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My Grandparents


My paternal grandmother Iris Jessie TAYLOR nee ASHER on 10 Oct 1925

My paternal grandfather Felix St. George TAYLOR was born 1 on 3 Sep 1901 in 12 Marian Street, Newtown, Sydney NSW Australia. He was christened 2 in about 1910 at North Sydney Methodist Church, Sydney NSW. He died 3 on 31 Dec 1979 in Royal North Shore Hospital St. Leonards, Sydney NSW. He married 4 Iris Jessie ASHER on 10 Oct 1925 in St. Cuthbert's Church of England, Naremburn Sydney NSW. Felix was cremated on 2 Jan 1980 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium Delhi Road North Ryde NSW. He resided 5 on 24 Jul 1930 at 114 Chandos Street, Crows Nest, Sydney NSW. He resided 6 in 1945/1979 at 59 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney NSW. He was employed as a Payroll Clerk for Huttons Meats. He joined religion Methodist. [Parents - William Frederick (Fred) TAYLOR & Naomi Grace (Grace) EZZEY]

New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Birth Registration


Felix was the son of William Frederick (Fred)and Naomi Grace (Grace)TAYLOR (nee EZZY).

Felix's father William Frederick (Fred) TAYLOR left his wife and young family when Felix was quite young and in his youth, Felix helped his mother support the family by collecting bottles for re-sale. Although he was not the eldest living male of the family, throughout his life he continued to be considered the Head of the Family, according to his wife Iris, and gave his sister(s) away at her/their wedding(s).

On 10 Oct 1925 Felix resided at North Sydney at the time of his marriage to Iris. They spent their honeymoon at Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains of NSW. On their son Bryan's birth certificate it incorrectly stated Felix was born in Stanmore NSW. At the time (24 July 1930) Felix resided with his wife Iris and their son Ronald at 114 Chandos St. Crows Nest, Sydney NSW AUS.

Felix was employed as a Payroll Clerk by 'Huttons Meats' at their offices near The Rocks in Sydney where he worked until his retirement in the 1960s'. This was at the time of compulsory aged retirement and it is believed that Felix was employed by Huttons Meats throughout his working life. He was an avid gardener, like his grandfather Henry EZZEYand on weekends he would help his sister Queenie and her husband Jack Stewart BUDDLE in their nursery business at Willougbhy. The BUDDLE's held the contract to supply seedlings to the Woolworths Grocery Chain at this time.

Like his mother, Felix was also profoundly deaf. Although it is not know at what age he became affected by this well known family affliction of the EZZY descendants, we know that he was deaf by the year 1945, as he was considered medically unfit for enlistment in the Second World War due to his deafness. Felix was also an avid reader and his other hobbies included woodworking. Felix and Iris had four children. Their first child was stillborn and therefore was unamed, as was the practice in the early 1900s. This was followed by the birth of three sons,
i Ronald Leslie TAYLOR b. 16 Oct 1927. Ron married Anne VICARS on 14 Apr 1953 and they had four children.
ii Bryan Henry TAYLOR b. 24 Jul 1930, my father, married Yvonne Phyllis ASHDOWN in 1955.
iii Kenneth TAYLOR, b. 29 Apr 1932, Sydney NSW Australia. He married Vera REYNOLDS. Ken died in about 1954 at approximately 22 years of age. Ken and Vera did not have any children.

At the time of his death in 1979 Felix's usual residence was 59 Falcon Street, Crows Nest NSW. On 31 Dec 1979 he died at Royal North Shore Hospital, St.Leonards NSW of Cerebrovascular bleed ( duration 12 hours). He was cremated at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, North Ryde on 2 Jan 1980 where his ashes were placed in Niche No. 299RZ.

My paternal grandmother Iris Jessie TAYLOR nee ASHER on 10 Oct 1925

My paternal grandmother Iris Jessie ASHER was born 1, 2 on 19 Sep 1901 in Falcon Street North Sydney NSW Australia. She died 3 on 19 Oct 1991 in Graythwaite Nursing Home, North Sydney NSW Australia. Iris was cremated on 22 Oct 1991 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium Delhi Road North Ryde. She resided 4 on 24 Jul 1930 at 114 Chandos Street, Crows Nest. She resided in 1945/1980 at 59 Falcon Street, Crows Nest Sydney. She resided in 1980/1991 at 90 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney. She was employed as a Telephonist at time of her marriage on 10 Oct 1925. [Parents - Samuel Webster ASHER & Emily Magdalen SMITH]

New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages


Iris Jessie ASHER was the daughter of Samuel Webster ASHERand Emily Magdalen ASHER (nee SMITH).

