Amanda's Genealogy - pafc35 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Amanda Helen Mary TAYLOR


2415992832. Cuthwulf

1Joanne GOODSELL nee HISSEY, #274. John Hissey 4th B1701 M1740 Married Mary nee Allin. (However (Amanda's EZZEY line shows married to Mary TUCKER 13 MAY 1722 Stanford In The Vale, Berkshire) John Hissey 5th B 1743 M 1767 Married Mary nee Langham. John Hissey 6th Married Ann nee ? B 1780 Maurice Hissey. M 1801 Jemmima Palmer. Charles Hissey Snr. Married Emily Mills. (Migrated to South Australia.) Charles Hissey married Everelda nee Dawes. Arthur James Hissey and Ivy Gaston.