James Washington Carrell/Carroll b. around 1811-1824, Conecuh, Alabama.
Parents: (?)

There is some difference of opinion as to who was really James W, Carrells first wife. In the Desoto Parish marriage records, on A 93 shows a James Carroll marrying Catherine E. Williams Sept. 19th, 1850. Later, on July 8th, 1859, James W. Carroll was married to Mary Lord. The 1850 Desoto Parish Census lists:

1. Carrell, James W. 25 years old and born in Alabama.

Carrell, Catherine E. 21 years old and Born in Alabama.

In a letter written to Lucille Carroll(daughter of Tommy Clinton Carroll) from Ruby Crawford (daughter of Chancy Commodor Carrell) written 1976 lists the wives of James W. Carrell as below

1.Miss Lord-Children. 1. Thomas J. Carroll 2. Bell Carrell Mary Lord died during child birth.

2. Julia Graves Crider

3. Emanora Knott

4. Lussetta Plum Reid(Crider)

married:  July 8, 1859, Desoto Parish, Louisiana

Mary Lord b. about 1815-1827, Conecuh, Alabama

Father:   Thomas (Thyas) Lord  b. 1790, Georgia
married:  18 July 1813, Hancock, Georgia
Mother:   Renchy Araminthia Whitehead b. abt.  1792, Georgia

1.  Thomas Jefferson Carroll b. Oct 14, 1863
2.  Bell Carrell (F)


Thomas Jefferson Carroll

married:  January 03, 1894

Lucy Telitha Billingsley b. January 27, 1879, Logansport, Louisiana

Father:   Thomas Jefferson Billingsley b. August 17, 1847, Pickens County, Alabama
married:  January 09, 1868 near Logansport, Louisiana
Mother:  Sallie E. Johnston b. March 11, 1848, Alabama

1.  Thomas Clinton Carroll  b. 1896
2.  Dudley Clifford Carroll  b. 1899
3.  Bob Carroll
4.  Oddie L. Carroll
5.  Willie O. Carroll (F)


Dudley Clifford Carroll


Leona Folks b. March 03, 1899, Scott County, Mississippi

Father:   Willis Folks b. March 16, 1866, Ellisville, Jones County, Mississippi

Mother:   Margareet Mariah Corley b. November 30, 1859, possibly Shubuta, Mississippi

1.  Mabel Margaret Carroll b. August 15, 1925, Mitchell, Sabine Parish, Louisiana
2.  Travis Carroll
3.  Mildred Carroll (F)
4.  D. C. Carroll
5.  Troy Carroll
6. Norman Leroy Carroll


Mother:  Mabel Margaret Carroll

married:  May 20, 1944, in Alexandria, Louisiana

Father:   Frank Webb Almond b. August 22, 1922, Spray, Rockingham County, North Carolina

Father:   Henry Winston Almond (?)
Mother:  Goldie Hayden (?)

1.  Frank Webb Almond Jr. (Jerry M. Gaspard) b. October 09, 1944, Glenmora, Louisiana
2.  Barbara Ann Almond (Cherie Gaspard) b. August 05, 1946, Cleveland, Ohio
3.  Thomas Almond (Max E. Gaspard) b. July 30, 1948, Cleveland, Ohio
4.  Robert S. Almond b. 1950, Lake Charles, Louisiana
5.  Mary Jane Almond b. October 10, 1951, Lake Charles, Louisiana
6.  Brent Almond (Soileau) adopted

Thomas J. Carroll and Lucy Billingsley Carroll(She is 14 y/o)

Dudley Clifford Carroll and daughter Mildred