Witnesses to their marriage at St.Cuthbert's Church of England, Naremburn Sydney NSW on 10 Oct 1925 were Iris's father Samuel W. ASHER and Felix's younger brother William Frederick TAYLOR

At the time of their marriage Iris was employed as a Telephonist. After raising her children Iris worked as a Shop Assistant in the 1950's at a local Milk Bar in Crows Nest, where she worked the evening shifts during the Theatre breaks and it was here she obtained part-time work for her son Bryan.

On 23 November 1925 the following article appeared in "The Daily Guardian" Newspaper : TAYLOR - ASHER

At St. Cuthbert's Naremburn, on October 10, Miss Iris Jessie Asher, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Asher of St.Leonards was married to Mr. Felix St.George Taylor, second son of Mrs.F.W.Taylor of Bay Road. Rev.Potter officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a dress of ivory mariette and guilpure lace; her hand-embroided veil, was held in place with a circle of orange blossoms. The bridesmaid, Miss Vera ALLMEY, cousin of the bride, wore a coral crepe-de-chine and pleated georgette frock with silver shoes and a silver tissue bandeath in her hair. Both carried shower bouquets of sweet peas and carnations. Mr.Fred Taylor was best man. The reception was held at the Protestant Hall, where the bride's mother received her guests in a black marocain frock and hat to match. Mr. & Mrs. Taylor left for their honeymoon, which will be spent at the Mountains. The bride travelled in a kingfisher crepe-de-chine frock and hat en suite.

After her husband Felix passed away, Iris moved to 90 Falcon Street Crows Nest, the property she had inherited from her father Samuel Webster ASHER in 1945.

Iris was cremated on 22 Oct 1991at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Delhi Road North Ryde, where her ashes were placed in Niche No.300RZ (beside that of her late husband Felix TAYLOR whose ashes are in Niche No. 299 RZ). Cause of Death : Gangrene left leg (weeks), Peripheral vascular disease (years) and Past carcinoma breast (years).

[their son - My late father Bryan Henry Taylor]

My maternal grandfather Arthur George ASHDOWN aged 21 years

My maternal grandfather Arthur George ASHDOWN was born 1, 2 on 26 Jun 1910 in Harbour Street, Mosman, Sydney, NSW Australia. He died 3 on 5 Apr 1968 in Greenwich Home of Peace, Greenwich, Sydney NSW. The cause of his death was Carcinoma of Colon and Renal Failure. He married 4, 5my grandmother Irene Sylvia KEWN on 19 Oct 1935 in Mosman, Sydney NSW Australia. Arthur was cremated on 8 Apr 1968 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium Delhi Road North Ryde. He resided 6 on 17 Dec 1936 at 419 Military Road, Mosman, Sydney. He was employed 7 as a Motor Driver on 17 Dec 1936. He was employed 8 as a Postmaster General's Department employee in Sep 1960. [Parents - Sydney William ASHDOWN & Mary TAYLOR]

Arthur was the son of Sydney William and Mary ASHDOWN (nee TAYLOR). Arthur attended Middle Harbour Primary School in Mosman. He was a soldier in World War 2 - War Badge "R.A.S. Number A235183" and enlisted on 20 Jan 1942. He resided at 10 Bray Street Mosman, Sydney with his wife Irene and their two daughters Yvonne (born in 1936), your maternal grandmother who married Bryan Henry TAYLOR and her sister Helen (born 1941) at the time of his enlistment. His occupation at time of Mobilization Attestation is given as a Painter and Ice-Carter.

He served his country for 1337 Days from 27 May 1942 to 22 Jan 1946 (1067 inside Australia and 270 days overseas) as part of the 16 Aust Works Company. Private Number N318988. He was 5'5" tall with blue eyes, fair hair and a fair complexion.

My Maternal grandfather Arthur George ASHDOWN in about 1965

Arthur was 24 years of age at the time of his marriage to Irene. On 23 May 1936 he resided at Neutral Bay with his wife Irene.
On 17 Dec 1936 he and Irene resided at 419 Military Road Mosman NSW at the time of their daughter Yvonne's birth. He was a Painter by Trade, like his father and in later years Arthur was employed by the PMG (Post Master General) as a Driver.

Arthur's ashes were placed in Niche Number. SV155 (which is next to his mother's (Niche No. SV154) who passed away the following month). Probate Administration was granted in 1973 in The NSW Supreme Court , however there was no Probate(Reference No.755937) with all of his assets passing to his wife Irene.

His daughter Helen married firstly to Roy Arnold MYERS and they had three children. Secondly she married David MITCHELL and they had one son. Helen married Geoff DAVIS on 22 Apr 2006.

