IV--Rachel, m. Mr. Halle.

V--Benjamin, b. 1654.

VI--Grace, m. John Gilman of Exeter, N. H.


JOHN YORK (I), son of Richard and Elizabeth York, was born about

1642, and was killed at the fall of Fort Casco, May 17, 1690. He married

Ruth Graves (see Graves note), daughter of William Graves. This William

Graves married for his second wife, the widow of Richard York. John York

lived at or near Dover, New Hampshire, on the paternal farm until June

28, 1676, when, with wife Ruth, he sold it to John Cutt. He lived for a

time in Scarborough, Maine, then in Yarmouth and

York, Maine. On July 16, 1688, he petitioned for the confirmation to him

of 300 acres of land at North Yarmouth, "where he now liveth," and eight

acres of marsh on Cousin's river, also 300 acres of vacant land on the

east side of Cousin's river, and fourteen acres of marsh, wherever it

may be found. He doubtless intended to live at North Yarmouth, but the

Indian wars drove him out, and he is said to have been killed by the

Indians at the fall of Fort Casco, May 17, 1690. Three of his children,

Richard, Benjamin, and Ruth, gave evidence in depositions before Edward

Tyng, Esq., about the GRAVES NOTE WILLIAM GRAVES, was on a list of rate

payers at Oyster River (Dover,  N. H.), November 22, 1652. No other date

or record of him to be found in any Maine, New Hampshire, or

Massachusetts lists. Savage gives only this mention of him, found also

in "History of Dover, New Hampshire". Page 47..Wadleigh.

(generously submitted by Mary Morgan Robertson. Thank you, Mary)

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