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1.Hans Karr

1.Maria ?, d.1629


2.Hans Jakob Karr m.1/26/1678or79.

2.Anna M(aria?) Reiner.


3.Hans Jakob Karr b.5/6/1679 Schwaigern, Necker(Nicher?)kreis, Wur(r)t(t)emburg, Germany, m.7/12/1718 Schwaigern, Necker(Nicher?)kreis, Wur(r)t(t)emburg, Germany.

3.Maria Dorothea Haffner.


4.Georg Heinrich/Henry/Roebuck Carr b.9/25/1721 Schwaigern, Necker(Nicher?)kreis, Wur(r)t(t)emburg, Germany, mig.9/1731 w/family on "Pennsylvania Merchant", arr.Philadelphia PA, m.1762-1791, settled on North Fork of the South Branch of the Potomac R. near mouth of the Seneca WV, d.11/4/1814 Hardy Co. WV, bur. Boggís Cem.?.

4.Sara Peterson b.(1/8/1733or34?) or (6/8/1736? Langenbruck, Rhinefelden/Basel?, Switzerland), d.(before?)1800 Hardy Co. WV/VA?. d/o 3.Hans Jakob Bidert (became Peterson at port of entry) m.3.?.


5.Joseph Carr b.3or4/21/1752 Petersburg, Prince William Co./Augusta Co. VA/Hardy Co. WV?, lived near fork of Potomac River VA, soldier in Revolutionary War, lived in New Design Settlement in Monroe Co. before settling in Turkey Hill Prairie, St. Clair Co. IL 1803, m.1780 VA/IL?, d.3/6/1817 St. Clair Co. IL?, bur. Carr Cem. near Freeburg, Turkey Hill.

5.Pris/c/e/illa Mary Shook b.12/10/1753or55? WV/VA?, d.3/6/1817or19? St. Clair Co. IL. D/o 4.Samuel Shook? from VA, farmer, d.1827, m.?.


6.Conrad Carr b.4/22/1783or5 Hampshire Co. WV/VA?, lived in New Design Settlement in Monroe Co. before settling in Turkey Hill Prairie, St. Clair Co. IL 1803, m.1803or4 St. Clair Co. IL, d.2/7/1855 St. Clair Co. IL.

6.Margaret Phil(l)ip(s) b.4or5/5/1787 NC, d.10/22/1870 Ava IL?, bur.Looney Springs Cem. Campbell Hill, Jackson Co. IL. D/o 5.David Phillips? of Orange Co. NC, b.1755 Scotland?, soldier in Revolutionary War, moved to Kentucky 1800 and St. Clair Co. IL 1803, mechanic & woodworker, d.1826, m.5.Mary Sophia Hoffman? of Lancaster PA, d.IL.


7.David Carr b.11/12/1818 Belleville Township St. Clair Co. IL, m.5/7/1846 MO, d.7or8/20/1888 Ava IL/Jackson Co.?.

7.Esther/Easter (Waren?)Waring (second wife) b.4/11/1830 Liverpool, England, d.(1888 or 4/17/1907? Ava IL/Jackson Co. IA/IL?). D/o 6.John Waring m.6.Ellen ?.


8.Peter Carr b.6/18/1850 St. Clair Co. IL, m.9/4or9/1870, d.4/29/1932 Ava IL.

8.Rutha Smith b.5/25/1854 near Ava IL, d.12/24/1896 Ava IL. D/o 7.Henry Smith b.6/10/1798, m.7/22/1835, d.4/25/1873, m.7.Kasiah/Kazera Edwards (second wife?) b.3/16/1812, d.11/7/1889 Ava IL.


9.Mary Est(h)er ("Molly") Carr b.5/27/1883or8 Ava IL, 2/14/1906 "Queen of Venice IL Bachelorís Ball", m.7/7/1910 IL, d.11/13/1971 Granite City IL/St. Louis? MO.

9.Everett Walter ("Ed") Fis(c)her b.8/11/1872or3 St. Louis MO, General Merchant/Grocer/Meat Market in Venice and Nameoki IL, d.1/15/1940 Venice IL, bur. St. Johnís Cem. Granite City IL. S/o 8.John (Nepomuk/W.?) Fis(c)her b.1818? Prague/Vienna/Austria/Prussia?, Carpenter/Painter, lived in St. Louis/Nameoki/Venice (all IL), d.3/20/1891 St. Louis MO, bur.Bellefontaine Cem., St. Louis MO, m.8.Barbara Elizabeth Kohl b.12/23/1848 Germany, mig.6/10/1850or1, d.5/11/1925 Venice IL, bur. Bellefontaine Cem., St. Louis MO. D/o 7.Andrew Frederick Kohl b.Germany, mig. 6/10/1850or1 from Hamburg/Baden/Hanover/ Frederickhaven? arr.Galveston/NewBrownfels? TX, moved to Navao IL then St. Louis MO, Carpenter, bur. St. Johnís Cem. Granite City IL, m.7.Barbara Schleger b.Germany, d.Germany in cholera epidemic?. 8.John (Nepomuk/W.?) Fis(c)her s/o 7.? Fischer m.7.? Romas?.


10.Ada Elizabeth Fis(c)her b.6/10/1911 Ava IL, m.6/15/1935 Potosi MO, lived in Venice/Nameoki/Evergreen Park/Oak Lawn (all IL), living in Sun City AZ.

10.John "Ralph" Groshong b.12/21/1910 Venice IL, d.12/4/1989 Sun City AZ (See Motherís Fatherís Lineage)


11.Margaret Ann Groshong b.10/25/1942 Granite City IL, m.8/22/1964 Evergreen Park IL, Marathon Co. WI since 1974.

11.Gary David Werhane (See Fatherís Lineage) b.8/20/1941 Evanston IL, Marathon Co. WI since 1974. S/o 10.Donald Werhane b.near Chicago IL?, m.10.Campsie Fraser b.Ontario? Canada, living in Sebring FL.


12.Amanda Lea Werhane b.1972 Arlington Hts IL, to Marathon Co. WI 1974, Madison WI 1991, to Oakland CA 1998.

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