Misc. Marriages

Misc. Marriages


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August 28, 1992

Transcribed and submitted by: Jim & Janelle Shepherd (jdshep@neopolis.net)

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BARKER, ADA / W. M. WRIGHT. Feb. 10, 1921 at Berry, by Methodist Pastor Bk D-563

BARKER, ALBERT (over 21) / MARY BYRD (over 18), 8-25-1892 at J.P. office-who is he?

BARKER, IDA R. / A. J. CALDWELL, 12-3-1888 at Mrs. Parker's (so, IDA PARKER?)

BARKER, J. ARTHUR / REBECCA NEAL, 3-3-1907, Mt. Willing Ch. by J.W. Porter (Porter's son md Della Barker) Bk C-79

BARKER, J. F. / MARY L. TRENTHAM, 11-4-1886, Frazier M. Trentham.


BROWN, G. W. / M. F. ALDRIDGE, 3-18-1894, at James Aldridge home.

CHAFFIN, CALVIN A. / LUVENIA TAYLOR, 5-24-1891, W. B. Taylor's.

CHAFFIN, SARAH J. / ROBERT A. TRIM, 12-3-1884, C. C. Chaffin home; Wm. G. Kirk, M.G.


HILL, JOHN / MARY LOU JORDAN, Book I-80 (Oct. 15, 1943-Nov. 30, 1946 span)

SIZEMORE, IRA W. / MARY L. TAYLOR 9-15-1870 by L.E. Corbitt M.G. 1870-78, p.30 & 35

TUCKER, BEATRICE-17 / GRADY McCRAW-22, Aug. 24, 1924, Union Church Bk E-141


TUCKER, JENNIE (GENEVA) / WM. H. McDONALD at J. N. Tucker's Bk 2-293

TUCKER, MOLLIE J. / J. H. HAWKINS, 9-15-1888, at W. I. Barker home by E. Chaffin; Bk 4, p 377.

TUCKER, RHODA / J. V. YOUNG 8-12-1903 at Tobe Tucker's by J.W. Porter M.G. Bk 2-311

TUCKER, SHERROD P. / MINNIE SPARKS, Bk 2-9 (1898-1906)

TUCKER, SHERROD P. / S. J. WATKINS, Bk C-281 (1906-1913)


YOUNG, RHODA / FELIX McCRAW, Aug. 31, 1908 Bk C-189

DIVORCE - Fayette Co.

Case #383 Complainant: VANDIVER GOOLSBY; vs ALEVIA (TUCKER) Sept. 7, 1937

LAMAR CO. AL - MARRIAGES (through Book 22-Aug 12, 1961)

BARKER, ANNIE DELL / ALVIN PINKERTON, 4-19-1913 (he next married Lona Barker)

J. F. Barker house (bride's father), by W. I. Barker

BARKER, BESSIE MAE-18 / WM. BURTON PINKERTON-23, 12-4-1909 at J. F. Barker's house, by W. I. Barker; J. F. Barker signed. Bk 12-151

BARKER, CORA / Bk 12-372

BARKER, DENA-18 / WILLIAM EDWARD PALMER-23, Aug. 11, 1929, at Methodist Parsonage in Beaverton by A. E. Doyle Bk 17-32

BARKER, E. B. / MARY MALINDA ROBERTS, Dec. 23, 1906, witness Arthur Barker, John F. Barker signed for Eddie; E.P.Chaffin-bond; O.M. Roberts (father); Beaverton AL

BARKER, ELSIE-16 / EARL R. ROBERTSON-21 10-1-1916 at J. F. Barker's residence, by W. I. Barker Bk 13-385

BARKER, FRANCES / T. W. BARNES, Jan. 7, 1900, Noah Sorrells signed bond, at Mrs. Chaffin's house. J. F. Barker, JP. Vena Allen signed as mother of bride (no license found for Vena Allen marriage)

BARKER, GEORGE / Bk 12-362

BARKER, J. J. / SARAH C. BROWN, Dec. 1, 1869, at Wm. Brown's, by Israel Watson, M.G. Vol. I-101

