Y Rhyfel Mawr, The Great War. Rhestr o Fechgyn Dolgellau, a List of Dolgellau Lads



The following letter with an appended list of some 160 names appeared (in Welsh) in the local newspaper "Y Dydd" in November 1914

Dear Sir

I send you a list, with some details, of the men who are now serving their country's flag and who hold some connection with the town of Dolgellau and the surrounding area. An attempt is made to include the whole catchments for Dolgellau Intermediate school, that is roughly from Trawsfynydd to Aberangell and from Bontddu to Drws y Nant. The names include those who were pupils at this school or the old Dolgelley Grammar School who are not natives of the area and who do not live in the town. I know that the list is incomplete with respect to both names and details, and I would be very thankful for any help in completing it in all respects, and to correct it from time to time. I appeal for punctual information regarding the movements and activities of those whose names are attached and of others whose names should be appended.

Each thoughtful man feels the deepest interest in these brave hearts who have already heeded the call of their dear old country whose future lies, one again, in the balance, their deeds will be greatly valued in days to come.

Blessed are the young and strong in this age, if they heed honour and duty! It is only rarely in the course of time that patriotism and principal walk hand in hand, as they do in Britain today, and only the blind man will not hurry to take action now, lest he regrets when it is too late.

Yours &ct.,                                 

J. Griffith

Dolgellau Intermediate School

10th November 1914

The letter has been translated from it's original Welsh, but the list was published in English.

John Griffith was the Head Master of Dolgellau Intermediate School and the father of Ll. Wyn Griffith (who's name is on the list). One of J. Griffith's other sons Watcyn died in the War and his name appears on the Cenotaph page.


The list give details of Name, Unit, Rank, Home Address and pre-enlistment occupation, as well as the occasional note about those who had died in action, been wounded, etc. For the convenience of the reader I have added a link in the notes section of those who died during the war. The link is of the form [Cofeb Cenotaph]. Unless noted otherwise by Mr. Griffith, those who have the cenotaph link by their names were alive at the time that the list was published.

The list appears here in four parts

Surnames Arnefield to Evans
Surnames Foulks to Kynastone
 Surnames Lewis to Parry
 Surnames Roberts to Williams
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