My maternal grandparents Arthur & Irene ASHDOWN in August 1955 Arthur's World War Two Service Record is as follows
Service Australian Army
Service Number N318988
Date of Birth 26 Jun 1910
Place of Birth SYDNEY, NSW
Date of Enlistment 20 Jan 1942
Locality on Enlistment MOSMAN, NSW
Place of Enlistment NORTH SYDNEY, NSW
Date of Discharge 22 Jan 1946
Rank Private
Posting at Discharge 16 AUST A W C

Arthur's World War 2 Service Record recorded above can also be seen at Commonwealth of Australia WW2 Norminal Roll

My maternal grandmother Irene Syliva KEWN on her wedding day

My maternal grandmother Irene Sylvia KEWN was born 1 on 6 Aug 1911 at 276 Angela House, St. Margarets Road Mutford, North Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. She was christened in Church of England. She died 2 on 25 Sep 1991 in Springwood Hospital, Springwood NSW Australia. Her memorial is at Plaque 14 Base 10 in the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Dehli Road, North Ryde NSW. Her ashes were scattered at sea. Irene was cremated on 27 Sep 1991 in Pine Grove Crematorium, Eastern Creek NSW. She immigrated to Australia, arriving in April 1928 on the ship 'Ballarat' with Party 6/28. She resided 3 on 17 Dec 1936 at 419 Military Road, Mosman, Sydney NSW Australia. She was employed as a Lady's Companion.
[Parents - Samuel William KEWN & Martha Mary KEEN]

Irene was the daughter of Samuel William and Martha Mary KEWN (nee KEEN).

Irene was born at 276 Angela House, St.Margarets Road Mutford, North Lowestoft, Suffolk, England and resided in Cornwall at 15 Penwerris Terrace, Falmouth from 1915 to 1928. She migrated to Australia in April 1928 via the ship 'Ballarat' with Party 6/28 which departed Port London. Situated with Mrs. R.M. Walcott at 'Yasmar', Delegate via Bombala NSW(1928-1932 ) which was described in Feb 1929 as being a "very nice little home". On 26 Jun 1928 when Irene was only 16 years of age, Mrs. Walcott said Irene "is splendid with the children ". On 20 Oct 1928 Irene wrote "Mr. Walcott was shearing his sheep" and of her friends Ellen & Minnie Newbury. Mr. Walcott travelled to Sydney to play golf in the "Country Golf Week" where he is known to have won at least one year. On 29 Sep 1929 Irene was friends with the daughter of Mrs. W.Stokes of Bombala Street, Delegate. Another friend at the time included Netty Clark. Active in the 'Girl Guide Movement' Irene travelled from Delegate to Sydney for "Guide Week" for a few days in 1931. On returning to Delegate Irene wrote she was "groping around in the dark for the electric switch, when I should be feeling for the matches to light the candle, etc". In another letter she wrote "it was snowing here...we had almost three of four inches of it..."

My maternal grandmother Irene Sylvia ASHDOWN nee KEWN about 1980

I remember my grandmother Irene was an excellent cook who made the most wonderful dumplings and roasts, amongst other things. No doubt from natural skills she had from early in life, as in 1931 she wrote that she forgot to put baking powder in the pudding at Delegate and that she was cooking roasts. On 3 Aug 1928 she wrote of proposing to make a sponge cake sandwich for a sick friend but decided "you might like the little 'cheese straws' as a savoury. I made them rather hot as my mistress says that most people like them so..."

On 26 Apr 1932 Irene resided in a hostel at Ashfield and later was employed as a 'domestic' by Mrs. Stewart of 17 Botany Street, Randwick on 3 June 1932 until 19 Aug 1932 when she earned 15/- (shillings) week. On 18 Aug 1932 it was written that "she has recently made a boyfriend whom the mistress says is quite a respectable young man and she is going to his mothers to stay for a few days". I believe this description to be of that of her future husband Arthur, whose relatives lived close to the Ashfield area. Irene obtained her next situation with Mrs. Newton of 12 Duntroon Avenue, Roseville NSW on 30 Aug 1932. On 14 Sep 1932 she was placed with Dr. Dickey of 44 Milner Crescent, Wollstonecraft with all correspondence to 34 Military Road, Neural Bay. In official correspondences dated 26 Aug 1932 and 1933 Irene's address and occupation is given as domestic duties, residing at 34 Military Road Neutral Bay NSW. On 23 May 1936 Irene and her husband Arthur resided at Neutral Bay.

After her husband Arthur passed away Irene was employed by the company Dial-an-Angel, then later as a Lady's Companion for the 'Selby' family. At the time of her death her usual residence was given as 55 White Cross Road Winmalee. However, this was the residence of her daughter Helen, and Irene resided in a Retirement Village in Leura, Blue Mountains NSW. Cause of Death : (1) Pneumonia 6wks (2) Abdominal lymphoma - months. Irene was cremated at Pine Grove Crematorium, Eastern Creek NSW on 27 Sep 1991 and her ashes were scattered at sea. There is a memorial to Irene at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Dehli Road, North Ryde (Plaque 14 Base 10) which was erected by her daughter Yvonne.

[My mother Yvonne Phyllis Ashdown]

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