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View of some Superior, WI (MN) Police & Sheriff at turn of last century.

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~~ Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin Police 1898 - 1910

Superior (Central?) Police Personel, about 1898supcops1898
Sgt. Ole T. Olson (1850-1929), standing on the chair, to the right.

13 uniform public servants.

Superior, Douglas County, WI Peace Officers -Turn of the 20th Centurysupcops1905
20 uniformed police personel of Superior in about 1905.

Superior Peace Officers -Turn of last Centurysupcops1905b
17 police in about 1905.
Ole Olson on far right?

Superior Law Enforcers -Turn of Centurysupmountiecops1905
7 servicemen on Horseback in about 1905.
Ole Olson - third from left?


~~ Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin Police 1890 - 1892:

Perhaps some of the men mentioned below are in the images above.
Can you help put names to those faces?

There are a total of 71 listings; - 62 of police and 9 sheriff.
'Listing' is not synonymous with 'individual.'
Some are listed under different spellings and years.
They likely include about five police stations: Central, Conners Point, East, South, & Union.
All are listed as residents in Superior, but may be police/sheriff in nearby locations (Duluth).
These are found in two directory years (1890-91; & 1891-92) " Duluth, St. Louis, MN Directories. "
All are listed as either " policeman " -or- " deputy sheriff " unless otherwise noted.
There are four (4) alphabetical lists by year with the two short sheriff lists last.
The city and state locations are found as " Superior, MN " in originals.
This is not presented with claims that it is accurate or complete list of the police & sheriff officers of these years,
but as a guide to researchers with hope it will help locate ancestors and family.
Good Luck!

Police 1890-91 * Police 1891-92 * Sheriffs 1890-1892

List of Men with Police as Occupation, residing in Superior, WI

Andrew   Anderson
Mons     Anderson
James J Barker
John      Bartnett
Oscar    Bay
Louis     Cardinal
Michael   Coughlin
Thomas   Culhane
James    Douglas    --    capt police
Gustaf    Erickson
Enoch     Evans
Samuel   Evans    --    chief of police
Andrew   Gilmore
Joseph   Kenniff
Vincent   McKinnon
James    McPherson
Timothy   Madden
Timothy   O'Neil
Ole T     Olson
Edward   Welch
John J   Whalen

Sheriffs 1890-1892 * Top

List of Men with Police as Occupation, residing in Superior, WI

Wm         Allen
James J   Barker
John        Bartnett
John        Banser
Eugene    Beahan
Alexander Beaton
John        Berg
John        Bowser
Michael   Coughlan -- capt of police
James     Carroll
Thomas   Culhane
David       Ebert
Gustaf     Erickson -- sergeant police
Martin      Gallagher
John B     Generaux
Andrew L Gilmore
Henry      Gonyea
Wm R      Grace
Fred        Kuhl
Anutnd    Larson
Emil L     Larson
John M   Leader
Joseph    Logan
John       McGee
Frank      McHugh
Vincent   McKinnon    --    sergeant police
James    McPherson
Andrew   Nylander
James    O'Brien
John      O'Brien
Ole T     Olson
John      Paden    --    chief of police    --    city hall
Alfred T   Peterson
Peter      Ross
John H   Schwark
Wm W    Smith
John      Swark
Wm H    Tneker
Frank     Valley
John J    Whalen
George   Whereatt

Police 1890-91 * Police 1891-92 * Top

List of Men with Sheriff as Occupation, residing in Superior, WI

Gustaf   Erickson
James B French
Michael Kennedy
Charles Wickstrom    --    Sheriff Douglass County


Gustav Erickson    --    department sheriff
Daniel   Kennedy    --    County Sheriff
Michael Kennedy
James   Murphy
Charles Wickstrom

Police 1890-91 * Police 1891-92 * Sheriffs 1890-1892 * Top

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