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1.Hans Jerg Rudolph, m.11/18/1680 Baden, Heidelberg, Waldangelloch, Germany.

1.Catharina Margaretha Fessler.

2.(Anna?) Clara Eliz/sabeth(a?) Rudolph Baden, Heidelberg, Waldengelloch, Germany, m.6/6/1724 Baden, Heidelberg, Waldengelloch, Germany.

2.(R.?) Fran(t?)z Brossman, Germany, mig.9/3/1739 Ship Friendship arr.PA, d.10/18/1749 Berks PA, bur.Christ Lutheran Church Cem. Stouchsburg, Berks Co. PA. S/o 1.Nicholas Brossman, d.8/8/1717 Baden, Heidelberg, Waldengelloch, Germany, m.1.?.

3.Anna Magdalena Brossman Baden, Heidelberg, Waldengelloch, m.4/19/1743 Tulpehocken, Berks PA.

3.Johannes Nicholas Kistler mig.(arr. Phila. Harbor, Berks Co. PA)10/5/1737 Ship Billinder Towns(h)end/head captained by Thomas Thompson.

4.Maria/Mary Magdalena/e Kistler b.1/14/1743or44 Tulpehocken, Berks PA, m.5/30/1764 German Reformed Church, Carlisle, Cumberland PA, Lincoln Co. MO.

4.Johann(es?) Jacob ("French") Grosjean (Grozong/Groshong) b.1725 Alsace/Lorraine, French Huguenot?, mig. 10/4/1751 Ship Queen of Denmark via Rotterdam, Holland to Philadelphia PA, "built log mill btw 1776-79 in Northumberland Town, PA on Salomon Heberlingís site, attacked 5/18/1780 by Native Americans, defeated in suit at Surbury and moved mill 1782/3, assessed by name 1787, added saw mill 1789, hero of wild tales of Indian troubles, French Jacob=large spring above tavern on Brush? Valley Rd., beside which he hid from Indians, 1793 moved to end of Nittany Mtn. in Centre Co. & then West" óPA History, MO?/Adams Co. IL?/KY?. S/o 3.Johann David Grosjean m.1713 Diedendorf, m.3.Judith Vautrin. 3.Johann David Grosjean s/o 2.Abraham (Laramee?) Grosjean Lothringen Alsace/Lorraine, m.1685, m.2.Maria Magdalena Wittersheim.

5.Jeremiah (Jefferson?) Groshong b.1770or1 PA, bond 2/26/1794, m.3/4/1794 (bible records) Bourbon Co. KY, ca.1801 early pioneer of Lincoln Co. MO (near MO River, then St. Charles Co.), built stone house Ĺ mi. NE of Major Clark (1st Lincoln Co. settler), one of 1st officers Grand Jury, board of Moscow trustees (sell/convey lots), grist/sawmill ca.1820, moved WI 1836? w/family (not Jacob?/one to KS?), d.5/17/1858 Grant Co. WI.

5.Mary Magdalene/ina "Polly" Crow/Kroh, d.9/13/1843, bur. Kinney Groshong Cem., Hurricane Grove, Grant Co. WI. D/o 4.Johan(n) Gottfried Kroh, b.1728, m.Northumberland Co. PA, d.1810, m.4.Barbara Heberling. 4.Johan(n) Gottfried Kroh s/o 3.George Herman Kroh m.3.Anna Elizabeth Keller.

6.Jacob DeClement Groshong b.10/2/1800 near? Moscow Mills (Ethyln?), Lincoln Co. MO, m.Elizabeth Perkins 3/16/1824, early pioneer Lincoln Co. MO, m.EJN 8/14/1834 Lincoln Co. MO, ca.1843 settled on farm 4 mi. from Chain of Rocks on Troy Rd., prob. Only subject of Spain, France, Territory of MO & state of MO w/o change of residence, d.3or8/22/1879 Lincoln/Warren? Co. MO, bur.3/23/1879 Wright City, Warren Co. MO.

6.Eliza Jane (Elizabeth) Nichols (second wife) b.11/11/1814 Person Co. NC, d.10/3/1900 Warren Co. MO. D/o 5.Matthias (Matthew) Nichols b.1790 NC, m.1/16/1814 Granville NC, moved to Hawk Point (Troy area) Lincoln Co. MO 1818/22?, d.1846 Lincoln Co. MO, m.5.Elizabeth Daniel, NC. 5.Elizabeth Daniel d/o 4.Joseph (Josiah?) Daniel m.4?.

