Taylor & Ashdown Family Genealogy Links

Taylor & Ashdown Family Genealogy Links

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I am always finding new websites and here are links to some of my favorites:

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General Genealogy Links

Genealogy Links by Country of Research

America & Canada

Australia - General

Australia - NSW

Australia - Queensland

Australia - South Australia

Australia - Tasmania

Australia - Victoria

Australia - Western Australia

Great Britain - General

  • Domesday Book of The National Archives - search village names
  • England

    England - Berkshire
    England - Kent
    England - London
    England - Nottinghamshire
    England - Oxfordshire

    Northern Ireland

  • General Register Office of Northern Ireland for the civil registration of births, deaths, marriages and adoptions in Northern Ireland. For marriages the Full names of the married couple (Bride's maiden name) and date and place of marriage is required. For marriages before 1922 searches are not possible without the district and place of marriage being known.(Roman Catholic marriages were only registered from 1864 and GRO only hold marriages from 1922).
  • Scotland



    Note : translation of a name - the German feminine suffix of "in" on the end of a female ancestor's surname could confuse the search issues, eg. SCHNEIDER could easily be indexed as SCHNEIDERIN.


    New Zealand

    Related to Surnames of Interest




    Ezzy & Ezzey (Hissey and variants)




    'Software - Genealogy'

    There are many Software Programs for Genealogy available, of which I have tried many. I am presently using the following three

    Miscellaneous sites

    Some people looking for living relatives overseas may find some of the following sites useful :

    'Titanic' Related sites

    There is a vast array of Internet sites dealing with every imaginable aspect of the Titanic, particularly in light of interest from the release of James Cameron's film "Titanic" (1997). The following, in my opinion are some of the better quality sites.

    Webpage Design & Graphics

    I admit to being a complete novice in Webpage Design. I started creating my pages in July 2005 and now believe I probably went about many things the wrong way around, although of this I'm still not sure, as I am learning a lot, but the following is still 'working for me'. As I have been asked how I went about it, I commenced with the following steps:
    Firstly I opened a Freepages account with RootsWeb who will give you freespace to create your genealogy pages and for which I recommend you refer to their site: Freepages Help Pages and FAQs. Then I created the basic 'Family Group Sheet Pages' using PAF [Personal Ancestral File] - Free Family History Software which can be downloaded from LDS [Mormon Church]. Then came the Harder part when I had to learn HTML language (Hyper Text Markup Language) to write the index (introduction) pages, links etc, which sounds complicated, but is not really once you learn a few basic rules and it has been very rewarding. There are much easier ways to do it, than by writing your own HTML code as I have done. Apparently there are many programs that you can use to do this for you, such as "Frontpage", "DreamWeaver", Microsoft Program/Accessories "Web Publishing Wizard", "CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer (v. 3.0" etc). However, I had not personally used or tried any myself and if you decide to proceed using a program I strongly recommend firstly, that you try to learn at least the basics of HTML, as I know of many people who have run into problems using various programs.
    Here are some of the following links to pages that I have found informative and/or helpful.

    Getting Started creating your own Web Pages


    My complete Rootsweb database can be seen at Amanda Taylor's Genealogy

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