Breage, Cornwall Parish Baptisms Pre 1827

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This insert is on the first page of the Register DDP 18/1/1
"Baptisms beginning with 1603 ending with 1700 imperfect in 6 first years deficient 1657-1678, deficient from 1683 to 1697, regular from 1697 to 1700.
Marriages from 1559 to 1650 both inclusive, deficient from thence to 1654 & deficient from 1656 to 1678. Irregular from 1678 to 1682, again deficient to 1699.
Burials from 1559 to 1564 deficient from thence to 1569 to 1641.
H Todd


  • Major difference I have found from commercial transcriptions is "bastard of" was used, whereas the register refers to this as "base child".  In most cases a father's and mother's surname is supplied, but unsure of which is taken by the child--hence I have added both and added in brackets the other parent's surname.  This has been done to ensure that researchers are able to search for possibilities.  As with all transcriptions you should check original records, and hopefully the page numbers will save you time, if you wish to do so.
  • Some entries I have put quotation marks before brackets, to show that the brackets were present in the register.  Eg. "(Illegit)" was in register as (Illegit). Where I have made a query I put brackets around my italicised entry Eg. Twin (of John). I have put the child's name as an alert to the researcher.
  • Later years abode addresses, please note "a" maybe "u" and vice versa
  • Late 1600's repeat entries, some birth only and often completely different info
  • Years 1720-1 IGI used as I could not find parish pages for these years


Check by Year and by Surname
Years covered:
1676, 1681, 1686, 1690, 1694-1697, 1701-1704, 1708, 1710-1711, 1713-1714, 1715 part, 1716-1724

  • There are years copied twice, both with differences and obvious months omitted. Check with IGI's, on some I have put whether I found different info to IGI and quote batch number.
  • Check by year to confirm sequence i.e. Remember old calendar format 25th March to 24th March


Batch Numbers C053321 & C053322 and P015541
Check by Year and by Surname

  • Years covered so far: 1597-1606
  • IGI records available to search at  Family search

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