BARKER, J. M. / JOSEPHINE BROWN, Jan. 12, 1879, at home of Wm. Brown, by E. Chaffin Vol II-113

BARKER, JOEL / Bk 12-335

BARKER, JOSEPH F. / TABITHA C. STANFORD, Jan. 15, 1868, at James Stanford's, by Israel Watson M.G. Vol I-19

BARKER, JOSIE / E. CLAYTON LACY,,12-23-1893, J. F. Barker house (bride's father)

BARKER, LENA-21 / ERNEST NOLEN-24, Sept. 13, 1931, at New Prospects Church, Lamar Co. AL by Elder J. R. Pennington Bk 17-175

BARKER, MARY W. / JOSEPH C. SMITH, Mar. 25, 1879, by J. E. Graves J.P. Vol II-142

BARKER, MAUDIE-16 / L. P. NEWMAN-23, July 31, 1924, at Probate Office by Judge of Probate Bk 16-85

BARKER, MYRTIE / J. J. BARNES, 8-31-1913, at W. I. Barker's, by him. (Jesse J. Barnes, 2nd marriage; 1st to Isabella Brown)

BARKER, NANCY A. / JOHN Z. BROWN, Jan. 16, 1868, at home of Nancy A. Barker by Israel Watson M.G. Vol. I-19

BARKER, NELLIE (7-15-1922) / CLYDE NOLEN (6-8-1914), Aug. 24, 1941, at Crews Depot AL by J. R. Pennington; Parents: Arthur & Becky Niel Barker; John Thomas & Mattie Otts Nolen Bk 19-584

BARKER, MRS. SARAH J. / A. N. MORTON 9-14-1907 at her home (unknown kin?)

BARKER, MRS. VENA / JACKSON JOHNSON, Oct 7, 1897 by W.A.Young, J of Probate at Reuben Brown's - Joe Johnson signed: note on license-2nd marriage for both

BARKER, VELMA-18 / CASPER E. SORRELLS-22, Oct. 18, 1925, at Beaverton by Rev. J. W. Reeve Bk 16-151

BARKER, W. I.JR. / KATIE L. HARRISON 7-31-1906, W.I.Barker married them at John Brown's house, J. F. Barker signed. CONFLICT - 8-12-1906?

BARKER, WILLIE REX (7-5-1922) / EDNA DEAN HOLLIDAY (6-20-1923), Sept. 12, 1943, at Vernon AL by S.G. Johnson J.P.; Parents: Ira & Katie Harrison Barker; D. O. & "Rita Barker" Holliday (NOTE: correctly, Varilla Baker) Bk 20-194


BARNES, JAMES M. / AMANDA A. YOUNG, Dec. 10, 1879 at home of Elias Chaffin, by Elias Chaffin M.G. Vol.II-213 (he later married Amanda Sizemore Trim)

BARNES, JAMES - MRS. AMANDA (Sizemore) TRIM, 5-16-1907 - second marriage for both

BERRYHILL, WILLIAM / MARY S. BURROW Jan. 17, 1878 at Allen Burrow's.

BROWN, GEORGE J. / M. I. SORRELLS, S.T. Hollis signed 6-26-1902

BROWN, ISABELLA / JESSE J. BARNES Dec. 2, 1904 at W.I.Barker's house by him

BROWN, J. M. / MATTIE BARNES May 25, 1913 at Mrs. Mary Barnes'; dau./S. J. Barnes & Mrs. M.L. Barnes (sister) of J.J. Barnes, by J.P. Bk 13-83

BROWN, J. M.-34 / IDA PRICE-22 Sept. 22, 1921 at John Price's by U. T. Gilmer, J.P. Bk 14-380

BROWN, JAMES M.-37 / BONNIE PALMER-23, Nov. 19, 1925 at F.W.Gilmer residence Gilmer (J.P.) Bk 16-157

BROWN, JOHN J. - MYRTIE LEE HARRISON, 12-29-1904 (son of John Z. Brown), at W. I. Barker's, by him. E. W. Harrison signed.

