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1869 Electoral Roll (Franklin)  
1873 Chapman’s Directory, Thames  
1873 Chapman's Directory of Gold Mining Companies  
1875 - 76 NZ Wises Directory, Thames  
1876 Electoral Roll  
1876 ELECTORAL ROLL - Objections  
1878 NZ Wises Directory, Thames  
1879-80 Electoral Roll (partial A to Cobb) 17-Sep-2009
1880 NZ Wises Directory, Thames  
1881 Electoral Roll (Link to Auckland Library)  
1883 - 84 The NZ Directory, Thames  
1885 - 86 The NZ Directory, Thames  
1885 Electoral Roll (Coromandel)  
1886 Alphabetical St Directory (a to D Surnames only)  
1887 - 88 Wises Directory of NZ, Thames  
1887 Burgess Roll for Thames Borough 8-Oct-2009
1890 - 91 Wises Directory of NZ, Thames  
1892 Wises Directory of NZ, Thames  
1893 Electoral Roll (Link to Corohistory site)  
1894 Thames, in “The Auckland Directory” Cleaves  
1896 - 1898 THAMES Directory  
1899 - 1903 THAMES Directory  
1903 NZ Wises Directory for THAMES  
1906 The NZ Directory, Thames Section  
1909 The NZ Directory, Thames Section  
1912 The NZ Directory, Thames Section  
1937 Telephone Directory Thames Surnames  
1939 Telephone Directory Thames Surnames  
Address to Queen Victoria  
Bank Managers (Pre 1968)  
Barker, Douglas: Paintings (Landscape and War Cartoons)  
Barker, Douglas: Paintings (Trains of A & G Price's)  
BDM,s for Thames 22-Sep-2009
Books on Thames  
Bowling Club Thames 25-Sep-2009
Challenges to 1874 Electoral roll (Link to Corohistory Website)  
Cleaves Street Map 1900's  
Councillors of Thames  
Cricket 1900 in Thames  
Directories: Index  
Directories: Combined surnames search 1873 to 1909 incl  
Electoral Rolls 8-Oct-2009
Genealogy: Thames 22-Sep-2009
Graham, Robert  
Hauraki Rowing Club & Thames Rowing Club 2-Oct-2009
Historic Signs of Thames (Lion Club Signs) Summary Page 30-Oct-2009
Historic Signs of Thames (Lion Club Signs) Text of signs & Locations 30-Oct-2009
Historic Signs of Thames (Lion Club Signs) Photos of Signs 30-Oct-2009
Hospital Thames 17-Oct-2009
Hospital Thames: History 8-Nov-2009
Hospital Thames: Pictorial History 1868 to 1987 8-Oct-2009
Hospital Thames: Timeline History 23-Sep-2009
Hotels of Thames: Index page 11-Jan-2010
Hotels of Thames: List 11-Jan-2010
Hotunui Meeting House 22-Sep-2009
Lodges of Thames 1902  
Major Events  
Maori research 22-Sep-2009
Maps of Thames  
Matron Stewart (Miss Matilda Stewart) 8-Oct-2009
Matrons of Thames Hospital 17-Oct-2009
Matrons of Thames Hospital Photos 8-Nov-2009
Mayors of Thames  
Military Records  
Mining Records  
Newspapers 22-Sep-2009
Nurses Home Thames Hospital 1921 opening 23-Sep-2009
Officials of Thames  
Photos of old & new Thames  
Photos of Streets of Thames 28-Sep-2009
Photos of Thames Hotels 11-Jan-2010
Probate records  
Professions & Names in 1902 Cyclopedia  
Professions & Trades  
Publicans and Barmaids  
Racing: History & Names  
Railway Thames  
Residents in 1902 Cyclopedia  
Rugby history and Thames All Blacks  
Schools & Records  
Settlers & Early residents 22-Sep-2009
Societies & Orders in 1902 Cyclopedia  
Sports Clubs and Names 25-Sep-2009
Streets of Thames: Index page  
Streets of Thames: General info  
Streets of Thames: List of Streets  
Tararu & Shortland Cemetery surnames pre 1900  
Telephone Directories  
Thames Accidents & River drownings  
Thames Cemeteries  
Thames Club: 1904 to 2004 24-Sep-2009
Thames Families & their histories  
Thames Hauraki Brass Band names 1900  
Thames Illustrated Mining Map 1860's  
Thames Miners (Link to another site)  
Thames Miners Guide (Link to another site)  
Thames Oldboys Assn Agm names 1915  
Traditional & Contemporary placenames  
Trains manufactured by A & G Price Thames: pictures by Douglas Barker  
War Memorial : Link to Thames Treasury WWI names and photos  
Whaleboat Racing at Thames 2-Oct-2009
Whaleboat Team Photo 1894 (Hauraki Rowing Club) 2-Oct-2009
Whaleboat Team Photo 1902 (Hauraki Rowing Club) 2-Oct-2009