1893 Electoral Rolls
BARRETT John 100 Thames Freehold Kuaotunu Publican Allotment Paparoa, Coromandel
BRODIE Patrick 262 Thames Freehold Auckland Publican 20 acres, Whakanekeneke
BUCKLAND Charles 313 Thames Residential Mary St, Thames Publican  
BURTON William 358 Thames Freehold Pollen St, Thames Publican Lots 218-20, Pollen St, Thames
CARROLL Thomas 417 Thames Residential Coromandel Publican  
CONSTANT William Joseph 569 Thames Residential Grey St, Thames Publican  
CORCORAN Michael 596 Thames Freehold Dargaville Publican Star & Garter Hotel, Kapanga Rd, Coromandel
COSTELLO John 602 Thames Freehold Karaka Rd, Thames Publican Allotment 246, Block 1, Shortland
DOYLE Thomas 805 Thames Residential Coromandel Publican  
FIELD William 942 Thames Residential Coromandel Publican  
FLETT John 962 Bay of Plenty Freehold Parawai Publican 1 1/4 acres, Parawai
FOGARTY John 975 Thames Residential Brown St, Thames Publican  
FUREY Michael 1007 Thames Residential Coromandel Publican  
GARRETT Oliver 1002 Thames Freehold Puriri Publican 1/16th acre, Kirkwood St, Thames
GLOVER Albert Edward 1097 Thames Freehold Auckland Publican House & Allotments, Kings Rd, Albert-town
GLOVER Robert Jukes 1096 Thames Freehold Auckland Publican Allotment, Kings Rd, Coromandel
GUTHRIE Robert 1158 Thames Freehold Pollen St, Thames Publican allotment K E No 2 Block, Burke St, Thames
HAWKES Richard Mills 1249 Thames Residential Hastings Publican  
MACKAY Hector 1787 Thames Residential Mercury Bay Publican  
McWILLIAMS Edward 2074 Thames Residential Albert St, Thames Publican  
MULLIGAN Michael 2229 Thames Residential Pollen St, Thames Publican  
SULLIVAN Patrick 3051 Thames Residential Pollen St, Thames Publican  
TWOHILL Edmond 3231 Thames Freehold Pollen St, Thames Publican 1/8 acre, Pollen St, Thames
TYNE Thomas 3234 Thames Residential Coromandel Publican  
UNCLES John 3235 Thames Freehold Tiki Coromandel Publican Premises in his occupation
WILLIAMS Joseph Cornwall 3090 Bay of Plenty Freehold Thames Publican 10 acres, Matakorowhauka
WOODWARD William 3500 Thames Residential Queen St, Thames Publican