BROWN, MARY J. / JOHN S. STANFORD at Wm. Brown's, Nov. 30, 1884, by Elias Chaffin Vol II-373

BROWN, NANCY / GEO. I. GUYTON, Aug 30, 1900 at J.Z. Brown's, A.S.Smith signed

BROWN, R. F. / MARGARET LUCUS, Jan. 6, 1884, at J. M. Smith's, by Elias Chaffin Vol II-63

BROWN, SARAH FRANCES - NOAH SORRELLS, 8-30-1894, John Z. Brown's (her father), C. D. Sorrells signed (father of Noah).

BROWN, SUSIE / W. C. ROBERTSON at J.Z. Brown's 9-17-1900, md. by W.I.BARKER, J. F. Barker witness

BROWN, SUSIE / NOAH W. CHRISTIAN,,12-24-1903, Rhube & Mary Brown house. J. F. Barker, JP

CHAFFIN, J. P. / FLORENCE PINKERTON, dau./George & Ann Pinkerton, 10-3-1915 at place of worship, by W. I. Barker Bk. 13-287

CHAFFIN, J. W.-23 / WILMA SORRELLS-15, Aug. 3, 1924 at Beaverton by Maddox, J.P.  She was Ward of J.M. Brown; B.F. Roden & Casper Sorrells signed Bk16-86

CHAFFIN, LACY / C. D. SORRELLS, Aug. 7, 1924 at B. F. Roden's by Maddox J.P., Casper Sorrells signed Bk 16-91

CHAFFIN, MAMIE LEE-17 / ERNEST DUCKWORTH-20, 1-17-1920 at E. P. Chaffin's, by F. W. Gilmer J.P. Bk 14-248

CHAFFIN, MYRTIE MAYBELL / JOHN F. PINKERTON, June 10, 1916, at George Pinkerton's by W. I. Barker; J. P. Chaffin-bond; Jesse Barnes-witness Bk13-362

GOSA, FREDDIE A. GOSA-20 / BESSIE ROBERTS-15, 1-11-1911 in Big Road by W. I. BARKER; J. F. Barker - bond Bk 12-283

HAWKINS, M. C. / W. B. JONES, Feb. 1, 1883, at G.W. Robinson's, by J. F. Barker Vol II-169

PALMER, ANNIE SUE (10-9-1928) / J. T. CHRISTIAN (12-3-1922), Mar. 14, 1947, at Vernon AL by G.H. Vaughn, Minister; Parents: Eddie & "Nettie" Palmer; T. L. & Julia Butler Christian (NOTE: Nettie=Minnie?) Bk 21-78

PALMER, SARAH / J. H. MASON, Apr. 27, 1884, at Wm. Palmer's, by J. F. Barker Vol. II-299

PALMER, WM. M. / NANCY C. NEWELL, Nov. 16, 1882, at Mathew Newel's, by J. F. Barker Vol. II-121

PINKERTON, JOHN F. / MYRTIE MAYBELL CHAFFIN 6-10-1916 at George Pinkerton's house, by W. I. Barker; Bond-J.P. Chaffin, Jesse Barnes witness Bk 13-362

PINKERTON, JOHN LESTER-20 (2-22-17) / LUCILE SANDLIN-21 (7-15-18), Sept. 3, 1937 at Crews Depot AL by C.M. Weeks. Parents: Alvin & Annie Dell Barker Pinkerton, John Henry & Fannie Stevens Sandlin Bk 19-357 NOTE: Lucile was not 21?


PINKERTON, WM. / FRANCES N. NEWMAN, Sept. 2, 1874, at F. D. Newman's, by Wiley Miles, J. P. Vol. I-428

ROBERTSON, MINNIE LEE / ABE FRANKLIN MIXON, 5-26-1903 at 7 Oaks by Rev. W. J. Kirk Bk 14-475

ROBINSON, M. / R. J. HUDSON, Sept. 11, 1872, at Stephenson Robinson's, by W. F. Prater J.P. Vol I-222

SIZEMORE, MISS MARTHA W. / D. F. TRIMM, Mar 5 1888 at home of Mrs. Martha Sizemore, W. I. Sizemore signed

SIZEMORE, ANNIE A. / M. G. DOCK GUIN, 11-20-1889; D. F. Sizemore house.

