Almond Family

The Three States I'm most proud to have lived in.

Our family consists of my wife, Dot and myself, my son Michael, my daughter Jennifer, two Rotts, three cats.


 The picture on the left is me when I worked for the CCSO way back in 1977.  The one next to it is me now. I had worked for the Oregon Dept. of Corrections at the Oregon State Correctional Institution in Salem, Oregon for 15 plus years until 2006, when I had to retire due a serious lung disease. 


I enjoy writing, collecting law enforcement badges and patches, and messing with this web page of mine.  I have DOC, Police and Tribal patches. My wife and I haunt as many of the Oregon pow wows as we can get to. The picture below was taken at the Sweet Home Elks Club where I was doing a Veterans Honoring Dance. I am making my own regalia and it is about two thirds finished.


My Wife
I would like to present my wife, Dot, who is also my buddy, my best friend.
We have been married for over 36 years and believe me, IT'S STILL A TRIP!!

My Daughter Jennifer

Jennifer works for Deschutes County Sheriffs Office

Prior to working at the Sheriffs Office, she worked for the Oregon DOC at the Womens Center in Salem.  She then transfered to the Santiam Correctional Center, a men's minimum security unit.

My Son Michael

Michael is a student at Lane County Community College.
He, Carrie, and his 9 year old daughter, Paige, are huge University of Oregon Duck and Mariners fans.


Since I started this addition to my web site, some changes have occurred in the family unit.
I was adopted way back in 1950. After searching for about twenty some years, I have found my birth family.
I now welcome the newest additions to the family, yet, I can't forget my brother and sister(blood) that I did grow up with. So, we will add the whole group here.
The first picture, below is our mother,as a teen, Mable Carroll Almond. The second,as a youngster, is our dad, Frank Webb Almond.



The Robert Almond Family which includes: Robert, Cindy, Stephanie, Stephen, and Grandaughter-Madison. They originated in Lake Charles, Louisiana area, but now reside in New Jersey.

The next generation: Stephanie, Clint, Madison

My Sisters Section: Mary Jane and Cherie.
Mary Jane originated from and has returned to Lake Charles,wait a minute, she went back to Idaho.
Cherie and her husband Brian live in Sarasota,Florida.


Family Genealogy(Click on the name)

1. Almond

2. Billingsley

3. Carroll/Carrell

4. Corley/Folks

5. Johnston/Riddle