Lane, Webb, Richards, Burnham, Bosworth, Hayward, Curtis, Blanks & Many Others


Lane Eagle

May God bless those who love us.

And those who do not love us,

may He turn their hearts.

And if He does not turn their hearts,

may He turn their ankles,

so we may know them by their limping."

- an Irish Blessing

Welcome to the Genealogy page of Deborah and Dennis Lane. The Family files found here are the compilation of generations of work, gathered over the last few years by us, the latest additions. Much of the work found here was done by others and to them we give credit. The files are as accurate as we could make them with the resources at hand, but as with all data it should be checked and re-checked.  There are within these files the lives of heroes, heroines and a few rascals thrown in for good measure.  There are soldiers, pioneers, merchants and immigrants, each contributing to the making of us who write these words.  If you find yourself or your family within these pages, consider yourself lucky for these are the people who made this country great, from it's very beginnings.  

Dennis's Family


Debbie's Family


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