SIZEMORE, MISS ANNIE / W. S. RODEN 5-27-1906 at bride's home, her mother a widow.


SIZEMORE, MISS M.F. / D. H. ROBERTSON, 11-14-1889, James Sizemore house.

SIZEMORE, MARTHA A. / HENRY A. KIRK, 8-20-1891 - F. F. Sizemore.

SIZEMORE, MINNIE A. / REUBEN GREEN HOLLIS, 1-9-1895; Thomas Sizemore house.

SIZEMORE, W. IRA - MARY L. TAYLOR, 9-15-1870 at Alan Taylor's.

SIZEMORE, WM. IRA / MRS. S. A. HENSON, 9-27-1891 (Sarah Hammack Henson), Second marriage for both; J. Z. Brown & James Sizemore signed. (Wm. Ira son/Martha Barker Sizemore.)

SMITH, A. F.-29 / DAISY RAINWATER-18, Apr. 1918

SMITH, ALER / LITHA (Talitha) RAINWATER, 5-4-1904, Father of bride--J. W. Rainwater, at Bluff, Ala. (Minnie Mixon said Aler was crippled.)

SMITH, MARTHA / BOOKER PATE, Oct. 31, 1884, at S.(J?) W. Smith's, by Elias Chaffin, (NOTE: see R. F. Brown entry) Vol. II-350

TAYLOR, GEORGE W. / MARY S. CHURCH Aug 24, 1879, at home of James Barker by Thos. Taylor, J.G. Vol.II-160

TAYLOR, NANCY E. / JOHN BARNES, at Wm. Taylor's, Oct. 2, 1873, Vol. I-325

TAYLOR, SELA L. / ELI JOHNSON, Nov. 16, 1884, at Reuben Brown's, by Elias Chaffin Vol II-364

TRIM, MRS. AMANDA / JAMES BARNES, 16-1907 - second marriage for both (Amanda Sizemore--Martha Barker Sizemore's daughter)

--Others copied in Lamar Co. - not identified:

Albert Barker (who is he?) married Mary Byrd 8-25-1892.

A. N. Morton - Mrs. Sarah J. Barker (Baker?) 9-14-1907 bride's home

A. J. Caldwell - Ida R. Barker, 12-3-1888, Mrs. Parker's house.

DIVORCE - Lamar Co. Chancery Court 11th Dist. Northern DIv. January Term 1917

Minutes of Circuit Court in Equity

Case #577, p 314 - T. W. Barnes vs Francis A. Barnes Wed. Jan. 31, 1917 - adultery; T.W. of Wilma Ellis Barnes

Case #566 - Bessie Gosa vs. Fred A. Gosa - abandoned her; she got custody of

Etheridge and Eldridge - Jan. 1, 1917



Barker, Gary Curtis-22 (4-10-44)-parts clerk / Yvonne Smith-20 (10-23-45),

July 2, 1966 by Wm. E. Atkinson, Freewill Bapt. Min.; Parents: Wm. Chester & Mary Dale Holiday Barker of Marion Co.; Hollis & Wynell Byiars Smith Bk 23-173

Brown, Martha / J. J. Wilson 1-30-1890, page 156

Burnett, James M. / G. A. Tucker 8-12-1888 p. 71

Haney, Conney F.-20 (3-25-1954) / Peggy Lee Nix-18 (11-6-1956), Nov. 23, 1974;

Parents: Sterling & Willie Pinkerton Haney; Billy Wayne & Gennie Lee Skelton Nix Bk 27-206

Haney, Ruby / Frank Hill, Jan. 19, 1940, at & by Rev. John R. Miller, Winfield, witness: Liman Evans Bk 17-27 (Willie Pinkerton Haney's dau.)

