Along the Windsor Richmond Road - The Early Days of the Ezzy Family

Taylor & Ashdown Family Genealogy

Extracts from 'Along the Windsor Richmond Road
- The Early Days of the Ezzy Family'

A Story of an Early Pioneer Family, Researched and written by present-day members of the Family, themselves.

These pages are dedicated to the memory of my cousin the late Grace Douglass

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The abovementioned articles were written and researched by Grace Douglass & Laurel Legge and published in their book 'Along the Windsor Richmond Road' 1985 (ISBN 0 9589831 0 0 and ISBN 0 9589831 3 5) and is subject to copyright. Written permission is held from the late author Grace Douglass for the writer to publish contents via the Internet. However, although this book is in the public domain, it still remains copyrighted material and may not be copied for any reason without permission. I do not have the right to give permission to others to reprint the book. I was only given permission to put extracts online. All copyrights stay with Grace Douglass & Laurel Legge and whoever they appointed, for control of the book. Under no circumstances may it be reprinted for profit. Extractions of parts of the information for personal use with references to the book as the source is encouraged.

It should be noted that since the book was published over twenty years ago, that a lot of the material in the books have been superseeded by later research, some of which can be seen at my complete Rootsweb database at Amanda Taylor's Genealogy.

My complete Rootsweb database can be seen at Amanda Taylor's Genealogy.

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