7.Jacob ("Jake") Benjamin Groshong b.11/22/1855 Lincoln Co. MO, m.12/25/1876, occup. Farmer/broommaker, d.5/22/1940, bur.Troy Cem., MO.

7.Missouri Thornhill b.5/24/1858, grew up Chimney Estates near Troy (chimney still stands), d.11/28/1930. d/o 6.Simeon Thornhill b.9/30/1816, listed in settlement of fatherís estate 11/1853, m.1841, d.12/29/1858 (stabbed by slave Giles in drunken fight), bur.Thornhill Cemetary, Troy, Lincoln Co. MO, m.6.Lydia M. Segrass, b.6/6/1823, d.10/29/1889 or 11/5/1899, bur.Thornhill Cem. 6.Simeon Thornhill s/o 5.Barnabas ("Barney") Thornhill b.1776/88 Bedford Co. VA, m.1810 E.St. Louis MO?, living Lincoln Co. 1820, d.11/14/1853 Troy, Lincoln Co. MO, m.5.Dorcas Gray, moved to MO from TN?. 5.Barnabas ("Barney") Thornhill s/o 4.William Thornhill, of Bedford Co. VA?, Ensign in Rev. War, d.1789?, m.4.?.

8.Clement Riggs Groshong b.11/8/1877or8 Lincoln Co. MO, m.1/16/1901, occup. 1907+ Electric streetcar motorman for IL Terminal RR (1906 ran store Winfield MO? Leader of St. Louis Orchestra?), d.10/25/1945 in streetcar accident (truck full of steel stalled on track, hit in heavy rain).

8.Mary Ethel Dowell b.12/3/1880or1 Lincoln Co. MO?, d.3/13/1961, d/o 7.Edward Clay Dowell b.1847 VA, lived Charlottesville VA, Greene Co.?, m.3/15/1873 Lincoln Co. MO, m.7.Mary Virginia Johnson b.VA?. 7.Mary Virginia Johnson d/o 6.Homer Johnson of Kentucky, father killed in KY roadwork, fatherís cousin Homer killed Tecumseh. 7.Edward Clay Dowell s/o 6.John T. ("Pa") Dowell, Jr. b.1813 Albemarle Co. VA, m.11/26/1838 MO/near Charlottesville VA?, moved to Greene Co. VA when E.C. born, m.6.Mary Ann Riddle b.1813 Albemarle Co. VA. 6.John T. Dowell s/o 5.William Dowell m.1/18/1810 Albemarle Co. VA, m.5.Sally Pickett. 5.Sally Pickett d/o 4.Mace Pickett Jr. b.btw.1730-35 VA, d.1833, m.4.Sarah ?. 4.Mace Pickett Jr. s/o 3.Mace Pickett, Sr. b.1705, d.1785. 3.Mace Pickett, Sr. s/o 2.John Pickett, Sr. b.1680, d.1765. 2.John Pickett, Sr. s/o 1.Henry Pickett b.1640, d.1702. 5.William Dowell s/o 4.John Dowell Sr. b.1789 d.1812 Albemarle Co. VA, m.4.Mary Davis. 4.John Dowell Sr. s/o 3.Richard Dowell Sr. Louisa Co. VA, d.1836 Profitt, Albemarle Co. VA, m.3.Mary Elizabeth Brown. 3.Richard Dowell Sr. s/o 2.John Dowell Greenfield, Orange Co. VA, m.VA, d.6/23/1761 Ruckersville, Louisa Co. VA, m.2.Mary ?

9.John "Ralph" Groshong b.12/21/1910 Venice, IL, m.6/15/1935 Potosi MO, lived Venice/Nameoki/Evergreen Park/Oak Lawn IL, 1972? moved Sun City AZ, d.12/4/1989 Sun City AZ.

9.Ada Elizabeth Fis(c)her (See Motherís Motherís Lineage) b.6/10/1911 Ava IL, 1972? moved Sun City AZ.

10.Margaret Ann Groshong b.10/25/1942 Granite City IL, m.8/22/1964 Evergreen Park IL, Marathon Co. WI since 1974.

10.Gary David Werhane (See Fatherís Lineage) b.8/20/1941 Evanston IL, Marathon Co. WI since 1974. S/o 9.Donald Werhane b.Chicago IL?, m.Campsie Fraser b.Ontario? Canada, living in Sebring FL.

11.Amanda Lea Werhane b.1972 Arlington Hts IL, to Marathon Co. WI 1974, Madison WI 1991, to Oakland CA 1998.

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