Tucker, Martha / W. H. Ingle 2-2-1890 p. 158



Annie L. Curtis md. John W. Adams 12-10-1899

Salina Curtis Wm. Bailey 8-17-1893

Amanda J. Curtis W. A. Bates 9-12-1896

Georgianna Curtis J. F. Burns 2-16-1896

C. A. Curtis Eliza Williams 8-18-1895

Henry S. Curtis Ida McCullar 3-7-1900

J. M. Curtis M. J. Hale 10-28-1900

J. N. Curtis M. S. Walker 11-16-1896

Frances Curtis Walter D. Hood 11-16-1894

Louisa C. Curtis F. A. Martin 4-7-1892

Mrs. M. J. Curtis W. R. Staggs 6-21-1896

Emily J. Curtis E. L. Seymour 12-12-1900



M. F. Tucker (female) / L. M. Whitman, Jr., Oct. 28, 1896 Bk L- p?

1900 Lawrence Co. census ED 75 S-6 #117: Louis Whitman Oct. 1875 md. 3 yrs. Mollie Apr. 1876, dau. Pearl Oct. 1899

Mattie Tucker / N. W. Thompson, Feb. 21, 1895, Bk L- p?

J. H. Tucker / Mary J. Watson, 1894 - bond & license

Minnie Tucker / J. H. Cowan, Apr. 1, 1905 Bk N-242

J. W. Tucker / Hettie McMillan, Jan. 10, 1906, Bk N-325

R. A. Tucker / Lizzie Melvan, Dec. 20, 1908, Bk O-119

Bernice Tucker / R. A. Hall, Jan. 2, 1910, Bk O-236

Bertha Tucker / Chesley Moore, Nov. 10, 1909, Bk O-210

HAWKINS, S. C. / Annie Drone(?) Nov. 20, 1923 by H. B. Foster, M.G. Bk R-26


JAMES L. LATHAM to SARAH E. TUCKER 10-24-1889 at Wm. M. Tucker's by James L. Gilder OMG Bk B-451

ALVA LATHAM to Vera Eaton, 9-11-1913 at bride's residence by W. T. Caudle, M.

Alva age 21 5'6" 140 lbs. farmer, M#1, Methodist, lives at Kansas

Vera age 18, 5'4" 130 lbs. M#1, Baptist, lives at Kansas Bk J-25



LOWNDES CO. MS - Columbus

Barker, John E. / Sara E. Howard Bk 51-254

Barker, LESTER-21 / Willie Gray Holliday-18, Jan. 11, 1940 Bk 35-386

Barker, Jack P. / Lora Cruse, Apr. 10, 1943 Bk 39-176

Barker, Rob. Sullivan / Willie Mozella Bridges, 12-18-1942 Bk 38-557

Barker, VESTER LEE / Oula Agnes Holliday, 2-21-1945, Ernest Nolen signed; Bk 41-65

Pinkerton, Sylvia Jane / Joel Wilkinson, July 3, 1950 Bk 53-209

Pinkerton, Sue Carol / Robt. E. Jackson, Sept. 3, 1950 Bk 54-190

TUCKER, ALEVIA / VANDIVER GOOLSBY, Feb. 25, 1923 (from Janie)


MONROE CO. MS - Aberdeen

BARKER, BEULAH / JOHN YOUNG, Apr. 27, 1919 - Monroe Co.

BURNETT, JIM to FRANCIS BOND signed by W. T. Ware, Circuit Clerk.  Affidavit signed by W. I. BARKER. Dated Nov. 10, 1916. Performed by O.A. Irvin, J.P. Bk 26-336

PINKERTON, HASSIE / FELIX OTTS, Mar. 23, 1919 - Monroe Co.


ALEXANDER BERRYHILL md. Huldey Wilson May 17, 1819 (from Early Georgia Marriages, Maddox & Carter, Georgia Pioneers, Georgia Marriages 1803-1880 p. 95. Also, there is a book for 1808-1820.



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